My Journaling: The Greatest Benefit

You’d think I’d have a LOT to say about journaling since at one point in my life I had 67 journals that spanned approximately 12 years of my life.  That’s 5.58 books per year for a dozen years.  The size of each book varied.  Most were the regular black and white marble traditional notebooks (read: cheap) but there were a couple of thicker true journals.  Then, a few 5-subject spirals thrown in for a bit of spice.  Those 67 does not to include some random legal notepads and the stray mini notebook that I needed to catch the odd entry, or two when the ‘official’ book was not on hand.

But, as I sit here and think about the single greatest benefit of my journaling I am coming up with way more than one answer.  The main one being peace of mind.

Journaling_Zen Rocks

By journaling, I am able to clear out mental space by truly seeing what I am thinking.  For me, writing things down brings clarity of purpose.  I am able to get passed the emotional white noise and go beneath the fray to the true thoughts, feelings and motivations behind it all.

Prior to journaling, I did not know this.  I used to do things and surprise myself (and others!) constantly.  I had no idea why I did certain things.  I was just moved to do it.  Now, if I am troubled, I sleep on it and then journal and the meaning becomes clear.  Now, I may need to journal to get the ‘topsoil’ off but then things move smoothly from there on.

Mind you, this system of how I ‘work’ has evolved over decades (Dear me, did I say decades?! Sheesh.).

To summarize, for me, journaling is a much better and cheaper form of therapy than the traditional paying through the nose analysis method. 🙂

I fully understand that therapy is awesome but for me this method has done the trick.  And after the emotional garbage is out of me for me to see and read, I then can journal about things more important such as plot lines, character quirks, settings I’d like to use in future stories and great lines I may use at some point in time.

Journaling_Dog Catch Tail

Journaling provides me the mental space and clarity to express myself more fully when I write.

What about you?  How does journaling benefit/work for you in your writing, or your life?  Please take a moment and comment below.

This post is part of the #JournalChat Live 5 year celebration hosted by Dawn Herring.  You can find Dawn’s FaceBook page here.