#IndieRoar 10-Day Challenge: Are you ready?! (June 1 – 10)

 “Self-published authors are “dominating traditionally published authors” in sci-fi/fantasy, mystery/thriller, and romance genres but — and here is the surprise — they are also taking “significant market share in all genres.” Surprising Self-Publishing Statistics, Publishers Weekly, July 28, 2014

When you read the quote above what do you think?  Are you surprised?  Mad?  Thrilled?  We’re here to tell you that your Indie Quotient is not something we’re going to quantify.  However, we want to see your Indie prowess and pride!  To that end, you are cordially invited to join the first ever #IndieRoar 10-Day Challenge!

Show your deep knowledge, love and passion for your favorite Indie books, series and authors by joining this Twitter 10-Day Challenge.  You’ll get a new challenge every day for 10 days starting Monday, June 1st through Wednesday, June 10th, 2015!

You won’t know what’s coming next!  You’ll have to use your Indie ingenuity, your creativity and your special Indie verve in order to come out victorious at the end of this 10-day challenge.

And what do you get out participating in this fun-filled exhilarating non-stop Indie fun parade?  (Other than the sheer joy of sharing your most favorite awesome Indie faves…)


1st Prize – $25 Amazon Gift Card + Choice of 6 Indie Books from the #IndieBooksBeSeen Author book list

2nd Prize — $10 Amazon Gift Card + Choice of 4 Indie Books from the #IndieBooksBeSeen Author book list

3rd Prize – Choice of 3Indie Books from the #IndieBooksBeSeen Author book list

That’s it!  Those are the mega awesome prizes in this first #IndieRoar 10-Day Challenge.

Are you game?  Ready for Day 1?  You don’t have long to wait!  We start Monday, June 1st, 2015!!

Get your Indie Game Face on as we start our #IndieRoar!

IndieRoar Cat

Thanks Marnie Cate for this awesome pic!!!

The Not-So Fine Print: There is one teensy thing we’d love to mention.  And this goes for the winners, and all of you readers out there.  Ahem.   I know you know just like you know I know that you know that the best EVER gift you can bestow upon your favorite author is…YUP!  A book review!  If you are so moved (to tears, to rage, to joy, to blissful ecstasy…) we would love for you to share your book-ly book-tactular passion with others on your favorite site(s)!

Twitter Badass Challenge…Are you In??!?

My good buddy @KayCWise tagged me in a tweet earlier this week about a contest that was perfect for me.  I shrugged and rolled my eyes.  This lady has a lackluster love/hate relationship with Twitter! 🙂  Me?  I LOVE Twitter.  Anywho, she sends this link to join the #TwitterBadassChallenge.

Win up to $2,000 in Amazon gift cards daily for simply sending out badass tweets?  Totally doable for me! My chica friend is right! This one’s made just for me.

This is a 10-day challenge to tweet whatever is sent to us by the Badass Crew at Crowdfire (the folks behind this awesome contest).  So, you have NO IDEA what they will ask you to do.

Well, the first day was to cuss in a tweet and tag two of your best Twitter buds.  The second day was to tweet and tag two celebrities and get a selfie in the mix somehow.

It took some thought from me but here are my first two badass tweets.

Day 1:

What are you waiting for?  We’re already on Day 3!!!! Join in on the fun!

In addition to being a badass, The NoteBook Blogairy is the author of several books. Check out her Amazon author page.

Her latest book, Making Dollars & Sense Work, is available in both digital and paperback formats.


The E-Squared Way

I don’t know how many of you have ever heard of Pam Grout.  She’s the author of a pair of runaway bestsellers on all of the major publishing lists all writers desire to see their names grace — even once.  Pam’s done it twice with E-Squared and now E-Cubed.

E3 book cover

In both books, she presents 9 scientific experiments all aimed at helping us see how we can create the lives we want by focusing with positive intent.  There’s no religious dogma.  There are not candles to light.  And most of all, the experiments are fun and can easily be shared with skeptical children and husbands.  (Speaking from experience here!)

Long story short, I read E-Squared in the late Fall of 2014, shortly after her new book E-Cubed was released.  While I had very little success in one of the experiments, I did have very good success with the others.  I chalked up the positive things that happened as very lucky coincidences.  Or, as the general goodness of the time since it was shortly before the end of year holiday season when all things seem brighter, happier and generally more better.

Fast forward to late winter.  It’s now January 2015.  The holidays are over.  The Holiday bills are still being paid and snow is on the ground for a lady that loves 85-degree weather.  Read: all optimism based on season is so no longer in place.

I decide to read E-Cubed because this will be the real test of these ‘scientific’ experiments.  I have done only the first experiment in E-Cubed and it is the Boogie-Woogey experiment.  The idea is that we come into the world with great optimism and enthusiasm and throughout childhood and young adulthood we are programmed to limit our expectations to fit in with the general ‘rules’ of the society we live in.  Expecting good things is something only the Pollyannas of the world should do, right?


Pam Grout advises us in the Boogie-Woogey experiment #1 in E-Cubed to ‘reprogram’ ourselves every morning.  Within the first few minutes of getting up play Pharrell’s “Happy”, or LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” and do the Harlem Shuffle on your way to the bathroom then fist-pump your way through brushing your teeth.  Yes!  Have yourself a mini party EVERY MORNING.

Yep.  I thought she was mega-crazy too.  But, I said what could I possibly have to lose?  I tried it.  The second morning, my children and I watched the Party Rock Anthem as we got on our coats and we all left the house smiling despite the freezing temperatures outside.

At this point, a little over a week into this one experiment which was to last only 3 days, I have had SO many little things, a few not so little things, that have happened positively to me and for my book that I cannot call any of it a coincidence.  The shift in my mind frame of seeking the positive while turning my attention and focus to the optimism channel (instead of the ‘glass-is-half-empty’ station that we here in New York project even during sleep!) has made all the difference!

A short list of happy ‘coincidences’ if you want to call it that.  I prefer to say these happenings are the result of reprogramming myself with a burst of happiness each morning for the last 10 days.

  • Two book reviewers have reached out to me and indicated firm interest in reviewing my book Fury From Hell
  • On Jan 27, 2015 at 3:47 am Fury From Hell was #82 in its category and it is not a new book!

    Product Details

    • File Size: 2189 KB
    • Print Length: 287 pages
    • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
    • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
    • Language: English
    • ASIN: B00NE24S2W
    • Text-to-Speech: Enabled
    • X-Ray:

    Not Enabled

    Tuesday, January 27, 2015 – 3:47 am (EST) – Fury From Hell

  • An uptick in my Twitter followers of a little over 150 more followers in the last week
  • Better relations and atmosphere at work!!! (It’s amazing how doing a quick hula dance can turn around one’s mood in the face of stressful situations!)
  • A huge uptick in my page views on my Examiner page since last Friday, 1/23.  I experienced a 412.5% increase since I set the intention of having 200 page views by COB Friday, 1/30 on my Brooklyn Asian Restaurants column (which I have not really updated in 2 1/2 years!).  See?  Pretty amazing, huh?
  • I met a fellow Esquare-er on Twitter and we have been tweeting pretty regularly sharing our experiences with the experiments.  Thanks @nrichford! [Nannette has a great blog Garden Thyme where she shares advice about all things green, flowering and those with green thumbs (even us aspiring green thumbs!) on her Maine Garden Ideas website.]

There are other smaller happy things that happened — good travel on trains and buses every morning even throughout a tough snowy week here in New York City (well, except for this morning — but hey — it is New York City!).  And a big one that just needs mentioning, I had already requested vacation time several weeks ago but one of my vacation days was Monday, 1/26 when NY was battening down the hatches in preparation for #NewYorkBlizzard.  How “lucky” was that?!  Then, the next day was a snow day when the trains were shut down in anticipation of the bad weather.  While I did log in and worked remotely from home I was at home for an additional day.  I so needed that rest!

And this was experiment #1.

I am quite excited to see how the other 8 experiments will go.

I’ll leave you with my dance-inducing tweet from Thursday the 29th…

A Rare Interview from Author @MisterSalesman

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’d like to present a good Twitter friend of mine @MisterSalesman/Bobbi Dixon.  I’ve had the pleasure of being Twitter buds with @MisterSalesman for over 6 months now and we’ve shared a number of great tweets and had a blast roasting one another (occasionally) publicly.

However, today we have a bonafide interview to share in Twitter form.  The tweets below were taken directly from the feed and edited for reading clarity.  But, the essence of the interview can easily be distilled.  Both @MisterSalesman and I felt that this would be excellent information to share with our broader fan base and readers.

Please feel free to join the conversation and comment below.  And please — TWEET US!


Friday, 1/23/15

@MisterSalesman Hiya! #HappyFriday! Hope all is well with you & yours. Here’s my latest post on my website –http://thenotebookblogairy.com/?p=78  #The4400

@notebkblogairy That’s a very good post that everyone should read. The path least traveled is always filled with adventure; scary,…

@MisterSalesman Thanks Bobbi! How the heck are ya?

@notebkblogairy Working on a blockbuster book based on same principle as your post. Don’t Write To Be Famous, Write Like You’re Already Famous

bobbi_write like famous

@MisterSalesman Amazingly #Awesome! #Congrats on the new book!

@notebkblogairy Oh no, congrats to you…you wrote the post! But, I am writing one hell of a book that everyone should read.

@notebkblogairy favorite this and keep it near because the new book is going to show you how to think.

@MisterSalesman You are always #writing! I love that about u. I have to pick myself up and make myself write. So tired after working all day

@MisterSalesman How so?

@notebkblogairy the path of least traveled is exciting and disappointing, it’s where u will discover new things and fortunes are made

@MisterSalesman Preach!

. @notebkblogairy I know everyone thinks they know how to think but they’re thinking like everyone else and that’s the problem.

@MisterSalesman Continue the thought…

. @notebkblogairy And as more e-books are published every day it will be harder to succeed unless you think different from the rest, #TDC

@MisterSalesman Very very true. Soberingly true. #writingtips

. @notebkblogairy A new wave of thinking #TDC Think Different Crowd. Don’t Write To Be Famous, Write Like You’re Already Famous

@MisterSalesman When will your new book be released?

. @notebkblogairy This is a different book and some folks will be offended by the content language, designed to tear down the barriers

@MisterSalesman Thanks is always a great way to start – make them want it more because it’s #taboo. Smart.

@notebkblogairy ….and get your ass moving!

@MisterSalesman Moving!! Already have the page for the new book up on my website where readers can download the docs that come w/book.


To be released Feb 2015


@notebkblogairy Taboo and true and I don’t care what people think about the book or me I tell you that it all starts with your thinking.

@notebkblogairy You wanted an exclusive…. you just got one. Two things I don’t like: interviews and deadlines..

@MisterSalesman Thanks for doing both Bobbi! Was literally pulling all of the tweets together in the order in which they happened. It’s ready!

…perks who said anything about perks.  AHA Author Interview with Rochelle Campbell host M LeMont @NotebkBlogairy http://mistersalesman.com/AHA_Live_with_M_LeMont.php …

Post Script…

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hi @bookclubgirl! Giving you advance notice of a new book coming out next month – http://thenotebookblogairy.com/?p=78  #NonFiction pic.twitter.com/0bSb9iQB0s

@NotebkBlogairy happy for you. diversification @bookclubgirl

@MisterSalesman @bookclubgirl Thx! It’s a new year. Time for new thoughts!

@notebkblogairy how do you write a book to be different than the rest? It’s not what you say but how you say it that makes it different

@MisterSalesman It’s also ur perspective & body of experience that adds value as well. #TDC #amlistening & getting onboard

. @notebkblogairy A new wave of writers #TDC Think Different Crowd and leaves them standing in the dust. @bookclubgirl


Books by @MisterSalesman:

Shh! Kiss Me Baby: The Untold Story: Mary Jane Meets the Millionaire Playboy

Caught Up What’s Done in the Dark Comes to Light

Holy Shit! I Bet You Didn’t Know This


Books by @NoteBkBlogairy:

Fury From Hell

Leaping Out on Faith

The Magic Seeds: A Modern Day Fairy Tale (softcover book for children)

1st Month Round-Up of Fury From Hell Book Release

It’s just about 30 days since the release of my first full-length novel Fury From Hell.  And boy, has it been a blast!  The adrenaline rush is one that I almost cannot describe.  Imagine you’re chosen out of millions of people for an exclusive trip to the moon to see if there’s life there.  And to that a wrenching desire to stay home and be close to your family and friends.  Now, add on top of those emotions the fear of going out into the unknown topped off by the cherry of emotions — total mind-boggling curiosity about what you and the rest of the team will find.  This is in a nutshell how I’ve been feeling ALL month!

Sleep?  Yeah, something that I need to reacquaint myself with.

If you are a regular follower of this blog, you’ll see that we’ve had 8 blog tour stops and a number of really wonderful mentions by good Twitter friends such as:














There are so many other great new Twitter pals to say hello to such as: @JanetCBrennan, @ErikaFoxxBooks and @LeoRosanna but if I continue this post will just be dedicated to great tweeps!

However, that is precisely the point.  This past month has shown me that my Twitter pals are the wind beneath my book’s proverbial wings.  Without the support of those great folks in Twitterverse my book would not have stayed in the Top 100 of its category for 3 weeks!

I’ve learned that when you are working toward sharing your book with those out there in the big wide world you have to have many approaches.  It cannot just be online.  I also visited the Brooklyn Book Festival and began checking out my FaceBook pages and Google+ friends.  Book promotion is an all-encompassing activity!  LOL.  However, the outreach yielded two 5-star reviews on Amazon US and lots of positive tweets about Fury From Hell.  Can you believe my book also found its way onto a few lists on GoodReads?

Oh, in case you’ve never seen anything about my book Fury From Hell it is a paranormal cop thriller.  The long and short of it is we have a Detective, Jennifer Holden, who is a homicide cop with a checkered past.  She does her job with just enough effort to stay on the force because she needs her gun and her badge — the only thing this atheist cop believes in.  Holden’s first solo murder case forces her to engage fully in her job.  Holden is thrust into the thick of things and has to lead this investigation.

But there’s a problem…she unwittingly becomes possessed by a 700+ year old demon whose goal is to avenge the wrongful death of Holden’s victim.  Initially, the demon’s goal and Holden’s goal are the same.  But, the demon needs to feed on human flesh in order to stay on the Earth plane.  How is a Holden supposed to hide murders that she committed when she doesn’t even know she committed them?  This action-packed thriller will keep you going!

You don’t have to listen to me here’s some feedback from readers…

From the opening scene, it lived up to its title The Fury From Hell. I was captivated how the author had two seemingly different scenes going on simultaneously and then blended them into one scary Halloween night. – M. Le’Mont

Every twist and turn had me sitting on the edge of my seat! – Melissa Bess Reed

The jury’s still out on if I’ll do a booktrailer and an official blog tour blitz but I’ve learned a lot.  The most important thing I’ve gleaned is that you have to pay attention to what is germane to your book and its audience.  As in life, if you are true to yourself people will take notice and pay attention to your message.  Oh, how could I forget a major factor in a book’s success?  The cover!  The overwhelming feedback that I have received loud and clear is how much people love the cover of my book.  And who do I have to thank for that?  The great folks at Book Beaver in the UK!  Thanks Nik!

I would love to hear how your book marketing went, or is going!

Until the next time,

Ta-ta for now!



10 Things You Must Know About Twitter

Please note: This article reblogged from M. Le’Mont’s website.  See original article here.

Updated- 06/06/2014  AHA Book Program at bottom page (Authors Helping Authors)    

The headline read:  TWITTER EXPLAINED (Like  You’re An Idiot)

Out of respect for your time here’s the skinny of it.   FOLLOW People that RETWEET and you must also RETWEET.  Now please, read on.

If you want more followers, or you want to sell more books on Twitter, then you need to read this article.  For the majority of you, I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but you  insist on following the majority that use the direct sell approach, “Buy my new book on Amazon for 0.99 cents.” Believe me, when I say nobody cares.   The trick is to find people that do care.  If you write great blogs are retweet the works of others, the readers will find you.     

I must confess that I have not seen a more committed space  than authors, writers, bloggers, network marketers, which I’m happy to support and be a part of.  I wish I could wave a magic wand and give everyone a zillion Followers.  


However, if you believe as I do that you can write it now, and sell it forever, then I’m going to share with you some amazing observations that will help you grow your Twitter account.  

1.  Contrary to popular belief, it’s not how many Followers you have that matters, but who you Follow that makes all the difference in the world.

2.  You must Follow people that  Retweet.  It’s just that simple. This way, you will get more people reading your Tweets.  Here are some startling numbers.  Less than 1% of Followers receive Tweets at any given time, and of that number only 1% will read the message;  1% will click on your link,  and the shelve life of a Tweet is less than 24 hours. 

3. You must find a Tribe that Retweet for each other to reach a huge number of people.

4.   It takes time to nurture and build a Retweet team or Tribe.  Always thank members for the Retweet.  But, not just an ordinary thank you.  Make it special, something different that separates you from everyone else.  “Thank you for joining the Retweet Team  of authors helping authors, we support people that retweet.”United We Are Strong”.

5.   Then  practice what you preach and  Retweet one of their messages.  

6.   The people that  reciprocate will become members of your Retweet  Tribe.  

7.   Another way to get loyal followers is to get in a space where everyone is desperately seeking results.    For example, how many authors are self promoting their books and need more readers.
Why not buy the books of authors, on your Retweet team.    Now I know the first thing everyone is going to say,  “I’m too busy, and I don’t have time to promote other authors’ books.”   

Hogwash!  Do you mean to tell me that you’re not a reader, and you don’t buy books?   Sure you read, and you buy books of famous authors that are not supporting you; you’re supporting them. So why not turn the table, and  buy a book once a month  from an author  on your Retweet team.   

Hell, if you don’t have time to read, so what.  It’s the support that counts.  I ‘m currently reading five books and there’s no pressure to finish them.  My goal is to bring the Authors’ community together to support one another.   If an author got a launch of a new book then the community should help promote it.  

Set a  monthly budget of $3.00 to buy one book of an author who’s on your Retweet team. Wow!  A cup of coffee at Starbucks costs more.  Now don’t count on any author  reciprocating–just do it for the support.   

Don’t follow what the majority of people are doing on Twitter because it’s not working.  Everybody’s spamming– thinking the hard sell is the answer, believe me it doesn’t work on the Social Media.  Here’s a great article by Rachel Thompson, Read This Before Sell Sell Sell Books on Twitter.      

8.  Retweet this article every day to your Followers,  “Did you Retweet today?”   Everyone must get in the habit; otherwise you’re wasting time on Twitter.

9.  Twitter is all about the Retweet.  It’s not about how many people are Following you.   If your Followers don’t Retweet your Tweets to their Followers, then you’re Following the wrong people, and they’re taking up valuable space in your Follow count. So before you Follow Back make sure they Retweet.

10.  Contrary to what people think, you don’t need 100,000 Followers.  You need people that RETWEET!   Sure 100,000 Followers will attract more people, but they will be people that don’t Retweet.  It only looks and sounds good, but it’s meaningless.   

You must be selective whom you follow because the Twitter Following limit  to Followers kicks in at  2,000.  


Now,  if I’m correct  and this strategy turns out to be the Holy Grail for selling on Twitter everyone will  develop a team of super supporters.   

It’s an idea that makes sense.  You can grab a copy of my new book M Le’Mont The Point of No Return.   Notify me @MisterSalesman   Amazon,   http://bitly.com/1eRSkaI      

And if that’s asking too much then you can still participate by Retweeting this article to your Followers that you support  authors and writers who Retweet. “United We Are  Strong.”  

If you want to discover something remarkable, then you have to do something completely different than anyone else.  

Seth Godin said, “The Internet will not tell you what to do, but it will say here’s the microphone now go experiment and discover something great!”

Updated 07/30/2014  Authors helping Authors Book Program

So far, a total 6 books have been purchased that support authors on this leg of the Retweet team.  Imagine if more authors participate and reciprocate–what it can do to improve your sales ranking.  Plus these are some pretty darn good books I’ve purchased!

The Point of No Return: A True Story of a Marriage Gone Bad – M. LeMont

Leaping Out On Faith – Rochelle Campbell

Bertha-Size Your Life – Jane Carroll

Legionnaire: Exiles of Arcadia – James Gawley

The Inadvertent Thief – Leti Del Mar

Choices – Liz Schulte


Come back and check out this #MRetweetTrain page for new books.  Join the team and help authors share their books.

Whose Rights Reign Supreme?

Twitter is an amazing place.  Yes, it can be frustrating.  Yes, it can be inane.  But yes, too, Twitter can be a rewarding social arena where you can meet new friends that you may not have met IRL (in real life – :-0).

But there are some words of caution for those who venture into the Twitter waters.  You must review your feeds on a regular basis.  Not just the tweets you send out and retweet (RT) but you must check your timeline (home feed) and see what is there.  Sometimes, you will be surprised at what you see.

I’ll give you an example.  I’m a writer and I love to support other writers.  I generally check the last day or two of a person’s feed before following back, or adding to one of my lists.  And most of the time, things are fine and I follow with no reservations.  In the last few days, I decided to be more vigilant as I have more followers and I wanted to make sure all was in line with what I’m about (writing, the writing life, writer support, writing sprints, etc.).

As I was scrolling through my timeline, I noticed a pic RT’d by one of my loyal followers and it was a picture of male genitalia.  I scrolled past it and about 5 tweets later my brain caught up and I scrolled back.  Yup.  I saw what I saw.  In total shock, I checked on who I was following and checked their timeline — again.

For the most part, the tweets are GREAT!  Interesting articles.  Cute animal pics.  Fun quotes and tweets from other writers in support of their books/works.  But, every 50-60 posts there are pics that are way too racy for me and what I’d like to have in my home feed.  However, to find these tweets, I had to dig deeper into that feed’s timeline.  I should have known from the profile verbiage but my thinking was that there would be tasteful pics (I did not see a warning about the explicit nature of some tweets).

Well, I’ve learned a valuable lesson.  I appreciate everyone’s right to self-expression but when their First Amendment freedom infringes upon mine I have to do something about it.  I’m still following them in support of their artistic expression but I am not RT’ing their tweets.  That’s the decision I’ve settled upon.

How do you deal with followers/tweeps whose content leaves you feeling a bit peaked?

Book Review: The Tao of Twitter by Mark W. Schaefer

Marketing guru, Mark W. Schaefer, has turned his traditional business marketing ingenuity to the Twitter platform.  Twitter, for those of us we prefer to shelter under rocks, is the social media giant that uses only 140 characters per “tweet”.  A tweet is the manner through which its users send messages to other users.

Even Mark with his years of marketing expertise wasn’t sure what to make of Twitter and its business potential.  “Like most people, I thought [Twitter] was just about the stupidest thing I had ever tried…”  But then, while playing around on Twitter, Mark came across hashtag “NewFluName” and followed this trending topic.

The hashtag (#) is a way that Twitter identifies key search terms that the user (aka: tweep) inputs.  Once you put the “#” in front of a word, or a phrase, people who type in that word, or phrase, can find all instances of that search term across Twitter.  #NewFluName was a conversation a few years ago when the pork industry was experiencing an outbreak of swine flu.  This topic was trending (read: was very popular and lots of people were following this conversation via the hashtag).  The pork industry execs were seeking a new name for this outbreak of flu.  Some of the flu names that Mark read  were:

  • The Aporkalypse
  • Porky’s Revenge
  • This little piggy went to the bathroom
  • Hog Flashes
  • Mad Sow Disease
  • Hamthrax

While this real-time conversation was hilarious, it also showed Mark the power of Twitter.  Here was a “global brainstorming session” in action.

“It was an awesome moment, an inspiring moment.  I began to think about all of the implications for business, for networking, for solving problems, for learning…and for me.  People sharing, connecting, teaching and entertaining each other in the moment — from every corner of the world.  I had caught a glimpse of something profound and wonderful” (excerpted from page 2 – 3 of The Tao of Twitter).

Reading about Mark’s Twitter journey is nothing short of inspiring.  He has gained a deep knowledge of Twitter and how it functions.  He shares powerful anecdotes of how Twitter has positively affected his life and his business.  Granted, he was a marketing professional prior to Twitter so one could say he was predisposed to have a positive successful outcome.

I say, I’m not so sure to the above supposition.  Why?  Because traditional marketing experience did not help Mark on Twitter.  His first major Twitter connection came about when he sent out a tweet about the Steelers.  A woman responded to his tweet ad they started tweeting each other and reading one another’s blog posts.

That singular tweet was the beginning of building trust and confidence between these two people — tweets.  It was the relationship that spawned business connections.  Mark took a cold online connection and made it warm.  Once that was done, he met this new friend offline and in person.

You can say that Mark was “predisposed” to do well on Twitter, however he first had to understand this particular social media platform which is unlike any other social media platform out there today.

The Tao of Twitter shares Mark Schaefer’s journey through his various experiences while learning all there is to know about the platform.  More importantly, this book shares some key resources (free resources!) that readers (people like you and me) can put to use his insights, hard-won information and tips.  Mark also shares useful Twitter tips and proper Twitter protocols for RTs (re-tweets) as well as the philosophy behind successful Twitter users.

The Tao of Twitter is a quick read that will guide you towards a greater appreciation of this social media platform.  If you can find no appreciation for this sleeping giant of a platform, you will definitely come away with a clearer picture of Twitter’s capabilities as well as best practices to build a more targeted sales.

4 1/2 Blogairy Notebooks

Twitter 101: How to Navigate on Twitter

Step #1: Create a handle that will not embarrass you in 6 months. 

Have you ever seen a Twitter handle that made you smile?  What about those handles that made you wonder about the owner’s moral code?  Yeah.  Those are the ones that I’m referring to.  Body parts should not be a part of your handle unless you’re hawking a medical thriller. 
It is in this step that you lay the foundation for your Twitter account.  What will you tweet about?  Is this a personal account?  Or, is this an account that you will use to build a platform for yourself or your product?  Or, is this account to find others who have the same interest/hobby as you do?  The reason for your account will shape many of your upcoming actions.
Step #2: Use a picture of yourself or something that relates to the content of your tweets.
If you have a skull and crossbones as your Twitter avatar (picture) one would expect you to be a pirate, an author of a book about pirates, or you love pirates and will be tweeting about them…constantly.  If you have a picture of a cute bunny as your avatar then we would assume you will be tweeting sweet things about children or that you have a daycare of some sort.  Or, you could be a filmmaker working on a kids’ film featuring the furry creatures.  You get the idea.  No crazy body parts in your avatar please.  Most people will not follow you.  You will get tons of followers thinking you are running one of those sites.  [If you are doing a sex related Twitter account, please be aware that your account may be flagged and removed if people report it.]

Step #3: Who to follow?
So, you know what you will be tweeting about (sort of).  You have a decent avatar and you’re all set to go.  Now, who should you follow? 
  • People who have the same interests as you
  • Companies/Organizations that you like and are in the field you’re into
  • Check out the suggestions Twitter throws up on the left side of your home Twitter screen
  • Find your actual real world friends on Twitter
Notice I put your ‘real world’ friends last.  Why?  Because they may not have the same interests as what you’re seeking for the Twitter account you are considering putting together.  If they are – great! I hope you have a 1,000 friends so you can start of strong! J
A key factor in getting new followers is the verbiage under your Twitter handle.  Those 160 characters are all that new potential followers have to go on – Is this person worth following?  Or, am I going to get crap, or worse – no good tweets – if I follow this person?
Twitter is nine-tenths entertainment!  Make your tweets lively, interesting and most importantly of value to the people you want to connect with.  The content and the delivery of said content is the ‘entertainment’ for your end reader/Twitter follower.  Once you provide consistent tweets that interest your target crowd you will gain followers without all of the tricks and sleight of hand maneuvers that some people engage in to get followers. 
You’ll see accounts where all they want is for you to pay $25/$50 for xyz amount of followers.  Sure you can try this but who are these followers?  Are they the audience you are seeking?  Think about it.  What’s more important to you?  The number of followers?  Or, the quality of followers (quality in regards to the follower being in line with what your Twitter account is all about)?
Step #4: Be a good Twitterverse Citizen (TC)!
Okay, now onto the fun stuff!  You now have a few followers.  They begin re-tweeting you.  Awesome!  Now, you have to be a good Twitterverse Ciizen and thank them for their re-tweet.  Yes, each and every person.  E.g. – Thanks for the RT [their name]!
If someone shares some info that you shared on your blog, or website, or on another social media outlet you thank them for the shout out (S/o).
If someone clicks the star on your tweet, they have favorite-ed your tweet.  They liked it!  That means you should tweet more of whatever that subject matter is.  You should also thank them for the fav or fave – whichever you prefer!
You can also thank people in bulk (at the end of the day) for fav-ing and RT-ing.  That looks like this:
Thanks for the RTs & faves! @xyz @abc @ypmd @zippy
You can find out who has fav-ed and re-tweeted you by going to the “@Connect” on the upper left hand corner of your monitor/screen.  That is the timeline for all of the interactions (which gives you all interactions on your Twitter timeline) and mentions (which just gives you the mentions and not all of the back and forth RTs and such).
This is pretty much it for Twitter 101.  But for those who I haven’t bored to death, here is a little Twitterverse experience that helped me learn more about shares on Twitter.
My Twitter Shares Almost-Fiasco
There’s something I learned kind of the hard way a couple weeks back.  There’s an oddity in Twitter world called a share.  This is a RT (re-tweet) but it does not have the letters RT in it and it does not show up in your timeline as a re-tweet either.  It shows up as if that person sent out the tweet directly to you.  They didn’t.  It’s a share.
Someone could have set something up for you and all people have to do is click the “T” on that page to tweet that thing they’re reading about.  The way that tweet goes out is not up to the person clicking tweet.  The tweet is pre-written and the person just has to click “Tweet”.
I did not know this was the case two weeks ago.  I teamed up with another blogger and they offered to help me find reviewers for my book “Leaping Out On Faith”.  Within a couple of hours, I was getting tweets hitting my timeline that said “Review Request…”.
I was excited!  There were over 25 of these on my timeline within 5 hours.  You can imagine this writer’s glee.  But, I tested one out first to make sure I wasn’t misunderstanding what was happening.  The first person who responded, I sent them a Direct Message (DM: Twitter’s version of a personal non-public inbox).  I thanked the person for responding and requested their email address so I can send the book to them in whatever format they required.
Within 40 minutes, the person DM’d me back with their email address.  Bingo!  I was not making a mistake these were legitimate book review requests – all 30 of them now.
So, I made a list and began tweeting each of them and asking for their email addies to be sent DM to me.  I could not follow them all as I was close to my cap (totally another post!) hence the tweets.
I soon received an irate tweet from someone who told me that they did not request a review they were just retweeting.  The exchange was a bit more heated than this but in the end it was a very rewarding and productive exchange that taught me that things are not always what they seem on Twitter!’
The lesson in this story?  Even if you think you know what you’re talking about, check at least 3 times before launching into a full campaign on anything.  Either check with some fellow tweeps (your friends on Twitter), check with the person who helped you out, and check online for information on that topic.  Why?  Because if the person who helped me out by pointing this out to me wasn’t so nice they could have reported my account for being a spammer.  Yep!  And guess what?  You’ll have to start ALL over again rebuilding your followers and regaining trust which is never an easy thing.

I hope you have gotten the basics of how to use Twitter.  I would love your comments and suggestions on how you use Twitter.  Also let me know if I’ve made any egregious errors and point them out to me by using the comment section below.
Thanks for reading and commenting!
Ta-ta for now,
The NoteBook Blogairy


#MSWL – Ongoing – Quick Update

Going absolutely blind reading all of the #MSWL tweets!  There are well over 1,500 tweets and counting for this thread.  While a great number of these tweets from editors and agents alike are seeking Young Adult (YA), New Adult (NA) and Middle Grade (MG).  If you write in these genres today is your lucky day!

If you were not able to follow the hashtag and need a recap, please follow the Tumblr page Agent and Editor Wish List for updates.

In the meantime, some of the things that agents and editors are looking for are:


Editor Would love to see Xanth-like setting embodied in a Magical Realism NA/A. Humorous puns, not over the top.
RT : : Let’s not forget Sci-fi! Anyone have a Space Western a la Firefly? Or something Mass Effect-esque? -REUTS.com
YA : impeccably-written, flawed MC easy to fall in love with. I want to feel like I got punched in the gut when things go wrong
It’s almost lunchtime for me (ahem), so, #1: I’d love to see a lit (or YA) novel about young radicals that engages w/contemp. issues.
OH, and I love military romances, yo! If you have any (esp. series!), pls send!
– I’d also like strong male characters. With a few less issues. There’s more to a guy than his Testosterone level.
Stories about someone regaining their lost heroism.
You know what else would be kind of amazing? An updated YA “Endless Summer.”
I want stories with strong characters and relationships. Doesn’t have to be romantic, but has to be real.
The next Heinlein, stories that inspire scientists and artists.
. PoC = People of Color
The tweets are virtually endless!
Still going through them but hope you’ve checked into this Twitter Party and are taking notes.  Even if your manuscript (MS) is not quite ready, you need to pay attention.  Compile a list of agents/editors that are interested in seeing your work (when it’s polished and complete!).  This way, when you’re done there’s no lag time in getting it submitted to the right people.
Did I mention there are Vines and YouTube videos of what the agents want?  Those can be found at the hastag: MSWLM.
Here’s Juliet Mushens’ YouTube’d Wish List.
Heading back over to watch more goings-on!
Ta-ta for now,
The NoteBook Blogairy