(Giddy) Purposefulness Equals Progress

You know that feeling of deja vu?  Well, what is it when you know you did a thing before, decided to stop doing it, then re-decide to do it again?  That’s how I’m feeling! 🙂

Once upon a time, when I was married, my then-husband and I, would work together on our family business.  I baked vegan confections (cakes, pies, cookies, cobblers, cupcakes, etc.).  He designed all of the marketing materials.  We talked about and implemented business development, strategy and planning.  We were a good team.

Fast forward to today.  I miss those days of being a part of a great team that worked passionately towards a goal.

Sure I write books, and I blog.  However, it’s not the same as being a part of a larger whole.  I realize I enjoy working with others very much.  This is why I loved working on the #IndieRoar Challenge with the great supportive group #IndieBooksBeSeen headed by Mark Shaw.

This is also why I was right there with Tome Tender in promoting other authors, their books and giveaways.  The pace was fast, furious and FUN!

I had great fun when I  pal’d around with the E-Squared group on Twitter created by author New York Times best-selling author, Pam Grout, a positivity guru.

While I still enjoyed what I did with these groups, I still didn’t get that feeling.  You know what I mean.  That deep gut-level sense of rightness.

A shrug of my shoulders is all I gave to this niggling-nagging feeling of incompleteness.

Okay.  This year.  I get sick, and then I got better.  However, I have to get on a strict healthy diet which includes getting filters on all of the water outlets in my home and re-evaluating everything I do.  Then, the Solar Eclipse happens.  It’s almost as if my eyes opened as the sun re-emerged.  Everything in my life felt different.  Yet, nothing really changed…except I had the beginnings of that feeling of rightness — for no reason at all.

Since the 21st, many things began to happen that took no effort on my part.  I just sat/stood (with my mouth hanging ajar) and watched almost as if I were a bystander.  Things got better.  I felt better.  My viewpoint clearly made some sort of shift.  And somehow, by the 26th, I was a part of a group of people who call themselves Diamonds.  (Don’t you just love that?!?)

I am back in the fold of working passionately with a group of people who strive to walk more lightly on the planet while helping people make money along the way.  My writing has shifted focus and my new works are geared around health & wellness topics.  [I still love my fiction and my horror novel though!  But, that’s another story.]

The feeling of being stoked is strong!  My family asked me why I was in such a giddy mood.  I just smiled because it feels good to feel happy.

bill murray baby steps2




Living Your Dream

I have been neck-deep in trying to understand how wellness and I can co-exist.  However, it seems my thinking was erroneous.  It’s not that I did not invite wellness into my life, it’s more I thought that stepping away from solid wellness practices every day was okay.  Semantics you say?  Maybe.  But, it was my logic.

It’s okay to have a Greek yogurt for breakfast but then have a hamburger with all the fixings (sans the bread; no gluten, please!) for lunch.  Then, jump to having a big kale salad for dinner with cranberries and walnuts.  I thought this was just fine.  And for many people, it IS fine.  My body doesn’t think so.  My body wants something a bit more consistent.  Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune blistering disease that left my body covered in skin eruptions and blisters.  While the medication has taken care of the blisters, I am left with the marks from all of the skin activity.  So, I now have a constant reminder that my body requires something more from me in terms of health and nutrition.  I now eat smoothie bowls for breakfast and am investigating buddha bowls for lunch and dinner.  I am working towards clean eating much more on the paleo side of no packaged foods.

However, my self examination did not stop there, I continued to look at other areas of my life that may be out of sync with reality.  My career and my day job immediately came into focus.  I needed balance in this key area of my life where I spend 55 hours a week (we only have 168 hours each and every week!).  That’s a huge chunk of my time — 32.7% of my week is spent at work, or traveling to/from work.

My brain began thinking about living a life where everything comes up roses (I know, so cliche, right? But, I love roses!).  And I began to research more about living one’s dream and how to go about doing it.  I even created a life binder with a plan to help me follow my dream and, more importantly, remember my dream!  Because in the busy-ness of life, we can forget that we planned out to the nth degree every detail of our dream life.  We’re too tired to remember!

I even wrote a post about what I’ve learned.  It’s called Living Your Dream: Seeing the Roses In Your Own Life.  I hope you find 4.5 minutes of time to read it.

Happy Father’s Day!!


Procrastination: Pickles Are Exactly Like Porcupines

Common items in life parade around making us crazy.  But, what do we do?  We ignore the elephant in the room, whatever it is, until it becomes a true problem…a porcupine; something that can potentially harm us.

Procrastination is a total thing.  Psychology Today states that “20% of people chronically avoid difficult tasks and deliberately look for distractions — which, unfortunately, are increasingly available.”  But, why?  Why do we procrastinate?  There are a ton of reasons.

Forbes magazine gives us five top reasons why we do:

  1. Being faced with a task we don’t want to do
  2. Something’s too easy, too difficult to do, OR too boring to do
  3. Being overwhelmed
  4. When we’re tired and/or need a break
  5. When it’s too scary

Procrastination is one of the things I have to constantly work on in myself.  Currently, I am dealing with an autoimmune illness (diagnosed last month; you can read about it here) that is kicking my butt in terms of my energy.  No energy, no writing, right?  Nope, completely wrong.  I am pushing myself to follow my plan.  I missed my publishing schedule to post yesterday.  So, I am up this morning getting it done.  And, I have #GlutenFree Banana Cranberry Muffins in the oven as a treat for myself for getting back on track!

gf banana cranberry muffin 6 7 2017

When you know what your issues are, put a plan in place for yourself so you can catch yourself before you go too far astray from what you want.  Then, reward yourself for doing that thing right when you finish the task.

Want to read more?  Here are some experts who can give you more details.

Five Tips and Skills to Manage To Manage Your Time That Actually Work (Psychology Today)

The Real Reasons You Procrastinate — And How To Stop (Huffington Post)

To Stop Procrastinating, Start By Understanding the Emotions Involved (Wall Street Journal)

Once you get to the root of your personal reason(s) why you’re procrastinating on calling your aunt/uncle/cousin/boss/best friend, you can deal with your inner demons and deal accordingly.  This way, your pickles stay crisp and tasty and the porcupines stay where they belong — out in the wilds.

Ta-ta for now,


Sometimes raindrops are like mini pizzas…

Sometimes raindrops are like mini pizzas…

As they fall, they pelt you in the head and wake you up to new possibilities.  Okay, weird analogy but it woke you up, right?  And that’s precisely how Life is.  We go blithely along our merry little way thinking (careful of that word: thinking) that we have it all mapped out, planned out – efficiently.  With me?  Then, BOOM.  Something happens that is so left of what we expected that we’re dumbfounded.  All thinking stops.  We just have to pause in our forward movement and re-gain our balance because everything we were thinking previously clearly was not what was actually happening.  That’s Life.

When you think you know what’s happening, and then you find out that you never had a clue, what do you do?  How do you reconcile how off-base you were with reality?  That’s the conundrum, isn’t it?  It’s hard to face that our perceptions were wholly incorrect, or skewed.  But, this is what we need to know to correct ourselves and get us back on track with our true (higher) purpose.

We were all born to live out a great purpose.  Now, depending upon what you chose to come here to do, you may start earlier, or later in life on the path to achieve your true purpose.  But, when we get so off-track that Higher Power/God/The Creator/your preferred name here comes along and resets the whole show we do have to acknowledge our missteps and put a plan in place to ensure we don’t go that off-track again.

To help us do that, we can:

  • Create a vision board to help us remember our goals,
  • Write a poem that incorporates all of the aspects of what we need to recall to move forward,
  • Write an essay/letter to ourselves,
  • Create a life plan (based on the often used coach tool, The Wheel of Life) sectioned off into specific areas of our lives that we need to grow/develop/work on [you can use a loose leaf binder for it, or go digital],
  • Create a song to ourselves, for ourselves to help us remember and get through the rough patches where we tend to begin to stray away from our goals,
  • Sit and meditate using visualizations we put together to help us deeply seed our minds, and thoughts with the images of what we want to accomplish,
  • Sit and do deep breathing to fill our bodies with Chi (Qi)/light/ashe/energy/prana which will help us to remember and hold close our dreams, hopes and goals,

Or, we can choose to do nothing to get past the obstacle, or challenge that Life threw your way.  We could choose to ignore the message.  We are human.  We do have free will.  We can choose to take the comfortable way out and be “normal.”  (Whatever that means.)

It’s hard to “man up”, or “woman up;” to face our fears unabashed and move towards the unknown.  That’s damned hard to do.  And, for some of us, at particularly vulnerable times in our lives, it’s pretty impossible – or, so we would like to believe.  This is where picking something to do, at least one thing!, is important.  This one thing will help us focus and baby-step our way out of the challenge and towards our goals.


Good luck on your baby-stepping today, and every day moving forward.

Pressing Our Luck…

When the world seems a frightful place, your back is almost against the wall and you’re too scared to move left, or right — what do you tend to do?  Freeze?  Start planning?  Run?  Or, just faint away and let Fate do what it does?

Allowing others, or circumstance to dictate one’s Fate is not the way that will lead us to ultimate happiness.  What will is work.  Work towards what we want.  What we desire.  What we dream about.

How do we get there?  We have to sit down and think, plan then take action.  Action that will lead us inexorably to where we want to be.  But, those actions come with commitment and sacrifice.  The amount of passion we have for our end goal is how much effort and push we will give to our naysayers, and our own inner demons.  And yes, we will have to fight our inner and outer demons to get to where we want to be.  What’s more, the challenges will come when you least expect them.  In fact, you can almost guarantee the challenges will show up when you feel your weakest and most vulnerable.  This is the way of things.  This is when you are being tested.  Is this what you really want?  How badly do you want it?  Can you surpass this obstacle to achieve your goal?  This is what is being asked of you when you face down the thing that is preventing you from moving to the next step, or level, of your journey towards your goal.

Finding ways that you can motivate yourself to keep yourself going and moving towards the goal is what you have to find and remember to use when the challenge time comes.  For instance, if you know you get tiny prickles along your arms, or legs when you feel fear.  Visualize yourself with your favorite comfy sweatshirt on that keeps you feeling safe, loved and warm.  Bye-bye prickles!

Or, if you instead, you feel like you’re going to hyperventilate, learn a deep breathing technique.  Then, as soon as you feel the panic/worry/anxiety coming on — start doing your deep breathing exercise.  Get as much oxygen in your lungs as possible as you continue to do the thing that scares you.  That’s how you work through the fear, you pre-arm yourself with the “antidote” of your Achilles heel.  Even if on the first attempt at challenging your fear, you will get the hang of it and persevere the next time, or two.

You’ve had this challenge walking with you for a long time, don’t expect it to move over with a snap of a finger.  However, if it does — go with it!!  That simply means you’re good and ready to kick that things butt!

kick fear butt deep breathing

This is what it truly means to press our “Luck.”  It’s not luck, it’s when preparation meets opportunity.

So, let’s do the work so we can get to our goals as soon as we can.

Ta-ta for now.