Deepak and Oprah are Meditating with Us

It’s so cool when these two mega-stars in their respective fields come together to do these 21-day meditations for all who wish to participate.  And the best part?  It’s totally 100% free.

So, not only are you getting two of the most respected names in the industry working with you virtually in this guided meditation over the course of 3 weeks.  You’re also getting a quality meditation in just about 20 minutes!  Efficient, effective and enlivening!

The current meditation series began last Monday, 7/17 and you can get more details here:

The theme for this meditation series is Desire & Destiny. I started on the 17th and the focus is all about uncovering/re-discovering who you are by pulling away the negative behaviors that can harm our success.  This is done via the meditations themselves, as well as 4 questions in the Daily Journal (available on the site).  There’s even an app which makes it easier to meditate even if you’re on the move, and traveling from state to state.  Or, country to island.

deepak oprah desire and destiny_July 2017

There are affirmations in Sanskrit that Deepak gives the translations.  There’s beautiful music in the background that helps you to relax and flow into the meditative experience.  There’s Oprah (!) on hand to introduce the topic, give a short anecdote and then she turns it over to Deepak.

I’ve done one of these 21-day meditation cycles in the past and have really wonderful experiencese with them.  The key is to form a habit and continue to meditate.  It has been said many times that if you do a thing 21 days in a row, it becomes a habit.

Why should we meditate?  Main reason?  To reduce stress!  Don’t believe me?  Check it out for yourself via the Huffington Post:

8 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Life

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Sometimes raindrops are like mini pizzas…

Sometimes raindrops are like mini pizzas…

As they fall, they pelt you in the head and wake you up to new possibilities.  Okay, weird analogy but it woke you up, right?  And that’s precisely how Life is.  We go blithely along our merry little way thinking (careful of that word: thinking) that we have it all mapped out, planned out – efficiently.  With me?  Then, BOOM.  Something happens that is so left of what we expected that we’re dumbfounded.  All thinking stops.  We just have to pause in our forward movement and re-gain our balance because everything we were thinking previously clearly was not what was actually happening.  That’s Life.

When you think you know what’s happening, and then you find out that you never had a clue, what do you do?  How do you reconcile how off-base you were with reality?  That’s the conundrum, isn’t it?  It’s hard to face that our perceptions were wholly incorrect, or skewed.  But, this is what we need to know to correct ourselves and get us back on track with our true (higher) purpose.

We were all born to live out a great purpose.  Now, depending upon what you chose to come here to do, you may start earlier, or later in life on the path to achieve your true purpose.  But, when we get so off-track that Higher Power/God/The Creator/your preferred name here comes along and resets the whole show we do have to acknowledge our missteps and put a plan in place to ensure we don’t go that off-track again.

To help us do that, we can:

  • Create a vision board to help us remember our goals,
  • Write a poem that incorporates all of the aspects of what we need to recall to move forward,
  • Write an essay/letter to ourselves,
  • Create a life plan (based on the often used coach tool, The Wheel of Life) sectioned off into specific areas of our lives that we need to grow/develop/work on [you can use a loose leaf binder for it, or go digital],
  • Create a song to ourselves, for ourselves to help us remember and get through the rough patches where we tend to begin to stray away from our goals,
  • Sit and meditate using visualizations we put together to help us deeply seed our minds, and thoughts with the images of what we want to accomplish,
  • Sit and do deep breathing to fill our bodies with Chi (Qi)/light/ashe/energy/prana which will help us to remember and hold close our dreams, hopes and goals,

Or, we can choose to do nothing to get past the obstacle, or challenge that Life threw your way.  We could choose to ignore the message.  We are human.  We do have free will.  We can choose to take the comfortable way out and be “normal.”  (Whatever that means.)

It’s hard to “man up”, or “woman up;” to face our fears unabashed and move towards the unknown.  That’s damned hard to do.  And, for some of us, at particularly vulnerable times in our lives, it’s pretty impossible – or, so we would like to believe.  This is where picking something to do, at least one thing!, is important.  This one thing will help us focus and baby-step our way out of the challenge and towards our goals.


Good luck on your baby-stepping today, and every day moving forward.

Lion Princess, Hear Us Roar

When the world gives you lemons, what are you supposed to do?  Make lemonade.  Beyonce did a fabulous job at it.  But, the rest of us don’t have access to the samae resources as the Diva, do we?

So, the rest of us have to find other ways to be creative and go around the obstacles that Life throws our way.  It’s funny.  Life’s curve balls seem as if they are out to destroy us.  Losing a job, a limb, losing a best friend — all these things look like out and out loses, right?  But, what if the job would have lead to an even bigger lose?  Like because you have to travel for the job you’re in an accident while on a business trip?  What if you lose that finger but save the hand?  The arm?  What if that best friend was only after your connection to the boss?

But we can’t know what’s down a particular road.  We can only hope to understand the bigger picture.  Because there is a bigger picture.  Right?  I believe there is a Grand Plan for us all.  I believe we can tap into that plan by quieting our minds and bodies for at least 20 minutes while breathing deeply.  I believe we can find a quiet stillness within.  A stillness we can merge with to gain the merest scent of what our future holds.  And that’s all we need, a little whiff of what’s to come.  Because, if we know too much we might get in our own way.

But what about Divine accidents?  Do they even exist?  Things that happen to us that have no true place in the Grand Plan.  You were just in the wrong place, at the wrong time.  Or, innocently, you did something that unleashed an unexpected (disastrous) consequence?  What do you say/do then?

Does going into the stillness help?  Or, is that just a reminder of the pain and suffering you’re experiencing?  I wonder because Singh Kaur, a vocalist known for her angelic harmonies, died of ovarian cancer.  Yet, Kaur was a Sikh.  She followed the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, a master of Kundalini Yoga.  Bhajan commissioned her to record a series of mantras.  Her voice, her music, uplifted thousands across the world.  Yet, she died suddenly of ovarian cancer while in the process of giving light to the world.  Why??


Here we could inject the idea of a Divine accident.  One that has no fault to the person, or to the powers that be.  Kaur could have walked past one too many corners littered with smokers on a break.  She could have had an unexpected blow to her abdomen by a kid playing little league ball.  She could have had a predisposition for cancer due to the genetics in her family…one could do this all day.  However, there are no answers to be had.  A gifted, blessed voice came, then left too soon.  Yet, there is the music still left for us to enjoy, to use and to utilize for inner growth.

So, I say forget about it!  Leave the Divine accidents to those that need to deal with them.  Let us shake ourselves off, go within to the place of stillness and continue getting those hints of what is to come so that we can get back on our own particular path.  The ultimate goal is to achieve one’s destiny — whatever that might be.  Even if we are taken off-track momentarily, maybe we needed some time to slow down enough to hear what we previously did not.

Sometimes a Divine accident is needed to help bring us back to our path.  Therefore, does it still qualify as an “accident”?  You know, that whole the ends justifies the means thing?  Yeah, that.

I’ll leave you with the last musical offering from Singh Kaur.  [Did you know her name literally means the Lion Princess?]