Giveaway: Making Dollars & Sense Work

My fabulous book designer, E.M. Tippetts, is running a giveaway for my latest book Making Dollars & Sense Work: A Financial Primer for Single Moms & Dads Plus College Kids Too!

Not only was Emily incredibly sensitive to my newbie-ness in the process of taking a book from ebook form to print form, Emily was open to my suggestions!  I was floored.  There are graphics that divide chapters.  Graphics to enhance and embolden chapter headers and lovely page dividers that are easy on the eye.  I was thrilled when I received my print.  My book was professional and beautiful!  If you’re in need of a great book designer this is the one!

Please visit the E.M. Tippetts Book Designs blog and enter my book’s giveaway! It ends on June 3rd, 2015!

In the meantime, here is a synopsis of Making Dollars & Sense Work…


There are a number of things that we collectively need to know about our money management that we do not know. No one told us. Heck, most people are not told. We find out by trial and error, or we decide to teach ourselves because we’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Maybe that’s why you’ve picked up, or clicked on this book…because you want to find a key to help you unlock the next better section of your life. A life that you can share abundance with your children, with your other loved ones…with yourself.
Making Dollars & Sense will help you pick up tips on:
  • how to shop for designer & top-notch products and clothing while remaining within your spending plan
  • how to read and understand your credit reports and the factors you can change and the ones that take a bit more doing
  • how to get out from under PayDay loan hell – legally!
  • how to help improve your credit score without expensive financial counselors
  • or, if you want financial counseling how to find one that is affordable for your budget
  • how to create a one-page master financial document that will keep you smiling all the way to the bank! (MS Excel template download included with your book purchase)
  • how to locate free and/or low-cost enrichment, or after-school programs for your child(ren)
  • reminders on how to effectively reward your child(ren) and yourself!
  • plus more!

Don’t forget! Enter the GIVEAWAY and win a copy of Making Dollars & Sense Work!

Sailing Through Dreams – A Poem

For my newest nonfiction personal finance book, I wanted to use a poem by Maya Angelou.  I actually reached out to the publishing company that owned the rights to the poem and inquired about using it for this book.  They wanted to know all about the distribution, the first print run number, the book’s demographics, etc.  I was floored.


This was a wake up call.  I realized that I had to use something else!  So, I tried my hand at writing my own poem specific to this book and its goals to help people be their own best accountant using simple tools and common sense.  My book Making Dollars & Sense Work: A Financial Primer for Single Moms and Dads Plus College Kids, Too!  (Yeah, long title but really short very easily digested book — only 66 pages.)

This book also comes with two free downloads to help you.  One download is a letter to help you out of payday loan hell.  The other download is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet pre-loaded to create a one-page financial budget and tracker!

But I digress, the poem that opens the book is, as follows.  I hope you enjoy it!

Sailing Through Dreams

Dreaming our dreams we often fail;

to dream big enough or, strong enough

We discover a wave and then we shudder.

We re-jigger, re-boot, re-think and stall.

We form half-dreams that lead to half-lives

But, if we lift our thoughts, our voices, our eyes

Then, and only then, we’ll sail straight through our

and land upon our new reality’s shore.

for it to catch shape and sail.

in which we stumble and fall.

we can aim for higher highs;


~ Rochelle Campbell