Weekend Inspiration: Update, Friends & Aloe

As you may have noticed, people inspire me.  Their actions, their movements, their thoughts, their words.

I’ve been fairly radio silent in the last couple of weeks.  Working on a few projects and the day job has kept me hoppin’ as well. 🙂

But, I’ve been listening to Fally Ipupa and keeping that chill rhythm going on in the background of my mind in all of the busy-ness.

Still cleaning with eco-friendly green products.  Now using a scrubber sponge — it really does make a huge difference!  Eliminates much of the elbow grease.  I now have filters on both my kitchen sink and my bathroom shower head.  The goal?  To reduce the amount of chemicals entering my system.

I’m even looking at the cosmetics I use and researching how to convert to more environmentally friendly products.  And, since I have dark marks left from the health issue that I dealt with earlier this year, I’ve been researching natural products to use on my skin.  After reading a lot, and asking a bunch of people about their favorite products, I kept hearing the same thing — aloe.

I was mulling over using aloe when a colleague of my son’s told me about an aloe product that he’s been drinking that helped him with various health issues including reducing his cholesterol level in 30 days.  Needless to say, the coincidence did not escape me.

Have already purchased Aloe Vera Gelly and will let you know how it goes.


EcoConsciousness Today And For All Tomorrows

EcoConsciousness.  That looks like it’s spelled incorrectly.  What is it anyway?  It’s being aware of our own personal actions and how those actions either help keep the world clean, or not.

I stopped and thought about my actions on any given day.  For the most part, I feel that I am doing a decent job of picking up after myself and putting things in a garbage receptacle.  [Why is that important?  Because whatever we don’t put into a garbage can, and usually do, end up in the sewers and is washed out into sea.  There, our garbage can strangle sea creatures to death.  Or worse, animals such as turtles eat soft plastic (like bags) thinking it’s fish and starve to death as more and more plastic takes up space in their bodies.)]

However, that’s not even scratching the surface.  There are people who pick up after other people to ensure that waste does not go out to sea.  Then, there are those who go a bit further and in addition to picking up waste strive to put LESS WASTE into the system by using less packaged products in their everyday life.

YOU: What…huh?  Come again?

There are people who have as their goal a zero waste lifestyle.  Meaning, they do their best to have nothing to throw in the trash bin.  They use reusable containers.  They carry reusable bags with them to the grocery store.  They find Bulk Food stores where they bring their own containers with them to fill with whatever they need.

A few who are extremely passionate about getting our environment cleaner go an extra step and go  dumpster diving.  Yep.  They go into trash dumpsters to see what they find that can be reclaimed and utilized.  freegan.info‘s dumpster directory page details that some locations are ‘weirdly competitive’.  This is very extreme, in my mind, but if one is passionate about saving the planet (one dumpster at a time??) I cannot be mad.  Less waste means more space for other things, ahem — new people — in the future.

Zero waste is truly a thing.  There’s a movement out there and Bea Johnson is one of the thought leaders in this space.  The picture (from Bea’s website) below shows her family’s waste for the entire year of 2016.


My brain cannot fathom how an entire family can have so little waste!  Clearly this is a passion for Bea and a very noble one.  I know it will take some time for me to wrap my brain around the changes in thought this lifestyle requires.  Well, at least a major shift in consciousness.

Of course, we’ll talk more about this later.  In the meantime, what do you think about ecoconsciousness?  What is your current level of comfort in regards to how much of your household’s waste goes to your sanitation department each year?

Healthy Home with Green Cleaners

As you’ve read, I’m transitioning to using healthy cleaning products in my home.  (No more Fabuloso and Tilex for me!)  And, the first green product I used was City Maid Green’s all-purpose cleaners.  It took me a little over a week to try it and another few days for me to get used to the extra elbow-grease needed when using green products.  But, now I am fully committed to using green products!

TIP: Fellow author and health-enthusiast, Julie R(esist), told me to use a scrub sponge, or a brush, when using green products.  She says it reduces the amount of elbow-grease needed.  Thanks Julie!

But I digress.

Long story short.  City Maid Green products?  Finished!  I went looking for more at health food stores in my area.  Zip.  But, I can’t wait for products to be shipped before keeping my bathroom clean!  My last resort?  Whole Foods in midtown (new one opened up!).  However, no CMG products!  Arrgh.  I looked at the WF 365 Everyday Value product line of cleaners.  It’s Whole Foods.  It’s got to be good, sustainable, and safe.  Right?  I looked at the label of their All-Purpose Cleaner: Orange & Lemon Verbena.  It read as follows:

Our Full Ingredient Declaration: Aqua (Filtered Water), Sodium  Citrate (PH Control), Denatured Alcohol (Solvent), Laureth-7 (Plant-Derived Non-Ionic Surfactant), Methyl Alcohol (Solvent), Natural Fragrance, Ethyle Acetate (Solvent), Methylisothiazolinone (Preservative).

Biodegradable * No Animal Testing

Safe for Septic and Grey Water Systems

Bottle is Made From 50% PCR Material

Made in Canada

I scratched my head at a few of the ingredients.  I had no clue what they were.  But, with precious few options I decided to try it.

I wasn’t that happy with the scent.  Think I’m not in love with Lemon Verbena but it was OK.  The sheeting action  was pretty good without too much elbow-grease (and no scrub sponge!).  Hmmm.  Maybe this would be okay!

After cleaning with it for 2 days, I decided to research it and see what others had to say about it.  You know what I found, right?  The Environmental Working Group gave All-Purpose Cleaner: Orange & Lemon Verbena a “D”!  In fact, only 80 green household cleaning products received an “A” while 199 scored a “D”, and 152 scored an “F”!  The EWG is pretty stringent and has high standards for our health and for the planet.

Some of the top rated product in household cleaners for 2017 are created by the following companies: Attitude, Aunt Fannie’s, and Lion Bear Naked Soap Co.  Click here for the full list of products that scored an “A”.

The lesson?  Do the research before buying anything! I totally agree with this meme — cleaning IS harder than it looks! LOL.

cleaning is harder than it looks

Ta-ta for now,