Day 1: I-CON 32 – SciFi Con

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Wow. I’m here. I’m attending, and vending, at I-CON 32. The cosplay costumes are pretty amazing! The thought, the energy, the attention to detail — gorgeous! I’ve seen a full Victorian dress complete with bustle in gold satin!  I want to dress in a costume!!!

But, I’m “working” so the dress code is simple — book t-shirt & jeans.

Alrighty, it’s time to figure out how to cover stuff down for the night.  End of  Day 1 approaches.



Get your #horror fix: Fury From Hell

Here’s the quickest update you ever did see:

That book that first came poking around back during Hurricane Sandy in ’12?  It’s getting a re-do, re-vise and and upgrade.  A slightly expanded version will become available via Inkshares.  Once the book reaches 250 pre-orders, Inkshares will edit it, put it into production and publish it!

What do I have to do in the meantime?  Uhm, figure out how to tell 246 more people that this great cop thriller with strong brushstrokes of horror is available for $10.  Here’s a teaser to whet your reading appetite.

Fury Abatu seeks revenge for abused women.  Yet, when on Earth, Abatu must find a human host & eat men’s flesh to survive…

Buy a copy.  Support a starving novelist.  Put me out of my misery. [So, I can go back and start this all over again with another book. :-)]

Now, lets’ get our sexy horror on by pre-ordering today — while dancing with JT.

Day 1: MDC3 Con: Creatures, Crimes & Creativity Conference

Friday, September 30, 2016 — At the Sheraton Columbia Town Center Hotel, Columbia, MD


PANEL: Writing Outside the Box: Crossing Genre Lines to Tell Your Story

Panelists: Dana King (moderator), Bruce Kingsolver and Sandra Webster

Sandra’s salient points:

  • Write for the art of writing, OR write for the business of writing — you cannot do both and do them well
  • She ignores “genres.”  She allows others to put the genre(s) to her books (after the books are written).  Instead (of writing to market), she strives to tell a story that pulls you in, and the story she wants to write.
  • Question from audience: If she sees an opportunity to add a genre trope to the story will she go with it?  Yes, she will if it will not take away from the story.  She will do it, if possible, in order give that particular group of readers what they are expecting.
  • Some people write their endings first and then write the rest of the book

Bruce’s salient points:

  • When you cross genre, you can do anything you want.  But, there are certain tropes you must have, within the book, if you claim that genre.  If you miss a trope of that genre (you claim) it’s unforgivable.
  • He analyzes his work and will decide its genre after reviewing what’s in the book (after it has been written).  If the tropes of a specific genre are not there, or not strong enough, he will refrain from using that genre category in his marketing efforts.
  • Question about where do writers get ideas from.  Ideas are not the problem.  It’s the implementation and the expression of the idea that is the issue.
  • Question about how to keep a story moving throughout the middle.  He remembers a quote but cannot recall who said it, “In the middle, make sure no one has time to sit down.”

Dana’s salient points:

  • He does a simple chart of the book and writes a sentence for each chapter of the book.  Then, when he sits down to write, he knows what has to happen for the chapter — but doe not know how it will all come to pass.  He has to write it to find out.
  • Ideas are everywhere.  We trip over ideas, but which one will we write.  And, more importantly, which idea(s) do we have the expertise to write?

PANEL: Mysterys – Noir, Cozy, Police Procedural, Detective, etc.  What makes them so different?


Panelists: Allan Ansorge (moderator), Dana King, Donna Andrews and Millie Mack

Donna’s salient points:

  • In complete battle with the term “cozy”; her books do not contain recipes, nor tips on a craft.  She feels that a sub-genre has colored the entire term and therefore, many expect organizational tips, recipes, and step-by-step how-to’s within a book in the genre “cozy”.  She feels this expectation should not be the case.
  • Any subject can be used (within a story/genre) if you handle it properly.  She had pornography in her first cozy book but she did not tell the reader about the images seen.  She instead described the character’s reactions to what she was seeing on the computer screen — multiple screens popping open, the character’s facial expressions, etc.
  • Definition/distinction — Mystery: Is a Whodunit and then solve it.  Thriller: Something bag is going to happen but what, and where will this bad thing happen is unknown.  This is what the hero must figure out.
  • Show your detective character and how they can assist cops in seeing what the cops cannot/will not see

Dana’s salient points:

  • Writes hard-boiled cop procedurals
  • A typical police procedural = Barney Miller
  • A typical classic mystery = Agatha Christie
  • An awesome line of detective mystery are the Mickey Spillane books [Mike Hammer]
  • Current forensics are currently changing constantly. It’s always being upgraded.  So, if you write about a specific forensics test in your book, by the time it’s published it could be out of date and no longer utilized.  This is why his books are set in a small town with limited forensic resources.
  • 90% of the crimes that take place today are solved by cops talking to people; not by forensics.
  • Forensics rarely solves a case; forensics come more into play for the court case if the results come back in time.
  • DNA testing results take 16 – 18 months to come back, if it comes back at all.
  • Important to take note of: In most states, there are no medical qualifications are necessary to become a coroner.  A coroner is an appointed position.  So it becomes very difficult to label a murder, a murder, if the coroner doesn’t say it is.  There’s no leverage for anyone to say, do an autopsy because the corner has no medical knowledge!
  • The biggest asset to cops in the solving of cases is TIME and the changes wrought in the people involved in the cases.  In cold cases, a man now with a daughter approaching the age of a girl murdered, may have a change of heart and spill his guts about his doubts/observations of what he knows of xyz during the time(s) in question.  Thereby giving the detective new pieces to add to the puzzle of the long cold case possibly enough to solve it.


Let Me Just Say This – Blog Tour Line Up & SuperBowl Raffle!


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Let Me Just Say This_cover


In just four days, the Just Let Me Say This.. blog tour begins on Monday, February 1st!  We are going to have fun!  There’s going to be two raffles!  One for the blog tour hosts and the other for you guys — the readers!  Both raffles include free copies of B. Swangin Webster’s book and a $20 Amazon gift card!

Our current tour stops include:

Tome TenderFeb 1 – Book Review

LoveBitesSilkFeb 2 – Book Review

Just BooksFeb 3 – Excerpt/Teaser

Kiru Taye Writes Feb 5 – Author Interview

LIVE TWITTER BOOK CHAT – Saturday – Feb 6 at 4:00 pm EST/1:00 pm PST/9:00 pm GMT.  The hashtag for the chat is #NBbookchat!


The NoteBook Blogairy (moi) – Feb 7 – Author Interview & Special SuperBowl Raffle!
This special SuperBowl 50 raffle will be for all who purchase a copy of Just Let Me Say This… on Sunday, Feb 7th.  Send proof of purchase to me via this blog.  Or, Tweet from Amazon purchase page to @NoteBkBlogairy and you’ll get entered into this $25 Amazon gift card raffle!  (This is a separate raffle from the other two mentioned earlier!)  The Winner of this SuperBowl 50 raffle will be announced on Mon, 2/8 after 9:00 am EST.

Booked Up and BossyFeb 7 – Book Review

Digital InspirationsFeb 9 – Excerpt & Author Interview

Faith SimoneFeb 10 – Book Review

A.M. LeibowitzFeb 10 – Book Review

Let Me Just Say This… A Quick Synopsis

This more-than-meets-the-eye urban fiction story introduces us to Cheryl Goldman an African-American woman who was not the apple of her mother’s eye.  Her Daddy loved her desperately but even he could not change how his wife felt about their youngest daughter.  Smart, talented and productive were all adjectives that perfectly describe Cheryl.  However, two other words are accomodating and unselfish.  In Cheryl’s attempt to secure friendship, love and favor her gentle efficiency did her more harm than good especially in the case of her husband, Kevin.  You can read my full book review here.

We’ll be tweeting, FB’ing and generally making a bit of a social media ruckus chit-chatting about Just Let Me Say This…!

There’s still time to join the fun as a Blog Tour Host!  Click here for tour sign-up details.

(To read the original post about participating in this blog tour, click here!)


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8 Great Author Websites

I salivate at the beauty and sophistication of some of these author websites.  You might, too.

Authors have some amazing magical talents.  Don’t you think?


Image from Shea MacLeod’s Blog

The author websites are presented to you in no particular order.  Drum roll, please…

Haruki  Murakami: Contemporary Japanese writer –

Elizabeth Spann Craig: Cozy Mystery author –

Bernard Cornwell: English Author of Historical novels –

Marcel Theroux: British novelist and broadcaster –

Amy Krouse Rosenthal: American author –

Kevin Henkes: American children’s author and illustrator –

Kenneth C. Davis: American Popular Historian and author –

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Rick Riordan) –

Ta-ta for now,


The #IndieRoar Challenge Winners!

#IndieRoar Challenge Winners!


And the moment you’ve all been waiting for!  And the winners are — wait! There’s a tie for first place! 

Kelly Sedinger – @Jaquandor – 1st Prize

Rose English – @RoseEnglishUK – 1st Prize

T.W. Barton – @TyWadeBooks – 3rd Prize

AND, there’s one more surprise winner!

Bonus Winner for Participation & Enthusiasm: Phillip T. Stephens – @stephens_pt

What’s your book prize loot?  Check them out below!  To claim your prizes, please email: noveldreams2007 at gmail dot com.

Author Name Book Title Genre Format # of Copies
Barbo, Holly Sunstone Steampunk Thriller Digital 1
Barret, Tabitha The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness Paranormal Romance Print (Signed) 1
Caldwell, Angela The Last Order SciFi/Fantasy – YA Print (Signed) 1
Caldwell, Angela The Last Order SciFi/Fantasy – YA Digital 2
Campbell, Rochelle Fury From Hell Paranormal Thriller Digital 3
Campbell, Rochelle Making Dollars & Sense Work Personal Finance/
Credit Repair
Print (Signed) 1
Cate, Marnie Remember: Protectors of the Elemental Magic Fantasy – YA Print 1
Chioffi, Barbara Angel Mine Erotic Fantasy Digital 1
Chioffi, Barbara Lycan Love Erotic Fantasy Digital 1
Comnick Straughan, Morgan Spirit Vision Christian Fantasy – YA Digital 1
Dawn, CK Cloak of Shadows Fantasy – YA Digital 1
Franklin, Michelle Khantara: Volume 1 SciFi/Fantasy Digital 1
Guy, Ryan Atomic Aardvark SciFi/Fantasy Print (Signed) 1
Guy, Ryan Atomic Aardvark SciFi/Fantasy Digital 2
Keller, K.J. The Threes Romance Digital 3
Keller, K.J. Africa Bush Creatures Safari Facts from A-Z Educational – Children Digital 1
Lynne, Patricia Being Human Supernatural – YA Digital 1
Lynne, Patricia Snapshots Supernatural – YA Digital 1
Mapstone, Deidre Sigrun, The Bandamann Saga Fantasy – YA Digital or Print 1
Marsden, Kelly S. The Shadow Rises Fantasy Print 1
Marsden, Kelly S. The Witch-Hunter Trilogy (The Shadow Rises, The Shadow Reigns, The Shadow Falls ) Fantasy Digital 1
McFarland, KM Song of the Vampire Dark Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Digital 1
McFarland, KM Under a Bourbon Street Moon Dark Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Digital 1
McFarland, KM Masquerade Dark Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Digital 1
Montague, Rose Norma Jean’s School of Witchery Urban Fantasy/Romance Print (Signed) 1
Morris, T.H. The 11th Percent SciFi/Fantasy Digital (PDF) 1
Morris, T.H. Item and Time SciFi/Fantasy Digital (PDF) 1
Norry, Jay Walking Between Worlds; Book 1: Demons & Angels Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Digital 1
Rockefeller, Laurel Cathering de Valois Nonfiction/History – All Ages Digital 3
Rockefeller, Laurel Mary Queen of the Scots Nonfiction/History – All Ages Digital 3
Rockefeller, Laurel Boudicca: Britain’s Queen of the Iceni Nonfiction/History – All Ages Digital 3
Schneider, C.L. The Crown of Stones: Magic-Price Epic Fantasy Digital (Kindle) 1
Shaw, Mark The Keeper of the Wind Fantasy – YA Digital 1
Turner, Jacci Bending Willow Adventure – Middle Grade Digital 3
Turner, Jacci Terry The Cage Adventure – Middle Grade Digital 3
Vance, CE How Maxwell Grover Stole My House Adventure – Middle Grade Digital (PDF) 3
Whitley, Lu J BloodMarked Urban Fantasy/Romance Digital (Kindle) 3
Wright, Dan Amanda Moonstone: The Missing Prince Children’s – Action/Adventure Digital 1

1st Prize (2) – $25 Amazon Gift Card + Choice of 6 Indie Books from participating #IndieBooksBeSeen Authors

3rd Prize – Choice of 3 Indie Books from participating #IndieBooksBeSeen Authors

Bonus Prize — Chose of 2 Indie Books from participating #IndieBooksBeSeen Authors

Congratulations to our first ever #IndieRoar Challenge winners!

As a reminder, we would love for the winners, and all of the Challenge’s participants, to share the love and give a review, or two, for Indie books you like after you’ve read them!

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