Epic Fail: My Finger Is Too Tough

Some years ago, I learned about eating right for your blood type.  There’s a book by the same name written by Peter D’Adamo.  There’s a swirl of conversation and controversy about this idea but I did want to review it and figure out if it has any meaning/value for me, personally.

First step is you need to know your blood type.  No problem!

I purchased the “Eat Right For Your Type” blood typing kit online at Amazon.  It’ was quite reasonable — less then $7!  The reviewers almost unanimously said that it was easy-peasy and they were able to identify their blood type in just a few minutes.

blood typing kit_new

The kit arrived in 2 days.  It looks so easy!  There’s a video you can watch online to make sure you do it just right.  Here’s the short video…

Okay, so I watched it and I felt confident.

Get home.  Set it all up.  Get to the poke-your-finger part – BAM.  A bit of a pinch, yes.  But, not bad.

Here’s the issue: I get enough blood for TWO of the FOUR circles.  Uh-huh.  Half of what I needed.  And the stabby-thing?  It’s a one-time use device.  <sigh>

I asked my 17-year old to help stab me with a sterilized needle.  He couldn’t/wouldn’t.  I asked my 20-year old.  He wimped out then came back strong and wanted to cut me with a knife in the vein…(yeah, I dunno know ’bout that one).  Needless to say, I got frustrated and scraped the whole deal.

Blood Typing Kit_Failed 2 circles only_6 12 2017

But, I am going to re-order and try again.

However, I re-read the written instructions contained in the package (the brochure you see in the above picture), I realized I missed a step.

I needed to have soaked my finger for 2 minutes in warm water.

So, I did NOT do this one little part.

Therefore, I guess I’ll figure out my blood type another day! 🙂

Totally not the kit’s fault, this is all my own epic fail.

Have any of you tried this blood typing kit?  Did it work for you?

Ta-ta for now,