The Best of The NoteBook Blogairy for 2015!

Image from Radio Valencia San Francisco

Image from Radio Valencia San Francisco

Everyone’s doing a ‘Best of’ list.  I’ll join the bandwagon!  Here are the top 10 posts that many of you came to my blog to read (and re-read).  I’ve removed the two absolute tops – my Home page and my About page.  Adding them into the mix did not seem appropriate.

Without further ado, here are my top viewed posts in the year 2015.

  1. NYC Gluten-Free Party — Lots of Fun!
  2. The E-Squared Way
  3. The Aftermath of Publishing My Third Book
  4. Jewel Me Crazy: My Love Affair with Alexandrites
  5. #IndieRoar 10-Day Challenge: Are You Ready?! (June 1 – June 10)
  6. The #IndieRoar Challenge Winners
  7. #IndieRoar Challenge Time! Are you Ready for June 1st?!
  8. My Journaling: The Greatest Benefit
  9. Cindy Irish’s: The Song That Seduced Paris Book Giveaway + $100 GC
  10. #WriterWednesday Tip: A Strategic Partner — Your Book Editor

By far, the first five were the far and away most read posts for this blog this year.  The second half did well, but not by the same margins as the first five.  It is interesting that number one has nothing to do with writing at all.  Neither does number 2.  Even though, I mention writing in it.

However, overall my top posts are predominately about the writing life, books, some aspect of reading, or readership!  It is only the top 2 that have nothing to do with writing, or reading.  Even more curious?  Several of these posts were not written this year.  In fact, the top 2 were written in 2014.  And, the Q&A with literary agent Jennifer Chen Tran was written last year, as well.

I hope you enjoyed this quick look back.  I can’t wait to chat it up, read it up and live it up with each and every one of you in the next year.

Happy New Year 2016 Pencils