Weekend Inspiration: Clean Eating Does Wonders

I woke up wanting a hamburger and cheesy fries.  Yep.  Open eyes, dream of tantalizingly delicious juicy burger. [Insert your favorite burger here.]

Then, the immediate next thought was, What about all I’ve been learning?  How will my body respond to this influx of gluten, grease, calories and cholesterol?  Okay, so maybe it didn’t go exactly like that.  It could have gone more like this…

I want a frickin’ cheeseburger and fries!  To hell with this healthy eating.  I want to be happy, fat and NORMAL.  

And, it could have started yesterday when I ate both Jarlsberg and Smoked Gouda cheese for dinner because if I looked at another salad I was going to murderlize someone…

Woke up with a bloated tummy and flatulence.  But — still wanted a frickin’ burger! 🙂

How is this inspiring, you ask?  Because when I realized the relatively minor reactions I had to eating JUST some cheese, can you imagine the response my body would have to a full burger, the bun, cheese and tons of a bunch of other stuff?

Smoothie Bowl 7 8 2017

Basic Smoothie Bowl except did not freeze the bananas. The base is bananas, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, and frozen mangoes. Toppings are simple: more bananas, apples & sliced plums with granola.

Then, I began realizing that I do enjoy the taste of a good roasted veggie salad with kale and carrot ginger dressing.  I recalled the smoothie bowls I’ve been enjoying these past several weeks, and the Soldanza Maduritos sweet plantain chips that are quickly becoming a food group for me.  And the good food that I know I can create once I get some new cooking techniques and the best ingredients to use (such as chickpea miso…).

Amy Valpone’s book, Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation and Reset Your Body is inspirational!  Amy is so positive and so confident that it virtually oozes between the words and infects me to want to eat clean, too.  [So, I might not be able to eat all of the comfort foods I remember but I can have ground foods (plantains (green and yellow), ackees, dasheen, etc.) and codfish!]

Amy’s health story is rougher than mine and she found her way through it all and is now healthy and happy.  I want to have that level of happiness in my own life.  And, if that means eating clean so as not to have a body always under a crisis — then that’s what I need to do.

I tried Amy’s granola recipe and it was amazing!  My children loved it as well and a batch (that filled a 16 oz container) was finished in 2.5 days.

What I’m saying is simply this: I really enjoyed eating foods that were not the best for my body.  I grew up with those foods!  They’re my go-to comfort foods when I want to feel ‘at home’.  But, it’s not working for me anymore.  What I am experiencing is the feelings of being in transition with my dietary food patterns — and that’s okay.  Just as long as I don’t indulge, and find healthy substitutes, I’m OK.  I have to be gentle with myself and nurture myself through the process of being Green & Leafy. 🙂

Ta-ta for now,


Ackee Saltfish & Food

Traditional home-cooked meal full of ground food and codfish. (Okay, so maybe the dumplings don’t fit in this picture…)




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