Weekend Inspiration: 2 Themes but only 1 Great Tweep

Today I had a great deal of trouble penning this post.  I have 2 pages worth of post prompts I created in the last 7 days.  I thought, I scribbled, I scratched off.  (Repeat 15x.)

Then, when I awakened this morning, it hit me.  The very first idea I had for today’s column is THE RIGHT ONE.  I scratched it off because of input I received that threw me off what I innately knew to be correct.  Therefore, there are 2 themes in today’s Weekend Inspiration.

  1. Never allow anyone to stop you from carrying out something you feel deeply (in your gut).  Why?  Because that thing you feel?  That is your own inner connection (read: your own fabulous inner higher power) speaking directly to you.  If you consistently ignore the impulses and images this wise part of you sends your way, the direct connection begins to lessen in its intensity and accuracy.  After a time, your connection may actually fade, or go dormant.  This is not what you want!  Do your best to keep your connection open by relaxing and allowing yourself to feel all the things that you need to in order to get all of your options presented to you.  Okay?  Okay!
  2. Now for Part 2.  My Weekend Inspiration is M. LeMont, one of my longest and oldest of Twitter buddies.  We met in 2014 and at that time @mistersalesman had less than 40K followers.  (I know, right?! Now it’s 357K…and counting!)However, because M. LeMont thinks out-of-the-box, is maddeningly creative, and has a genuine passion for helping others, M. LeMont built a system of outreach, networking, teaching and communication with thousands of people in the last 3 years!  It’s actually pretty damned astounding.How I factor in to all of this is simple.  I responded to a tweet of @mistersalesman and I received a response back within a very short time.  I was rather surprised by the response.  But, I responded in return; from there our friendship grew.

    M. LeMont had high hopes for me that I would follow his lead and have hundreds upon thousands of followers (like this fabulous person does!).  However, I took myself off of the retweet train and went on my own path.

    Yet, M. LeMont did not throw me away, or “banish” me to the non-loyalist party.  This fabulous tweep kept RT’ing, mentioning me, and interacting with me since 2014.  Astounding.


    heart little girl

    In the last several weeks, a major health issue of mine made me re-evaluate all aspects of my life.  (This is why there’s even a Weekend Inspiration column.)

    Following M. LeMont’s lead of giving of oneself freely to people we do not know IRL (Yep, to strangers!), I wanted to give back some of the love that has been shared with me since I entered the social media arena in April 2012.

    This is why I would like to openly thank M. LeMont (@mistersalesman) for all of the many hundreds of tweets, RTs, mentions and the outrageously funny posts, emails and experiences we’ve shared in the last 3 years.

    As I said to you earlier today, You’re Simply The Best!

    For more information about M. LeMont’s books, please click the links below.

    Twitter Marking for Promoters, Entertainers, Musicians and Artists


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