Updated: Move Over Fake News, Here is Fake Food

**This article has been updated as of Mon, 6/12/17 @ 2:55 pm EDT!!**

**BCS Intl Honey has been proven to be certified!  Read below.**

It’s Sunday morning. I’m in the kitchen thinking about a good, healthy breakfast that does not come from a package. I’m new to this way of eating so it took me some time to figure out this meal:

  • Baked sweet potatoes
  • Cabbage, cucumbers and red peppers dressed with balsamic vinaigrette
  • Catfish and kale dressed with a light lemon balsamic reduction

So, imagine my surprise when my hubby shows me a video (in Hindu, I think) showing a man creating cabbage for human consumption!  I was flabbergasted! I immediately checked Snopes and the video was shown to be a fake. It was a video showing the process of making plastic display food for restaurant windows in Japan and China.


Here’s the Snopes article marking this particular video a FAKE – http://www.snopes.com/chinese-synthetic-cabbages/.

However, reporter Kate Storey writes in Delish magazine about 14 real fake foods we may have in our very own kitchens. This includes:

  • olive oil (cut with cheaper oils like corn, and peanut oils)
  • truffle oil (the pigs in Alba never even heard of the stuff we’re ingesting…)
  • sushi (if you think you’re getting white tuna, think again.)
  • honey (no industry standard! Check True Source Honey to ensure it’s real.)
  • parmesan cheese (make sure it says “Made in Italy)

Storey reports that many manufacturers of the above food items cut/dilute the actual products with cheaper substitutions some of which can harm our health.  Being informed, and reading labels becomes very important! You can read the full article here.

To follow-up on the note above regarding honey, you can verify that the honey in your pantry is real and registered with True Source Honey by checking its UPC bar code. There’s an orange circle in the upper right hand corner of the True Source Honey page that says, “Is Your Honey True Source? Check Here.

Original Story Copy (Not Updated)

I checked my bottle of Natural Garden 100% Pure Natural Organic Honey that has the True Source Honey logo on the back!!! Guess what?  When I checked it on the True Source Honey page it said it was “not certified, or has not been registered” — in essence, FAKE!

I checked because I had an odd reaction to it when I used it; not quite nausea but close enough.  I fluffed it off.  However, the odd feeling stayed with me so I decided to began reading more about honey and how it’s certified.

Who knows what’s in this bottle!!!  And, my kids have eaten it!  The rest is going into the trash!


Hello everyone,

In conjunction with checking the website for information about BCS Intl/Natural Garden Honey yesterday, I also emailed True Source Honey directly.  And, about an hour later the Executive Director, Gordon Marks, got back to me and asked me to take additional steps and provide him more information so he can check out what was happening with this product/brand and the certification not being verified (since the bottle did have the True Source Honey logo). [Yes, the ED got back to me on as SUNDAY afternoon!!!]

After a total of 13 emails between yesterday and today, Gordon has assured me that this product is indeed a verified True Source Honey product.  Gordon shared with me in an email today at 2:38 pm EDT the reason why the uncertified/not registered message popped up on the website yesterday.

“There are primarily 2 reasons it was not in our data base; * The distributor did not wish for it to be included, * It was a relatively new item and had not yet been included.” – Gordon Marks, Executive Director, True Source Honey LLC.

So, there we have it.  This brand of honey is verified.  It is the real deal!  Whew!  I feel a lot better now.  As you can see, my household loved this honey and used almost the whole bottle!  I can rest easier tonight.  Thanks Gordon!

bcs intl_fake honey_6 11 2017

Clear image of bottle’s label – BCS Intl Corp. This honey has been verified CERTIFIED by Gordon Marks, Exec Dir of True Source Honey LLC on 6/12/17.

The moral of this story? If you are serious about having good health, it’s time to put a little time and effort into finding out what goes into your body.  And, then double-check the information so you know you have the correct information.

Why?  Because you don’t want to end up like me and have your body attack healthy cells (that’s another story you can read about here) because you were not diligent to research what you’re putting into your body.

Ta-ta for now,



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