Pressing Our Luck…

When the world seems a frightful place, your back is almost against the wall and you’re too scared to move left, or right — what do you tend to do?  Freeze?  Start planning?  Run?  Or, just faint away and let Fate do what it does?

Allowing others, or circumstance to dictate one’s Fate is not the way that will lead us to ultimate happiness.  What will is work.  Work towards what we want.  What we desire.  What we dream about.

How do we get there?  We have to sit down and think, plan then take action.  Action that will lead us inexorably to where we want to be.  But, those actions come with commitment and sacrifice.  The amount of passion we have for our end goal is how much effort and push we will give to our naysayers, and our own inner demons.  And yes, we will have to fight our inner and outer demons to get to where we want to be.  What’s more, the challenges will come when you least expect them.  In fact, you can almost guarantee the challenges will show up when you feel your weakest and most vulnerable.  This is the way of things.  This is when you are being tested.  Is this what you really want?  How badly do you want it?  Can you surpass this obstacle to achieve your goal?  This is what is being asked of you when you face down the thing that is preventing you from moving to the next step, or level, of your journey towards your goal.

Finding ways that you can motivate yourself to keep yourself going and moving towards the goal is what you have to find and remember to use when the challenge time comes.  For instance, if you know you get tiny prickles along your arms, or legs when you feel fear.  Visualize yourself with your favorite comfy sweatshirt on that keeps you feeling safe, loved and warm.  Bye-bye prickles!

Or, if you instead, you feel like you’re going to hyperventilate, learn a deep breathing technique.  Then, as soon as you feel the panic/worry/anxiety coming on — start doing your deep breathing exercise.  Get as much oxygen in your lungs as possible as you continue to do the thing that scares you.  That’s how you work through the fear, you pre-arm yourself with the “antidote” of your Achilles heel.  Even if on the first attempt at challenging your fear, you will get the hang of it and persevere the next time, or two.

You’ve had this challenge walking with you for a long time, don’t expect it to move over with a snap of a finger.  However, if it does — go with it!!  That simply means you’re good and ready to kick that things butt!

kick fear butt deep breathing

This is what it truly means to press our “Luck.”  It’s not luck, it’s when preparation meets opportunity.

So, let’s do the work so we can get to our goals as soon as we can.

Ta-ta for now.


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