Lion Princess, Hear Us Roar

When the world gives you lemons, what are you supposed to do?  Make lemonade.  Beyonce did a fabulous job at it.  But, the rest of us don’t have access to the samae resources as the Diva, do we?

So, the rest of us have to find other ways to be creative and go around the obstacles that Life throws our way.  It’s funny.  Life’s curve balls seem as if they are out to destroy us.  Losing a job, a limb, losing a best friend — all these things look like out and out loses, right?  But, what if the job would have lead to an even bigger lose?  Like because you have to travel for the job you’re in an accident while on a business trip?  What if you lose that finger but save the hand?  The arm?  What if that best friend was only after your connection to the boss?

But we can’t know what’s down a particular road.  We can only hope to understand the bigger picture.  Because there is a bigger picture.  Right?  I believe there is a Grand Plan for us all.  I believe we can tap into that plan by quieting our minds and bodies for at least 20 minutes while breathing deeply.  I believe we can find a quiet stillness within.  A stillness we can merge with to gain the merest scent of what our future holds.  And that’s all we need, a little whiff of what’s to come.  Because, if we know too much we might get in our own way.

But what about Divine accidents?  Do they even exist?  Things that happen to us that have no true place in the Grand Plan.  You were just in the wrong place, at the wrong time.  Or, innocently, you did something that unleashed an unexpected (disastrous) consequence?  What do you say/do then?

Does going into the stillness help?  Or, is that just a reminder of the pain and suffering you’re experiencing?  I wonder because Singh Kaur, a vocalist known for her angelic harmonies, died of ovarian cancer.  Yet, Kaur was a Sikh.  She followed the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, a master of Kundalini Yoga.  Bhajan commissioned her to record a series of mantras.  Her voice, her music, uplifted thousands across the world.  Yet, she died suddenly of ovarian cancer while in the process of giving light to the world.  Why??


Here we could inject the idea of a Divine accident.  One that has no fault to the person, or to the powers that be.  Kaur could have walked past one too many corners littered with smokers on a break.  She could have had an unexpected blow to her abdomen by a kid playing little league ball.  She could have had a predisposition for cancer due to the genetics in her family…one could do this all day.  However, there are no answers to be had.  A gifted, blessed voice came, then left too soon.  Yet, there is the music still left for us to enjoy, to use and to utilize for inner growth.

So, I say forget about it!  Leave the Divine accidents to those that need to deal with them.  Let us shake ourselves off, go within to the place of stillness and continue getting those hints of what is to come so that we can get back on our own particular path.  The ultimate goal is to achieve one’s destiny — whatever that might be.  Even if we are taken off-track momentarily, maybe we needed some time to slow down enough to hear what we previously did not.

Sometimes a Divine accident is needed to help bring us back to our path.  Therefore, does it still qualify as an “accident”?  You know, that whole the ends justifies the means thing?  Yeah, that.

I’ll leave you with the last musical offering from Singh Kaur.  [Did you know her name literally means the Lion Princess?]



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