New Year, New Reads

I think we’re all ready for 2016 to move over and allow some fresh 2017 air in.  We lost some special people this year as they made their ultimate life transition.  Here’s a list from NBC News…

But, I digress.  The whole point is to welcome in 2017 and get some new energy going.  What better way of doing that than to pick up a new read?!  StoryDam and its community of writers is offering up a 99-cent book sale!  How do you find them?  Go to the #NewBooks4Me hashtag and all of the lovely books for sale will be there waiting for you on Sunday, January 1st, 2017!

So, what are you gonna do with that gift card you received for the holidays?  You betcha!  You’re heading straight for — #NewBooks4Me!

Who are some of the authors participating, you ask?  Ahem, we have…

Patricia Lynne

Tui Snider

Christine Rains

Tyrean Martinson

A.A. Chamberlynn

Connie B. Dowell

Jemima Pett

M. Pax

Diane Burton

Jessica Coulter Smith

Neal Roberts

Paige Warren

Kenna McKay

Pembroke Sinclair

Tara Tyler

Rochelle Campbell

See you in 2017 — on the new reads side!




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