Re-Jiggering the Ship

It’s truly fascinating how the mind plays tricks on us.  We think we are striving and pushing towards xyz goal, right?  And somehow, years pass and the goal is not realized.  We stop.  Scratch our collective head and wonder aloud what went wrong.

We review our steps.  That’s always the best way to go right?  But alas, we don’t see anything we’ve done incorrectly.  We begin looking around for *experts* who can direct us, help us to see what we may have missed.  We get bounced about as the expert suggests someone else.  Then, second expert waffles and redirects us yet again.  Finally, we arrive at an expert who stops the whole parade of silliness and states the problem.

What do we find out?  That we did all of the work.  We did what we were supposed to do.  We took the proper and necessary steps — for the wrong area/genre/niche!

turning ship around

The solution?  Do it ALL OVER AGAIN for the proper area of our goal.  Sheesh.

Life as a writer is challenging.  Heck, Life as a person is challenging!  LOL.

And how was your week?


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