Book Review: Moonlight Dancer by Deb Atwood

“Unni’s chin trembled in her last moments.  I’ll never forget her chin, that dimple.  How could I when I see it now reflected in her son, his face pointed to the sea eagle?  But his eyes — a soldier’s eyes, dark and alert.” – Deb Atwood, Moonlight Dancer

Moonlight Dancer_cover

This is an exquisite description of the crux of this complex tale that takes us into the heart of 16th-century Korea during the war with Japan.  Author Deb Atwood has created a moving ghost story with believable time shifts and strong characters that can deliver the story beautifully.

Kendra MacGregor is a normal young college student.  Well, not so normal, her father recently passed away and her family left the family home to assist their adopted daughter to learn and know her culture.  As a result, Kendra was left in the family homestead alone.  Figuring out what to do with her time was among her biggest concerns until she happened upon an old Korean doll.  The doll in ancient formal outfit called a hanbok called to Kendra.  She left the store after hearing the price without it.  Yet, she couldn’t forget its haunting beauty, or the handsome sales clerk who Kendra desperately tried to ignore.

Kendra went back to the store and purchased the doll and unwittingly left her scarf creating an opening for the young clerk, Hiro, to reach back out to her.  This charming story opening hardly prepares one of the twists and turns that follow.

In quick succession, Kendra’s life changes.  She must get a job to replace the money she used to purchase the doll.  And, she begins losing track of time and is unsure of the placement of the doll and its articles.  As events escalate, so do the time lapses and spooky occurrences.  Kendra takes on Hunter, as a housemate, to help with expenses.  And even he has questions as time goes on as to Kendra’s sanity!

Nightmares, phobias and new skills surface as Kendra is entwined in NanJu’s life, the ghost that has inhabited the doll that Kendra purchased.  The tragic events that occurred over 400 years ago in NanJu’s life are causing pain still for the ghost and it wants Kendra to help it change the past!

Hiro watches all with growing concern.  He wants to know what the cost will be to help NanJu.  More importantly, he wonders if either Kendra, or himself will survive…

Read this fabulously wrought love/ghost story to see how it unfolds and learn about ancient Korean culture and the shamanistic spiritual practices as you go along.

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