My Secret New Year

Not that kind of secret! 🙂

I’m speaking of Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret.  I began reading it again in preparation for the new year.  I’ve read it in the past and implemented the positive viewpoint/worldview and affirmation to great effect.  I actually won $1K from a scratch-off game about 4 weeks after doing a visualization I created based upon reading this book.  Did I continue the visualizations?  Of course not!  Why?  Who knows.  Fear.  Confusion.  Avoidance.  Probably all of the above.


Back to the present.  I kept feeling like I needed to read The Secret again.  So, I did and am.  I am feeling strong and happy — no matter what is going on.  Yes, I acknowledge a lot of activity and busy-ness occurred this past week.  However, I refused to see it as negative.  It is just the nature of a new thing — this year.  And, a direct result of people having been out of the loop for several weeks.  Everyone was pretty much back and wanted to jump right back in and wanted answers.  Totally normal.  Totally human.  The way I interpret things is very important for my own well-being.

24-hours_no complaining


By using the ideas from the various teachers in The Secret, I was able to navigate my own inner emotional landscape.  This allowed me to get my work done without the extreme emotional responses that I usually experience when Life throws a dozen balls at me all at once.

the secret quote_life is thought


Even the folks around me all week noticed my grounded energy and my happiness.  Proof positive that this stuff works!  Another small confirmation: On Monday morning, my first day back in the office I had a package on my desk.  It was a book I requested back in October 2015.  What was the book?  Joyce Meyer’s Power Words: What You Say Can Change Your Life.  [You can’t make this stuff up!]

(Psst…I wrote a teeny bit about Power Words here.)

What have you learned/seen/understood when you used The Secret?


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