Merry Christmas!

Xmas Tree 2015

I am with my family.  They are doing what they do best: whine (2-year-old), wander aimlessly while claiming to be getting dressed (19-year-old), playing with his *friends* online in the latest version of whatever gun-game it is (16-year-old).

We’re to pick up the final three gifts we need.  You see it’s a little after 3:00 pm on Christmas Eve.  And stores close when??  In about, 2 hours!

Well, it’s mainly their gifts.  With them being so grown I think it’s best they choose their own gifts.  Therefore, when we get there — we get there.

That’s what this season is all about; relaxing and going with the flow and ebb of everyone’s more relaxed schedules.  Allowing each member of the family to be themselves.  Lying when necessary (to prevent a gift from being detected…).  Like the video below imparts…Family is forever.

Ah!  The sun has come out!  Perfection.  It’s warm.  Our shopping is almost done and we don’t need to wear coats.  This is a blessing on December 24th on the East Coast.  Merry Christmas El Nino!

And, Merry Christmas to you all!



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