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Opera is getting Sexy!
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The Song That Seduced Paris
by Cindy Irish
My rating: 5 stars
Series: The Bel Homme Quartet – Book 1
Publication Date: January 9, 2015
Publisher: Enoch Publications, LLC
ISBN: 1942627017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 340 pages
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 Opera gets sexy!
American music mogul Teddy Wilson combines the beauty of opera with the
marketability of pop and creates the pop-opera multinational singing
group called “Bel Homme.” French for “Beautiful Man,” the four
performers he chooses are much more than that.
Gabriel Grenier
is already a huge celebrity in his native France, but even at the height
of his career, he’s bored and lonely and still wants more, so he
accepts Teddy’s offer, hoping it will become his redemption.

music teacher Annie Morgan is brought into this venture by her Aunt
Harriet, who’s Teddy’s executive assistant. Annie becomes Teddy’s
special emissary in this new undertaking—but she’s not prepared for her
instant attraction to the charismatic Gabriel. And he’s blindsided by
the life-altering effect of Annie’s very first smile.

It doesn’t
matter, anyway, because Teddy wants nothing personal mucking up this
gig, and he forbids the two to get involved. Gabriel has never had to
answer to anyone, and he’s not sure he wants to start now. Annie is
still mourning her deceased husband’s memory, and she’s not sure of

What happens when beautiful music meets predestined love? Seduction always wins.

and Annie’s love story is the first book in this romantic, sexy Bel
Homme Quartet. Don’t miss being there from the very beginning. Vive la
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The Song That Seduced Paris by Cindy Irish 
(The Bel Homme Quartet Book 1)

Review Written by Dii Bylo

The Song That Seduced Paris (The Bel Homme Quartet Book 1)Annie Morgan’s life has been one of loss and a feeling of becoming emotionally stagnant when her aunt, assistant to one of music’s most powerful moguls calls her with an offer she is not allowed to refuse. This small town music teacher is about to enter the world of the talented, the beautiful, the movers and shakers of the ever-changing music world without a parachute if she falls. Annie has been elected to become the den mother of four of the most diverse, talented, egotistical, and drop dead gorgeous men to grace a stage as they come together to make one band destined to take on the world and win! And it is all up to her…hmm…from controlling eight-year-olds to adult males in one day, she had no idea what she was in for. Will one of those godlike men mesmerize her with his beauty, both in body and soul? Too bad he was completely off limits! Cue the singers, let the fun begin!

Meet the band, Bel Homme, Teddy Wilson’s latest project that he is determined will rock the world. Gabriel is French and his voice and soulful eyes burrow deep into the hearts of the crowds. He seeks to be freed from the shallow life he leads. When he meets petite Annie, all of his worldly charm goes out the window as his heart beats a staccato of lust and love.

Follow their game of seduction and need as the secrets they withhold become like sharp twangs on the romantic harp of love while in the background another sonnet of love is finally played by two longtime co-workers, each with high energy personalities that make watching them fall like both endearing and hot.

The Song That Seduced Paris by Cindy Irish is going to sweep you off your feet with the freshness of unique characters, “get-to-know-you” brawls and over-the-top testosterone wrapped in four beautiful packages. Humor, heart and excitement builds throughout as love and romance beats double time! Cindy Irish has created a contemporary romance with a unique twist, sure, we have signers, but they are NOT a rock band only, they do opera, they are magic on stage and off as we get to know each singer, some more than others! Inside Annie is a firecracker just waiting to go off, while Gabriel is clearly her chosen flame. From Bruno to Aunt Harry, this cast is fabulous and sparkles with life. And Teddy? Teddy is man at the top, the wildcard of the industry who takes no prisoners, and has things his way, even if he has to trick one into doing his bidding. Fast, fun, furious, fresh and sizzling with heat, Ms. Irish has a series that is destined to become a hit!

Do you love romance with imperfect characters, no over the top angst, spot on humor and passionate heat? It’s all here, thanks to this talented author who knows how to balance plot with passion.

Feel the
As you can see, I was a happy, carefree child.

ChildhoodPhoto IIObviously, I had a fabulous fashion sense
that touted the stunning charms
of short-sleeved patterned shirts
with earthy grime around the neckline. 
I completed my farm-girl assemble
with the practical flair of bib overalls.
It made for frustrating tinkle breaks,
I’m sure, but then it never bound me at the
waist, either. 

You’d think for that reason alone I could have at least unfurrowed my
brows and cracked a smile, wouldn’t you? 

Maybe it was that hideous hair. 

My kinky hairstyle was totally fabricated by the application
of a very bad perm, as I have naturally straight locks.
The overall sweaty look of it was created by the hot and humid
temperatures of a sultry Michigan summer. My mother could
never trim my bangs in a straight line, and as a result,
to this day no one but me cuts my hair in front. 

Trust once betrayed leaves deep repercussions.

I don’t remember what happened to
that bunny in my arms,
but I wouldn’t be surprised if my older devil-brother
buried him alive years ago.

Actually, I don’t remember being as testy

as I look up there, either, but the camera doesn’t lie. 
Nonetheless, this is my favorite photograph of myself
because it never fails to make me laugh—and I love to laugh.
There’s nothing more entertaining than human beings, is there? 

Not even puppies. 

Sam.jpg full size.jpg croppedWell, okay, except maybe puppies.
I love puppies, especially Old English Sheepdogs.
This is our dearly-missed Sam,
or Lady Samantha Amber as she was formally titled.
I like Golden Retrievers, too.
I love cats—and, it seems, the mangier the better.
I’ve always adopted strays someone else has abandoned.

My childhood consisted of playing cars in the sand

and making up stories starring my paper dolls.
Even then, I was a Romance Writer-in-Training.  

Cindy's Kindergarten PictureBefore I turned five and posed for this equally giddy-looking
picture here, I’d sit at a table—any table—and play it
like a piano, so it was decided to get me a real one
(a piano, not my very own table) and see what I could do. 

I took piano lessons from Mrs. Draveling for many, many years.
She was a strict instructor who insisted I learn the classical composers only.

No Broadway show tunes for Cindy. 

For that I’m extremely grateful because today I love classical music.

In my pre-teens, I took organ lessons
from Professor Romeo Fracalanza
whose home always smelled like garlic bread and Chianti. In retrospect,
I think that must have been when I fell in love with everything Italian.
I remember looking out his beautiful beveled glass windows as I played.
He was born in Piombino Bese, Italy, and his teacher was the organist
at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome. How cool is that? I was a lucky little girl
to have him as my teacher, and I was blessed to have known him. 

piano lessons...smallMy first job was in fourth grade when I became a church organist. 

I wanted to become a nun, but I hate being told what to do, 
so I scratched that idea pretty fast.

(Don’t act so surprised. Look at those two pictures
above again. Is that the face of a peaceful, pious person?)

Anyway, music has always been a big part of my life. 

I sang and wrote music. I wrote poetry. 
I read all the time—the library was one of my favorite places.

Laced-hand-holding-pen___smallerNow, I write all the time. 

I honed a lot of my skills as a copywriter creating radio commercials. You think it’s easy coercing the public in sixty seconds or less to buy a product?

Think again, unaware consumers. 

That kind of writing sharpens the brain cells and focuses the mind to turn emotion
and need into a blur of mass shopping ejaculation. 

(Using snappy double entrendres is a given with romance writers.)  

Then in my late teens,
I picked up an astrology book,

and that’s all it took.

In a flash, 
I was well and truly hooked.

I sound like a metaphysical Dr. Seuss

But this is sincerely true: I’m very serious about the subject of the stars and the planets, and how their magnetic energies affect and correlate with everything on our earth.

I’ve studied with the best astrologers in the business, and I’ve taught adult education astrology classes and had my own astrological radio program. I’m one of only a handful of astrologers who uses the INCARN program to calculate natal charts. (This fact should tell you that the rest of them look on INCARN with a mixture of patient humor, subtle skepticism, and thinly-veiled disdain.)

Astrologer's room...smallerThe theory of soul-based natal charts, rather than birthtime charts, is mentioned in some of Edgar Cayce’s readings, and the computer program to implement them was created by my mentor, the late John Willner. The ancient algorithm itself can be traced back to a British woman who used it to formulate spiritual-birth charts at the turn of the 20th century, but beyond that, I have no further knowledge of its true origin. I only know that THIS is the astrology of the future.

So the music and the metaphysics in my background explain the subject matter in my writing today. My romantic heart, I attribute to being a water sign with a very heavy emphasis on Pisces.

For years, it never occurred to me to try writing romance.

Now it seems impossible not to.

Whether my setting is contemporary or paranormal, the tales are super sexy, witty, sentimental, and uplifting. I want you to smile and sigh when you finish the last page.

Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to have you read and enjoy the stories I’ve been privileged and honored to have come through me. See, although I reached up through the frail barrier of the collective imagination and claimed them as my own, they’re not really mine. 

But knowing that doesn’t keep me from joyfully passing them on to you…

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  1. I certainly second that sentiment, babyblue! Rochelle, you’re an incredibly generous, loving woman to support a writer you don’t even know! You truly are a special person, and I want to thank you very much for posting my info above. God bless you. ~ Cindy Irish

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  2. Amy Bowens was the lucky winner of the $100 Amazon Gift Card! Thank you, all who entered – and there were over 6 1/2 THOUSAND of you. And special thanks to you, Rochelle, for your selfless hard work. I couldn’t have done this without you! Merry Christmas, everyone.


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