The Dirt Giveaway: From Author C.C. Hogan!

Welcome to the Fantasy World of DIRT
Where one boy turns in his shovel for love, war, adventure & Dragons
by C.C. Hogan
My rating: 5 stars
Series: Dirt – Book 1
Publication Date: October 26, 2015
Publisher: C.C. Hogan
Genre: Fantasy | Epic
Print Length: 370

Book 1, Series 1 – A fantastic tale of love, war, friendship and dragons!
Johnson Farthing thought that life as poor cart pusher in the coastal
town of Wead-Wodder was going to be his lot in life, then he was about
to get a rude surprise, and not necessarily a good one.

Once it
becomes clear that his beautiful younger sister has been kidnapped along
with the daughter of the Prelate, his life is completely turned on its
head. Farthing has to rush across a vast ocean and a huge continent
carried by an incredible Sea Dragon and accompanied by a strange
magician if he has even a chance to save his sister Rustina.

And very strangely, neither the rich Prelate nor his chief of police seem keen to even lift a finger.
the first book in a huge, continent spanning saga where dragons are an
intelligent, cultured people, magicians cannot destroy mountains with a
magic wand and the heroes have no wish to become tyrannical kings and

But through all the dramatic events, the battles of life
and death, Dirt is a place of humour, love and ultimately, the quest to
find a home.

“I told Truk you would be slacking off the minute
he turned his back,” shouted the old fool, Barkles, who sold greasy
vegetable pasties from a dusty stall on the corner. “Young people can’t
be trusted, I told him. I was right too.”
“Shut your face, Barkles,”
Johnson shouted back as he grabbed his coat from his hand cart and put
it around his shoulders to ward off a faint chill in the sea breeze. “I
have been down that hole every day non-stop for nine days, and you know
it too, since you have been feeding me your disgusting pies for most of
“Pastries, slacker. Not Pies; Pastries.”
“I thought pastries were just posh pies?”
“Can be.”
“Well, yours ain’t posh. So they are definitely just pies.”
“Ain’t seen you complaining!”


Dirt (Dirt, Series 1, Book 1)


The Saga Continues with Book 2
Bloody Dirt

Book 2, Series 1 in the incredible fantasy saga
It would
have been so easy to forget everything that had happened, find a quiet,
out of the way place to go and live and enjoy life just as it was, but
for Pree and Farthing that is simply not an option.

As they return
to The Prelates, idealism flowing through their veins, they find
themselves embroiled in a war that will span a continent.

In the
sequel to Dirt, the truth behind the ambitions of Tekkinmod and the
people in the far west are revealed and Johnson Farthing will rely on
the knowledge and friendship of incredible people, humans and dragons,
as he and Pree build an army.

Through the blood and terror of war,
this is still a tale of the heart; a story of passion, love, and the
strength found in bonds of friendship.

“I don’t know what you
are up to, magician, but I take exception to my island being used as the
base for one of your wild political missions.” Bren-Diath sat in one of
the small sunken seating areas of the Catre Sarad, halfway up Taken
Mountain in front of the Neuath.
“It is not strictly speaking your
island, Bren-Diath; actually not your island at all! The mountain is
claimed by just about everyone and dragons don’t even go down to the
“It is too small and quaint; I wouldn’t fit.”
“That is not the reason, old man!”
“Last I checked you were older than me, and I am not a man, Eafa of Tepid Lakes.”
you look your age.” Weasel frowned. This conversation had been repeated
in one way or another for a week, though on the upside, at least the
huge ice dragon had stopped referring to Weasel in any dietary context,
not that dragons actually ate humans. Bren-Diath stretched and looked
around the vast Cartre Sarad, the Place of Speech that was cut into the
side of the mountain. It was busier than it had been for centuries,
mostly because of an influx of Sea Dragons from Bind in the last couple
of months looking for new places to live.

On to Book 3



The Fight for Dirt 

Book 3, Series 1 – A Tale of dragons, freedom and the search for a home
The war is spreading.
Tekkinmod and Henry tear each other apart in the Northern States, Pree
realises that it is vital to cut off Tekkinmod’s money and steel supply
by taking the war to Wessen in the North of Bind.

as the outcome of the war looks less and less certain, something
terrible is happening to the dragons and Weasel and Mistry must dig into
ancient histories to find a solution.

The dramatic
conclusion to the first series of Dirt tests the friends as they have to
suffer the true heart-breaking cost of war and fight to the bitter end
to create a new future for the tired world of Dirt.

“You have seen more decline recently?”
have lost two to illness that we do not understand. It was three years
ago and quite sudden. They lost much of their colouring and grew weak
and then the breath left them. We have not seen such a thing before nor
since, for which I am thankful.”
“How old were they, if I may ask?”
was but forty and the other in their third century. They had no other
illness nor were they bitten or affected by accident.”
“You say they lost their colour?”
“Why is unknown to us, but they became grey in patches and their skin was dry and lifeless. Eafa, they looked much like ghosts.”

 The fantastic sequel to series one of the high fantasy Dirt



The fantastic sequel to series one of the high fantasy Dirt
Ham is a beautiful little village in the far south of Bind, a peaceful,
simple community perfect for dragon riders who miss the dragons and
want to live a life far from the wars they fought.

It is not to
last, and as new threats emerge, fighting is not now an option; the only
solution is to escape to the beautiful island of Hope.

Johnson Farthing, the former general and now farmer, has no choice but to travel north once more to find a boat.
Includes the short story Mistry’s Tale, the prelude to Dirt, Series 2.
Farthing put his hand up for them to stop.
is it?” Silvi whispered. She had started riding next to him in the last
hour as she slowly recovered from her embarrassment and fear.
“Over there,” he said, pointing. “Those are deer.”
“They are very small!”
Deer,” Seb said quietly, riding up on the other side of the girl. “Go
on, Silvi. I have seen you get a small boar with your bow. You can get
one of those. They make great eating.”
“You think?” She looked nervously at the two men, both of whom for different reasons she felt she must impress.
“I think you should try,” Farthing said. “Get down so you are stable, I will hold your horse.”
“What if I miss?”
“Then it is beans again.”
concentrated, trying to ignore her audience of two men and six horses
as she notched the hunting arrow and pulled the string back. She took a
slow breath as she brushed her cheek with the string. “Come on Silvi,”
she said to herself. “He is watching, you can do this, you know you
can.” Feeling her mouth going dry she aimed at the lower chest of the
deer standing closest to her and let fly.


Who IS the man behind A World Called Dirt?
C.C. Hogan, See-See to his friends, was born in North London.
was bad planning, mostly, as he had wanted to be born in Bermuda,
preferably near the beach and one of those bars that sell cocktails
underneath palm trees.
As a kid he played with music, mostly guitar with a bit of very bad blues harp thrown in. 
Some where along the line he learned to write and with the advent of spell checkers was able to do something useful with it.
also like photography, though never with him in it. Selfies are very
unlikely, though he is occasionally known for taking photos of coffee
He likes wine, loves women and lets his heart get broken on a
regular basis. He still agonises over some rather beautiful friends
from his youth, but in a nice way.
Genre wise he has no fixed
opinion and is as likely to write about London in the 1970s as a fantasy
set, well, wherever a fantasy is set.

See all of C.C. Hogan’s Books HERE

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