Thankful for Writing and #Writer Wednesday

On this #WriterWednesday, I wanted to share something writerly.  So, I thought about it and nearly smacked myself on the head.  I’ve recently had an epiphany about my WIP and I would prefer not to sweep it under the rug (as I often do).  So, here it is.

This January, I started writing vigorously on a “new” project.  I put it in quotation marks because it is actually an older project that I re-invigorated and revived from 3 years ago.  It’s a generational time slip story that spans 300 years.

To do this story justice, I researched books, journals, old newspapers, etc.  I began reading book after book.  Yet, the subject matter was heavy; this WIP deals with emotional baggage carried from generation to generation as well as the general societal concerns American society has/had with people of color.

As I was doing the research, so many of the themes from the old books I was reading were in play in current events.  Watching CNN’s coverage of the University of Missouri racism scandal that resulted in two top University officials resignations made me cringe.

It was only days after these unsettling events that I realized I could not work on this WIP right now.  I have put it aside in hopes that there will come a day when I will be able to better handle the angst that arises within me as I work on this novel.


For each writer/author, there is a different set of checks and balances that allow them to create the works that the reader will eventually enjoy.  While attempting to write this novel (I have written almost 30K words), I learned that there are moments in time that I am incapable of properly handling a subject matter.  I hope that my WIPs are akin to the caterpillar; they will evolve and become things of creative beauty.

I have returned my focus to a writing project I do enjoy — the sequel to Fury From Hell.

In this second book, NYPD Detective Jennifer Holden returns along with her cronies in this novel ready to finish what they started — finding Kyma Barnes’ killer and ensuring that Fury Abatu doesn’t re-possess the good detective!  In this story, Jen has to find her way forward emotionally.  This former atheist has no idea what believing in something greater than herself looks like — even if that thing is love.  However, she doesn’t have much time to dwell on her personal demons.  Almost immediately, there are some mysterious deaths that don’t pass muster; the killer, or killers, do not seem to have a discernible motivation except to brutally kill their victims.  Or, if Jen is right, Fury Abatu is back…

I am loving the writing process and how I work through challenges of what to work on next and the feelings I experience during these mental gyrations.  Being a writer is truly a novel experience!

In the meantime, enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.  Eat lots of good food.  Enjoy time spent with family, good friends and loved ones.  Each day with them is precious.

Thanksgiving 2015


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