Fury From Hell: 14 Months Later

Fury From Hell was published the day before Labor Day last year (2014).  I was up ALL night getting the upload just right and ensuring that the cover uploaded correctly.

My editor was on speed-dial and my nerves were blunted stumps by 5:00 am.  However, I was elated!  My first book was going to be born!


As many new self-published authors, I just knew that my book would ‘find its audience’.  That the machine that Amazon is would churn and bring the right readers to Fury From Hell.

That didn’t happen.

I tried building a strong presence on social media (my favorite platform is Twitter – @NoteBkBlogairy).  Over time, I realized that this is important but the focus needed to be not on being a great Twittizen but being a great advocate for my books and writing.  I had to stay true to being a writer and spend quality time developing, refining and acquiring new tools in my writer’s tool kit.

What this all means is I became sidetracked; marketing and building a social media platform was my dedicated focus.  Well, not anymore.  The focus will shift back to my first love — writing.  That thing that I have wanted to do since I was 12 years old.  For goodness sake, I shared the writing and authorship bug with my son and co-authored a book with him (The Magic Seeds)!

Setting a monthly writing goal, a weekly writing goal and a daily writing goal is paramount.  Output is the only measure by which a writer can look to in order to see how dedicated we have been to our craft.  The only other indicator is your research.  In order to be written appropriately, many books need a fairly decent amount of background information to be obtained prior to writing, or to continue writing.  If you have read 15 books in relation to your work-in-progress then you count that towards your ‘writing goal’ for that time period.  Why?  Because without reading those books/periodicals/newspapers/etc. you cannot complete your WIP.  One hand washes the other; one aspect feeds the other.

Writing can consume your every waking hour.  Or, you can obsess over how little writing you have done and let that occupy your mind.  Or, you can say your marketing your work and therefore assisting the overall cause and ease your inner critic!

Fourteen months after publication of my book I can say unequivocally that a writer — self-published, or not — must continue to write and develop new story lines.  The writer must renew their creative faculty through engaging in their favorite hobbies/activities.  A vacation to a new exotic locale, if the budget is there, is also a great generator of new thoughts and ideas.

Once your creative tank is brimming it’s time to pick up your pen, stylus, or grab your keyboard.

As for marketing?  Leave that to the PR professional, or budget your time!  Slate 1 – 2 hours a week ONLY to marketing.  After you reach that limit (or, whatever limit you set), then get back to the matter at hand — writing!

The final word: Don’t get me wrong marketing is very important.  Simply know its place in your writing life.

P.S. – If you want to read some reviews of Fury From Hell here are some links to the reviews.





Ta-ta for now,



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