Symbols of Freedom

Lockets of Love on Bklyn Bridge

I sit here watching Star Trek, the “new” 2009 version with Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, et al.  I think about the future the truly colorblind future where creature, human, Klingnon, and all other manner of living being work together to explore the universe and spread peace.

Then, I turn my TV and find reports of The Donald, shootings on our students, the Pope bring together multi-denominational leaders, road rage that leaves a 4-year-old no longer living.  I see pain, suffering and the dementia of humans on a course that is not similar.  Yet, we are all on the same planet that spins inexorably and will not stop unless we blow it up.

What is our symbol of freedom?  Freedom from domination of extreme emotionalism that clouds reason which leads too pain and sorrow?  Where is the moral line that we will not cross no matter the color, creed, or sexual orientation of the person before us?

My current WIP is all about how people treat others because of their own personal needs.  Well, what happens when the mass of personal needs all coalesce into a plan of action that are to the detriment of others — whole race of others?  Where is the symbol of emotional freedom then?

There are no answers.  There is no black, or white.  There is no one answer.  As a group, we must figure out our collective future.  However, if we don’t function as a unified group but instead as a mass of splinter groups out for each group’s personal goals where will this scatter-effect of decisions take the one planet?

The image above are some people’s way of expressing their love and ‘locking it in’ forever.  Wonderful symbolism but…

Questions, questions and more questions.  However, will we have the loving answer in time for our children?  The ones who will inherit the joys of our collective madness?

Ta-ta for now,

The NoteBook Blogairy


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