The Fever Pitch of Writing A Novel

Can you really be in a state of extreme excitement when writing a novel that will take possibly years to complete?  Absolutely!

That is, if you’re a writer.

Ray Bradbury Quote

Sure, there are going to be days when you will NEVER want to see your keyboard again.  There will also be days when you swear your characters are laughing AT YOU.  On a few other days you might hear voices and see shadows darting about from the corner of your eyes.  And on a few very special rare days, you will feel nothing be nirvana.  You will feel that your characters are perfect and perfectly flawed.  Your prose has hit the exact right tone.  Your story arc complex and literary yet commercial enough to be accepted by the general reading public.

These are the days you live in wait for — the fever pitch of writing!

Well, that’s my definition for it.


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