Madder Than a Hornet on a Hot Day…But Darren Fixed It!

So mad. Got home from vacation. Was paying bills as it was that time of the month. I get through (yeah!). I see a pop up from MicroSoft about some new upgrade to Windows 10.  I politely decline. I finish my business and close out.  Do you know Windows 10 automatically updates??!!*@*!!

Do you know what happens to my laptop?  Yes, the infinite loop of restore/restart point hell.  So, I call MicroSoft.  After a 45-minute hold to get to an agent with an accent that is not American I am promptly told that I should have done a compatibility test prior to updating to Windows 10.  It is my fault and I must call the manufacturer of my laptop to resolve the problem.

I promptly call Dell.  After a 10-minute hold time I’m told that since my laptop is booting up and attempting to fix the issue by offering the restore point option it is clearly NOT a hardware issue.  Therefore, I must call MicroSoft back…

Yeah, NO!

I call up Darren of Digitron in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn.  He says it’s no problem to fix the issue. He has to wipe my computer and then reinstall my docs/pics/etc.  He does it in less than 24 hours. I dropped off Friday late afternoon and it was ready by 3:00 pm yesterday (Saturday, 9/22).

Darren of Digitron Electronics in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, NY.

Darren of Digitron Electronics in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, NY.

Did I mention Darren was awesome?!?!  Darren has been my IT guru for years now and keeps my works in progress SAFE! If you need a trustworthy computer/iPhone/laptop/electronics guy Darren’s IT! (Ahh, pun definitely intended.)

Where is he?

7021 Fort Hamilton Parkway

Brooklyn, NY 11228


(He’s closed on Sundays only; open Mon – Sat.)


6 thoughts on “Madder Than a Hornet on a Hot Day…But Darren Fixed It!

  1. Now I am REALLY nervous about updating! My husband did his computer and it took him hours to get his stuff right again! (Yeah..”stuff” that is a definite technicnical term! Glad it worked out for you!

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    • LOL! That’s funny. I like that…”stuff”. If you really want to upgrade find yourself a local “Darren” and have them do it ‘professionally’. This way, if anything goes wrong THEY have to fix it at no additional cost to you. And they will back up your files/data as well. Good Luck!


  2. Girl, I’ve been eyeing that Windows 10 download prompt like it’s somebody who owes me money! This just confirms that I want nothing to do with it. I don’t even like the version I have now, so the last thing I want is to confuse myself further. So sorry you had to deal with that frustration, but glad Darren was able to fix it for you. 🙂

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    • Hey Faith! Maybe you’ll have good fortune with it. My younger son installed it on his laptop with no issues. But that’s the thing — HE INSTALLED IT. It wasn’t automatically upgraded. I understand that if you do the compatibility test prior to downloading you will not run into any issues. But, if you’re good with what you have…don’t fix what ain’t broke! 🙂

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