The Deciding Factor

Today is my birthday.  And finally, after all of these years, it has settled in.

We don’t control our destiny.

Sure, we may plan, scheme, think, assess and devise a route that will get us to our purported plan(s).  However, WE are not the deciding factor.

The trick is simple…we have to get in alignment with THE DECIDING FACTOR.

Every culture has its own name for THE DECIDING FACTOR and depending upon religion/faith/belief/etc. you will call it a different name.

universe with eye in middle

But this is the way to ‘gain control’ of your life.  By allowing oneself to find/renew the relationship between yourself and THE DECIDING FACTOR.  Why?  Because if you and your plans are not a fit for ITS plans…you’re screwed.  Or, better stated, you will not reap what you think you should.

I read recently that our goal should be to mesh our breathing with the breathe of THE DECIDING FACTOR so that we breathe as one.

The beauty of this thought (or, reality) was awe-inspiring to me.  It made me realize just how far from this beautiful poetic aspiration I am.  But hey, once you know where you are that’s at least something.  You’ll know where to go from that point on. (I hope!)

So, I leave you with one question…are you at one-ment with THE DECIDING FACTOR?

Ta-ta for now,