Book Review: Promises in Death by J. D. Robb

promises in death cvr

The 29th book in the In Death series, Promises in Death, does not disappoint.  As with all of the In Death books, Lieutenant Eve Dallas goes through a transformation of sorts.  She goes from a wily tough cop with Issues (yes, with a capital “I”) to a bewildered newlywed wife trying to balance on the shifting sands of a complex relationship with a former criminal to a begrudging true blue friend to a small army of people that see her for who she is – a heroic human being whose past molder her into the extraordinary cop (with razor sharp instincts!) she is today.

In Promises in Death, Lt. Dallas is confronted with a death that hits close to home…a fellow colleague.  Further, it’s the cop who is in a relationship with a good friend of Dallas’.  This case goes front and center immediately for Dallas as well as for Cop Central.  Before long, it’s clear the murder was done by someone who knew the fallen cop.  npleasant questions have to be raised to get to the truth which is Dallas’ unofficial religion.

There are several supporting characters in this series: Dallas’ other driving passion, her sexy and very technologically savvy hubby, Peabody, Dallas’ partner, and Feeney, Dallas’ mentor and the head of EDD (e-detective, read: hackers/e-geeks that are cops) – all work toward finding the fallen cop’s killer.  All while trying to keep their sanity and their emotional equilibrium intact.  A taxing proposition for the writer, J.D. Robb, but one the reader will enjoy tremendously!

Promises in Death will thrill you, cause you to put your own sleuthing skills to work, and it will bring you to the brink of tears as the characters’ actions, moods and desires flood each exciting page.  Find out how Dallas and her motley crew of talented driven friends and colleagues solve this one!  You’ll be ever so glad you did.

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