The #IndieRoar Challenge Winners!

#IndieRoar Challenge Winners!


And the moment you’ve all been waiting for!  And the winners are — wait! There’s a tie for first place! 

Kelly Sedinger – @Jaquandor – 1st Prize

Rose English – @RoseEnglishUK – 1st Prize

T.W. Barton – @TyWadeBooks – 3rd Prize

AND, there’s one more surprise winner!

Bonus Winner for Participation & Enthusiasm: Phillip T. Stephens – @stephens_pt

What’s your book prize loot?  Check them out below!  To claim your prizes, please email: noveldreams2007 at gmail dot com.

Author Name Book Title Genre Format # of Copies
Barbo, Holly Sunstone Steampunk Thriller Digital 1
Barret, Tabitha The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness Paranormal Romance Print (Signed) 1
Caldwell, Angela The Last Order SciFi/Fantasy – YA Print (Signed) 1
Caldwell, Angela The Last Order SciFi/Fantasy – YA Digital 2
Campbell, Rochelle Fury From Hell Paranormal Thriller Digital 3
Campbell, Rochelle Making Dollars & Sense Work Personal Finance/
Credit Repair
Print (Signed) 1
Cate, Marnie Remember: Protectors of the Elemental Magic Fantasy – YA Print 1
Chioffi, Barbara Angel Mine Erotic Fantasy Digital 1
Chioffi, Barbara Lycan Love Erotic Fantasy Digital 1
Comnick Straughan, Morgan Spirit Vision Christian Fantasy – YA Digital 1
Dawn, CK Cloak of Shadows Fantasy – YA Digital 1
Franklin, Michelle Khantara: Volume 1 SciFi/Fantasy Digital 1
Guy, Ryan Atomic Aardvark SciFi/Fantasy Print (Signed) 1
Guy, Ryan Atomic Aardvark SciFi/Fantasy Digital 2
Keller, K.J. The Threes Romance Digital 3
Keller, K.J. Africa Bush Creatures Safari Facts from A-Z Educational – Children Digital 1
Lynne, Patricia Being Human Supernatural – YA Digital 1
Lynne, Patricia Snapshots Supernatural – YA Digital 1
Mapstone, Deidre Sigrun, The Bandamann Saga Fantasy – YA Digital or Print 1
Marsden, Kelly S. The Shadow Rises Fantasy Print 1
Marsden, Kelly S. The Witch-Hunter Trilogy (The Shadow Rises, The Shadow Reigns, The Shadow Falls ) Fantasy Digital 1
McFarland, KM Song of the Vampire Dark Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Digital 1
McFarland, KM Under a Bourbon Street Moon Dark Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Digital 1
McFarland, KM Masquerade Dark Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Digital 1
Montague, Rose Norma Jean’s School of Witchery Urban Fantasy/Romance Print (Signed) 1
Morris, T.H. The 11th Percent SciFi/Fantasy Digital (PDF) 1
Morris, T.H. Item and Time SciFi/Fantasy Digital (PDF) 1
Norry, Jay Walking Between Worlds; Book 1: Demons & Angels Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Digital 1
Rockefeller, Laurel Cathering de Valois Nonfiction/History – All Ages Digital 3
Rockefeller, Laurel Mary Queen of the Scots Nonfiction/History – All Ages Digital 3
Rockefeller, Laurel Boudicca: Britain’s Queen of the Iceni Nonfiction/History – All Ages Digital 3
Schneider, C.L. The Crown of Stones: Magic-Price Epic Fantasy Digital (Kindle) 1
Shaw, Mark The Keeper of the Wind Fantasy – YA Digital 1
Turner, Jacci Bending Willow Adventure – Middle Grade Digital 3
Turner, Jacci Terry The Cage Adventure – Middle Grade Digital 3
Vance, CE How Maxwell Grover Stole My House Adventure – Middle Grade Digital (PDF) 3
Whitley, Lu J BloodMarked Urban Fantasy/Romance Digital (Kindle) 3
Wright, Dan Amanda Moonstone: The Missing Prince Children’s – Action/Adventure Digital 1

1st Prize (2) – $25 Amazon Gift Card + Choice of 6 Indie Books from participating #IndieBooksBeSeen Authors

3rd Prize – Choice of 3 Indie Books from participating #IndieBooksBeSeen Authors

Bonus Prize — Chose of 2 Indie Books from participating #IndieBooksBeSeen Authors

Congratulations to our first ever #IndieRoar Challenge winners!

As a reminder, we would love for the winners, and all of the Challenge’s participants, to share the love and give a review, or two, for Indie books you like after you’ve read them!

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Gluten Free Ramblings on the Way to a ‘Cure’

It’s been a while since I’ve penned an article about Celiac Disease &/or gluten sensitivity.  I’ve been consumed with things of the writerly tweet-erly ilk.  However, I am still completely devoted to a gluten free diet.

I go online and check candy companies to ensure that I don’t ‘accidently’ imbibe gluten with a thoughtless sweet treat.  I ignore every single craving for Junior’s cheesecake.  And believe me, there have been quite a few this week!  I use GF sauces, seasonings, and flours.  I limit my eating out to Mexican, Chinese (with LOTS of questions asked!), Indian and Thai (again, with a ton of questions).  If the responses I receive back are in any way iffy, I decline and move on to another safe eating establishment, or go home and cook.

could it be celiac

I’m still hopelessly bored with food.  I cannot seem to shake the ennui and as a result eat the same things over and over because I want to ensure that I don’t become ill.  Is this some kind of stage in the process of accepting issues with gluten?!  If so, how long does it last? I’m going into my second year of knowing I have a deep-rooted issue with gluten.

Does the confusion/boredom begin to go away once you have a firm diagnosis?  I’m still on the road to one.  I am right now preparing for a second opinion/consultation with an expert on all things digestive/gluten/Celiac.  This new doctor is affiliated with Columbia University’s Celiac Research program.

While I am thankful to my previous doctor for doing the blood work (over and over!) and getting the upper endoscopy done as well as a host of other tests I am glad to go to the next step.  I have heard and read about other people’s journeys to their diagnosis and some of them sound horrific.  Such as the one where a woman had to do over a dozen endoscopies to get to her diagnosis of Celiac Disease!  That is totally inconceivable to me!!  However, it shows this woman’s tenacity and determination in getting a diagnosis nailed down securely.

In part, I wonder if my ethnicity has something to do with my particular journey.  After reading a peer-reviewed article by the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, I see that Celiac in African-Americans can present differently.  Additionally, this article showed that diagnosis in African Americans came much later on in life.  There is also the matter of the limited amount of biopsiesdone in the United States.  Biopsies (done via upper endoscopies) are the ‘final’ factor in the diagnosis of Celiac Disease.



I’m rambling to try and clear my mind but it’s so hard.  For years I’ve eaten gluten and for years I’ve had extremely bad allergies, bad digestion, my nutrient levels were all quite low and when I was younger a very bad rash on my extremities.  It sounds like Celiac to me.  But, it could be something else.  However, if not Celiac, then why when I remove gluten my allergies go back to normal where I only need Singular at the height of the season and a box of tissue lasts way more than 2 weeks?  (I used to go through a box of tissue practically every day!)

I’ll leave it alone for now and let the new doctor pick up this tangled puzzle.  Hopefully, he can help sort through it all and find a reason, and come up with coping mechanisms.  Why?  Because a ‘cure’ what whatever ails me is way too much for me to hope for!

#IndieRoar Challenge – Day 10! (Final Day)


Pen your own perfect first sentence to your “Great American Novel” and tweet it! #IndieRoar

Today is the final day of our challenge.  Are you sad?  Are you glad?  Either way, we have to go out with a BANG.  What kind of  Indies would we be if we didn’t write something special for our readers?!

In honor of our collective readers, write the first line of your next novel, the novel you’d always dreamed you would write, the novel your mother/brother/teacher/mentor/friend/husband told you to write — write the first sentence of that book.

The end is nigh.  The fat…ahem…the lady has sung the final aria and the curtain is about to fall.  How will we remember you?  Haunt us. Pleasure us. Entertain us.  We’ll love you for it!

The winners are out there and the prizes are here…

1st Prize – $25 Amazon Gift Card + Choice of 6 Indie Books from participating #IndieBooksBeSeen Authors

2nd Prize — $10 Amazon Gift Card + Choice of 4 Indie Books from participating #IndieBooksBeSeen Authors

3rd Prize – Choice of 3Indie Books from participating #IndieBooksBeSeen Authors

Winners will be announced on Friday, June 12th, 2015.

The books available for the winners to choose from, in addition to their gift cards, is posted on both blogs under “IndieRoar Challenge – Book Prize Listing & Catch Up!”

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Book Review: Promises in Death by J. D. Robb

promises in death cvr

The 29th book in the In Death series, Promises in Death, does not disappoint.  As with all of the In Death books, Lieutenant Eve Dallas goes through a transformation of sorts.  She goes from a wily tough cop with Issues (yes, with a capital “I”) to a bewildered newlywed wife trying to balance on the shifting sands of a complex relationship with a former criminal to a begrudging true blue friend to a small army of people that see her for who she is – a heroic human being whose past molder her into the extraordinary cop (with razor sharp instincts!) she is today.

In Promises in Death, Lt. Dallas is confronted with a death that hits close to home…a fellow colleague.  Further, it’s the cop who is in a relationship with a good friend of Dallas’.  This case goes front and center immediately for Dallas as well as for Cop Central.  Before long, it’s clear the murder was done by someone who knew the fallen cop.  npleasant questions have to be raised to get to the truth which is Dallas’ unofficial religion.

There are several supporting characters in this series: Dallas’ other driving passion, her sexy and very technologically savvy hubby, Peabody, Dallas’ partner, and Feeney, Dallas’ mentor and the head of EDD (e-detective, read: hackers/e-geeks that are cops) – all work toward finding the fallen cop’s killer.  All while trying to keep their sanity and their emotional equilibrium intact.  A taxing proposition for the writer, J.D. Robb, but one the reader will enjoy tremendously!

Promises in Death will thrill you, cause you to put your own sleuthing skills to work, and it will bring you to the brink of tears as the characters’ actions, moods and desires flood each exciting page.  Find out how Dallas and her motley crew of talented driven friends and colleagues solve this one!  You’ll be ever so glad you did.

5 Blogairy Notebooks

@NoteBkBlogairy’s #IndieRoar Challenge – Day 9: My Top 5 Indie Authors

I am loving this IndieRoar challenge hosted on Twitter! It helps me to see the larger picture of what the Indie revolution is and how it looks.  This is not a new thing.  There have been authors that published their books and sold it out of the boot of their cars!

Nancy Cato, an Australian author, created a cooperative of authors who formed to publish their verse (poetry).  The group was called the Lyre-Bird Writers. Now, how Indie is that?

Today, we do Indie a bit differently.  We’re techno-geeks and publish singularly, individually and many times…silently.  That’s what #IndieRoar is all about — taking the quiet out of Indie publishing.

Here are some of my top picks for great current Indiependent authors who are doing very well on Amazon charts.  And, some others who may not have gotten to the charts but have the writing chops to do it!

  1. T. S. Joyce – Bear Valley Shifters series (The Witness and the Bear, Book 1)
    This is a hot series! The covers tantalize you with hard rock male abs and a backdrop of outdoorsy woods. Don’t run screaming…yet. The plot line will redeem the covers that may make you think there is gratuitous sex only between the pages.  YES, there are at minimum, 3 really hot explicit sex scenes in each book but these add to the story line and actually makes sense.  Why? The story revolves around humans who turn into real life grizzly bears.  Ahem…no biting necessary.  Bear shifters are entirely 100% a genetic issue.  (Precisely — different!)
  2. C. J. ArcherThe Medium Series and The 1st Freak House Trilogy (The Wrong Girl, Book 1)
    What can I say about this author and these two series that are linked by a character (or, two or three!)?  I will give you the scenario of The Medium series.  There’s a young woman who is on the marginal side of society due to her unusual complexion — she’s a mulatto.  On top of that, she is purported to have an unusual talent — being able to see ghosts!  With this combo of traits and the eccentricity of the tonne (their strict code of conduct and ethics in social ladder climbing!) we have a capricious adventure to save the son of an Earl from sure death in a manner you will never believe but it is so believable throughout The Medium series!  A true page-turner!
  3. C. K. DawnCloak of Shadows
    This series is set in the ever so not-too-distant future.  The main character, Lourdes Reese, is the mega babe, badass chick that will kick some true a** if trouble rears its demonized head. We learn that the Knights of King Arthur’s table have descendants in our time that patrol Earth to keep it free from demons from another dimension that cause mind drifts and outright hallucinations while draining the human’s life essence.  Lourdes is one of the best hunters on earth and she battles every day to keep humans ignorant.  But, why is Lourdes seeing signs that things may not be as well as they seem?  And, why is she the only hunter who is seeing these signs?
  4. Lori Brighton – The Mind Readers series (The Mind Readers, Book 1)
    Wow!  Where do I begin with this series?  What if you could read everyone else’s thoughts?  What if you could manipulate time and matter?  What would you do with all of that?  This book series begins to answer your questions!  And oh, the battles because, of course — there’s a good side — and a bad side!
  5. Quanie MillerThe New Mrs. Collins
    This is one of my favorite stories!  It is a paranormal thriller set in New Orleans.  How many stories have you read — well-written with round full characters! — which delves into characters who have ‘blood in their eye’?  And, still live to tell about it!?  This story does go into a bit of supernatural and touches on roots and the religion surrounding it and it all comes together beautifully!  Well told, not too scary, just the right amount of humor and tons of suspense and good old fashioned human drama (when Black women fight over a man…watch out!).

I’ll even give you a bonus one! Faith Simone’s debut novel is a wonderful Christian love story with a different angle than you would expect – When the Real Thing Comes Along.  It is an enjoyable read with an emotional angst religious factor, and depth, that I did not expect from a debut author.

Who am I? I’m an Indie author as well.  I have three books that I’ve authored (one non-fiction) and one I co-authored with my son, a children’s modern day fairy tale.  You can check out my Amazon page here.



#IndieRoar Challenge – Day 9!

You scream. I scream. We all scream for…your 5 all-time favorite Indie books! #IndieRoar

It’s all about the read. We do all that we do as writers so that someone else out there can kick back on the beach, in the park, or snuggled in their bed with (hopefully!) our books.

So, which Indie authors, or Indie books inspire you? Pick 5 and tell us why. Post on your blog, or website and tweet out the link so we know which reads get your heart pumping!

We’re getting close! The winners are out there and here are the prizes…

1st Prize – $25 Amazon Gift Card + Choice of 6 Indie Books from participating #IndieBooksBeSeen Authors

2nd Prize — $10 Amazon Gift Card + Choice of 4 Indie Books from participating #IndieBooksBeSeen Authors

3rd Prize – Choice of 3Indie Books from participating #IndieBooksBeSeen Authors

Winners will be announced on Friday, June 12th, 2015.

The books available for the winners to choose from, in addition to their gift cards, is posted on both blogs under “IndieRoar Challenge – Book Prize Listing & Catch Up!”

Remember, you can also find each day’s challenge pinned to the @NoteBkBlogairy Twitter account, and on the following blogs: