Author Drop-In: Remembered (The Vistira Trilogy: Book 1) by E.D. Brady

Remembered (The Vistira Trilogy: Book 1)

remembered cover

How far would you travel for true love?

Emily’s past is a mystery. Left abandoned on the steps of a police precinct as a young girl, she is unaware of the love she left behind in another world. When she seeks hypnotherapy to deal with haunting dreams of a handsome stranger, she is thrown into memories of being kidnapped and almost murdered.

Kellus’s heart is torn apart by the strange and devastating disappearance of the only woman he would ever love. A secret kept from him as a child turns out to be the catalyst in a devious plot to control the world of Vistira. But first, the power-hungry Dinora, aided by the traitorous Lionel, needed to eliminate the one woman who could prevent them from bending Kellus to their will.

With the help of their family, the young couple must find a way back to one another and end the threat posed by their enemies, not only for their own sakes, but also for the safety of their entire world.

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About the Author: 

Originally from Queens, New York, E. D. Brady is a wife and mother of three (one adopted canine child), living in a small town outside Raleigh. Since childhood, she dreamt of writing stories and spent countless hours entertaining her friends by making up romantic tales for them. Giving up the Manhattan business world has allowed her the time to finally put pen to paper.

“I spend my days writing and reading while listening to classic rock music (occasionally with a glass of red wine). I published my first novel, Remembered, in December of 2012, and the two follow-ups of the trilogy shortly after.”
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