BOOK REVIEW: Leaping Out on Faith (Rochelle Campbell)

My fellow Indie Author, Belinda Y. Hughes, has reviewed my book of short stories “Leaping Out of Faith”. Thank you, Belinda!!

Belinda Y. Hughes: Writing, Editing & Social Media

Leaping Out on Faith is a short story collection touching each of the four planes of beingness: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Four female protagonists each face a unique challenge of one of these planes and an inescapable, pivotal moment of decision. What’s not clear upfront is which choice each will make. The characters’ backgrounds and situations are all different, yet each is universally relatable to the feminine condition: romance vs. friendship (emotional); sexual abuse and domestic violence (physical, but truly all four); drama of couplehood vs. serenity of singleness (mental) and religious conflicts in relationships (spiritual). You may agree or disagree with the characters’ choices, but each story will strengthen your choices on your own terms as a woman.


“So, you think you love him,” Baba grunted when Salera nodded. He continued, “But he’s a pastor’s son. This Gerard is a devout Christian. He does not understand himself…

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