#FunDay #Sunday with a Gluten Free Cake

It was Saturday evening and I felt for a nice dessert without having to spend almost $7 or $8 for a good piece of a gluten free dessert.  I pulled open my cabinet slowly peering at the yellow box that has been poking the back of my mind for weeks now.  Yeah, I was running scared…from a box in my pantry.

Fast forward a couple of hours…


So, I had to cut it. It came out good…for a change.  But I gotta tell ‘ya, it didn’t smell good while it was cooking.  It had that smell of a cake too heavy, or one that needs moisture (more oil, fat, butter, etc.).  Needless to say, there was some trepidation about what would come out of the oven.

After 33 minutes, the Ding! went off and I rushed into the kitchen and took out this pale not very highly raised cake.  I was miffed.  The smell.  The non-rise.  The paleness.  Ugh.

I shrugged and let it cool.

Came back about 30 minutes later and it came out of the tube pan easily.  When touched lightly with my index finger it bounced back.

The ultimate test was the cutting of a slice.


Not too shabby!  It was light enough to actually be called a cake!  The flavor was there and texture was not bad at all.  You’re wondering about the recipe, right?  There isn’t one.  It’s a box cake as my Grandmother used to say.


It’s Betty Crocker’s version of a gluten free cake.  Normally, this tiny box is just under $5.  But, it was on sale for $3.49 so I picked it up.  Still pricey, but much more manageable for a first-timer.

My take on this?  Definitely worth it to buy it again.  If you don’t have the time to bake a gluten-free cake yourself (with the multitude of flours,*sigh*) then this is a good quick way to go.

I followed the box’s directions except I didn’t use the whole egg.  I used only egg whites.

So, I added to the mix:

  • 2/3 cup of water
  • 1/2 cup of softened butter (I used margargarine; lactose issues)
  • 2 tsp GF vanilla
  • 4 egg whites (the box calls for 3 whole eggs)

I am assuming that if I had used whole eggs there would have been more color and definitely more height to this cake.  But, I will never know.

My rating for this gluten free cake mix is:

4 Blogairy Notebooks

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