A Very Quick #WIP Writerly Update

I am feeling a bit better about my current WIP.  I have revised the outline and added in some additional details to flesh out the story.  Additionally, I have become more calm about the book and the writing of it.  No longer is there abject terror when thinking of this book! 🙂

There is still a certain level of anxiety but it is manageable.  I can see that this book is asking the writer in me to go to the next level; to mature.

aint skeered

So, I will not pressure myself with hardcore deadlines as I have done in the past.  I will still follow my outline which is five pages long and over 2100 words in length.  Funny, my outline is now longer than the actual novel! 🙂

Thank you all for your tweets, RTs, faves and comments.  I really appreciate the support of the Twitter writing community.

All the best in your writing this week!  And…



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