Jewel Me Crazy: My Love Affair with Alexandrites

A long, long time ago (when I was a kid), my mother showed me a ring that I feel in love with.  It was a golf-ball sized rock of a ring — at least to my young eyes it was.  At first blush, it was a deep aquamarine-y bluish color.  The fabulous thick gold mounting swirled upward in sculpted bands of gold to form a cone of gold around the base of the large stone that was multi-faceted to show the beauty and depth of color.  Mind you, I was about 8, or 9.

Many months later, I saw my mother wearing another ring with the same setting.  I was floored!  My Mama was rich!  I must have said something to that effect and I remember her trying to smother a guffaw.  And then, she corrected me.  She let me know we were not rich and that it was the same ring.  The stone in her ring changed color depending upon the light.  It was called an Alexandrite.


Even though it is decades later I still remember that ring fondly.  I love the alexandrite gemstone.  I re-discovered my love of this stone about a week ago when I saw a color change man-made stone available for sale.

After a little research, I began to realize that the stone my mother owned was now a collector’s rarity — Alexandrites have become very rare.  Originally mined in the emerald mines of the Ural Mountains of Russia in the 1830’s, the alexandrite gemstone is now available in other countries such as Sri Lanka, Brazil and Africa.  However, the quality of the stones mined in these other countries are not of the same clarity of the Russian alexandrite gemstones.

The Russian Alexandrite is green in the natural daylight and when the sun sets it turns to a bright purplish-red color.  Simply goregeous!  (My mother’s ring had so many shades of color depending upon the light!  It was breathtaking!  Sometimes it even looked like a Smokey Quartz!)

Over the years, I always looked for an Alexandrite stone for myself and could never afford it…until I found this color change man-made stone alexandrite gemstone.  This lab created stone was said to change from green to pink in the advertisement I read.  I shrugged and said, What the heck?!  So, I purchased it.

My color change stone arrived earlier this week and I was sorely disappointed.  While it was a decent sized 10×10 mm cushion cut stone that was beautifully faceted — it did not change color!  No matter what room I went into in my home it stayed a very lovely soft pink.  Darn it!!

I decided to take the ring with me to work to see if the light there would do the trick…it did!!!!  Oh my!  The colors of this stone!!

Soft Green_Zandrite_April 2015Soft Pink_Zandrite_April 2015Green Zandrite_April 2015 Pink_Zandrite_April 2015


People — this is the SAME gemstone in all four pictures!  Finally, I have my own color change gemstone!  The fun part?  I am going to be able to design my own mount for it!  I may even sell some of them on my jewelry Ebay page RiRi’s Pearls ‘N Baubles!

The absolute best part is how affordable these gemstones are!  Even the average person can afford to have something that will bring a smile to their faces when they catch a glimpse of it on their hand, ears, wrist, or neck.

Of late, I have been fascinated by jewels, gemstones, rings and baubles.  I forgot how much I loved jewelry!  However, since I finished my last book Making Dollars & Sense Work: A Financial Primer for Single Moms & Dads Plus College Kids, Too! I have been trying to remember what I used to love to do — to find my passions.  Well, other than writing! 🙂  Why?  Because if you find your passion you usually can create a stream of income from it due to your undying love for that thing.

I’ll let you know my findings…

Ta-ta for now,




5 thoughts on “Jewel Me Crazy: My Love Affair with Alexandrites

  1. Hi Timeless! Yes, it is a beautiful stone. I am totally head over heels with it. So glad it finally found me. 🙂 Hope it finds you, too! And yes, you can be a jewelry person. You have to find the stone, or the piece that speaks to you. A signature gemstone can be something that you rock and rock WELL! Enjoy your jewelry journey!


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