Book Thoughts: When the Real Thing Comes Along by Faith Simone

When the Real Thing Comes Along

by Faith Simone









Jacelynn is in a coming-of-age moment except her existential crossroad is a religious one.  Jacelynn has lost her faith and is not quite sure when it faltered.  She’s very sure when she noticed it fully — when her ex-boyfriend Taylor showed up at her church one Sunday.

Even though Jacelynn’s in a stable, safe and loving relationship she is still unfulfilled and searching for what she did not know.

This well-written love story by debut novelist Faith Simone is a story that puts the Christian faith front and center.  Simone created unforgettable characters going through trials and tribulations that on the surface may seem trivial but just below the surface the full depth and dimension of the need and desire for a close-knit relationship with God is germane to every plot point in this well-crafted story.

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