Twitter Badass Challenge…Are you In??!?

My good buddy @KayCWise tagged me in a tweet earlier this week about a contest that was perfect for me.  I shrugged and rolled my eyes.  This lady has a lackluster love/hate relationship with Twitter! 🙂  Me?  I LOVE Twitter.  Anywho, she sends this link to join the #TwitterBadassChallenge.

Win up to $2,000 in Amazon gift cards daily for simply sending out badass tweets?  Totally doable for me! My chica friend is right! This one’s made just for me.

This is a 10-day challenge to tweet whatever is sent to us by the Badass Crew at Crowdfire (the folks behind this awesome contest).  So, you have NO IDEA what they will ask you to do.

Well, the first day was to cuss in a tweet and tag two of your best Twitter buds.  The second day was to tweet and tag two celebrities and get a selfie in the mix somehow.

It took some thought from me but here are my first two badass tweets.

Day 1:

What are you waiting for?  We’re already on Day 3!!!! Join in on the fun!

In addition to being a badass, The NoteBook Blogairy is the author of several books. Check out her Amazon author page.

Her latest book, Making Dollars & Sense Work, is available in both digital and paperback formats.



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