Three Months After Non-Celiac Diagnosis

Back in December followers of my blog will recall I went for an upper endoscopy to do the ‘final’ test in being diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  Of the six biopsies they did 3 were within normal range and 3 were not therefore the diagnosis was I do not have Celiac Disease.

For about 5 weeks, I ate all types of food containing gluten.  By mid to late February, my nasal passages were swollen and I got sick — very sick.  I had to take antibiotics as I went into the normal sick pattern (when I’m on gluten, that is).  It was at that moment that I realized that no matter what the medical establishment says I know my body.  Eating gluten was not helping me in any way shape or form.  So, I stopped the gluten around February 20, 2015.  It’s now just about a month later and I feel so much better!  My stomach is not bloated any longer.  My sinuses are clear.  I feel normal again.

After 18 months of being off of gluten, then going on a gluten-filled diet for the endoscopy from November 17, 2014 – February 19th, 2015 has shown me that I don’t need someone else’s opinion about what my body can deal with effectively.

Since this last experiment of eating gluten, I have read many reports of others who have had to take the endoscopy test over 10 times in order to get a positive result.  However, each time you do the endoscopy, you have to ingest at least 4 slices of bread every day for at least a month in order for you to have enough gluten in your system.

But, no one told me how much gluten you were supposed to ingest during the test period!  I found this out afterwards.  I listened to my doctor and had a bit of gluten every day.  But, not 4 slices of bread every day! <Grrrrrr>

Since I have decided to follow a gluten-free diet anyway I figured I might as well get better at GF baking so I can eat things I like.

GF Dumpling Dough_3 7 2015

First, I wanted fried dumplings.  A staple of the breakfasts my mother used to make when I was young.  Using the flour found at Walmart I keep raving about this was the dough that came together quite nicely.

GF Flour_Walmart

Here’s the flour from Walmart – Gluten Free Cafe!  It’s only sold in stores. <Drat!>

The dumplings are easy to make.  I used 1 1/2 cups of the Gluten Free Cafe flour, water and a bit of salt.  I also added a 1/2 cup of coconut flour which give the dough (and the finished product!) a nice flavor and a bit more color than normal for gluten free items.  You knead it until it is firm like the picture above.  You can add a bit of baking powder to the mixture as well to make them rise just a bit.

You roll them into small balls and drop them in hot oil to fry until they are golden brown.

GF Fried Dumplings_3 7 2015

I fried these dumplings for about 12 – 15 minutes (depending upon the size).  They came out very golden brown!

The rest of the breakfast was straight forward, codfish with a bit of potato to stretch it and fried green plantains with a nice spicy hot chili garlic sauce.

GF Bkfst_3 7 2015

See? Nice and golden brown!

Making my life more interesting by finding and making gluten free foods is something that I have decided I am just going to do.  The Gluten Free Cafe flour is a big part of my decision because I do not have to mix 4 – 5 flours together as many gluten free recipes require.  This flour is a straight substitution!  Woot woot!!

I even added this Gluten Free Cafe flour to the Gluten Free Bisquick mix (I was running low on the Bisquick pre-packaged flour).  I followed the biscuit recipe on the Bisquick GF box.  I basically used 1 cup Bisquick GF flour and 1 cup Gluten Free Cafe flour, margarine (or, butter if you prefer) and almond milk (I tend to stay away from milk products).  The result?

GF Biscuits_3 21 2015

You see?  I’m having a lot more success with my baked goods using the Gluten Free Cafe flour.  It’s such a same it’s only sold at Walmart.  And my nearest Walmart is over 20 miles away. <sigh>

Well, that’s my story for today.  Thanks for reading.  I would love to hear your comments about the gluten free lifestyle, or some issue in your dietary journey.

Ta-ta for now,




6 thoughts on “Three Months After Non-Celiac Diagnosis

  1. At least your docs listened to you! Mine finally sent me to a psychiatrist who finally made an immediate diagnosis of Lupus and later of a major sensitivity to gluten and milk products. I’m like you! Once I stopped eating gluten daily, my health improved, my stomach receded and life became so much better.

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    • That is amazing Peggy! I am so glad you received an accurate diagnosis. It sounds like your health rebounded and your life improved tremendously!! I am so hoping for a diagnosis of some sort but I am just frustrated and disillusioned about our medical establishment. I guess I’ll get over it in time. 🙂 Continued health & abundance to you Peggy and thanks for stopping by!


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