Twitter Badass Challenge…Are you In??!?

My good buddy @KayCWise tagged me in a tweet earlier this week about a contest that was perfect for me.  I shrugged and rolled my eyes.  This lady has a lackluster love/hate relationship with Twitter! 🙂  Me?  I LOVE Twitter.  Anywho, she sends this link to join the #TwitterBadassChallenge.

Win up to $2,000 in Amazon gift cards daily for simply sending out badass tweets?  Totally doable for me! My chica friend is right! This one’s made just for me.

This is a 10-day challenge to tweet whatever is sent to us by the Badass Crew at Crowdfire (the folks behind this awesome contest).  So, you have NO IDEA what they will ask you to do.

Well, the first day was to cuss in a tweet and tag two of your best Twitter buds.  The second day was to tweet and tag two celebrities and get a selfie in the mix somehow.

It took some thought from me but here are my first two badass tweets.

Day 1:

What are you waiting for?  We’re already on Day 3!!!! Join in on the fun!

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Three Months After Non-Celiac Diagnosis

Back in December followers of my blog will recall I went for an upper endoscopy to do the ‘final’ test in being diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  Of the six biopsies they did 3 were within normal range and 3 were not therefore the diagnosis was I do not have Celiac Disease.

For about 5 weeks, I ate all types of food containing gluten.  By mid to late February, my nasal passages were swollen and I got sick — very sick.  I had to take antibiotics as I went into the normal sick pattern (when I’m on gluten, that is).  It was at that moment that I realized that no matter what the medical establishment says I know my body.  Eating gluten was not helping me in any way shape or form.  So, I stopped the gluten around February 20, 2015.  It’s now just about a month later and I feel so much better!  My stomach is not bloated any longer.  My sinuses are clear.  I feel normal again.

After 18 months of being off of gluten, then going on a gluten-filled diet for the endoscopy from November 17, 2014 – February 19th, 2015 has shown me that I don’t need someone else’s opinion about what my body can deal with effectively.

Since this last experiment of eating gluten, I have read many reports of others who have had to take the endoscopy test over 10 times in order to get a positive result.  However, each time you do the endoscopy, you have to ingest at least 4 slices of bread every day for at least a month in order for you to have enough gluten in your system.

But, no one told me how much gluten you were supposed to ingest during the test period!  I found this out afterwards.  I listened to my doctor and had a bit of gluten every day.  But, not 4 slices of bread every day! <Grrrrrr>

Since I have decided to follow a gluten-free diet anyway I figured I might as well get better at GF baking so I can eat things I like.

GF Dumpling Dough_3 7 2015

First, I wanted fried dumplings.  A staple of the breakfasts my mother used to make when I was young.  Using the flour found at Walmart I keep raving about this was the dough that came together quite nicely.

GF Flour_Walmart

Here’s the flour from Walmart – Gluten Free Cafe!  It’s only sold in stores. <Drat!>

The dumplings are easy to make.  I used 1 1/2 cups of the Gluten Free Cafe flour, water and a bit of salt.  I also added a 1/2 cup of coconut flour which give the dough (and the finished product!) a nice flavor and a bit more color than normal for gluten free items.  You knead it until it is firm like the picture above.  You can add a bit of baking powder to the mixture as well to make them rise just a bit.

You roll them into small balls and drop them in hot oil to fry until they are golden brown.

GF Fried Dumplings_3 7 2015

I fried these dumplings for about 12 – 15 minutes (depending upon the size).  They came out very golden brown!

The rest of the breakfast was straight forward, codfish with a bit of potato to stretch it and fried green plantains with a nice spicy hot chili garlic sauce.

GF Bkfst_3 7 2015

See? Nice and golden brown!

Making my life more interesting by finding and making gluten free foods is something that I have decided I am just going to do.  The Gluten Free Cafe flour is a big part of my decision because I do not have to mix 4 – 5 flours together as many gluten free recipes require.  This flour is a straight substitution!  Woot woot!!

I even added this Gluten Free Cafe flour to the Gluten Free Bisquick mix (I was running low on the Bisquick pre-packaged flour).  I followed the biscuit recipe on the Bisquick GF box.  I basically used 1 cup Bisquick GF flour and 1 cup Gluten Free Cafe flour, margarine (or, butter if you prefer) and almond milk (I tend to stay away from milk products).  The result?

GF Biscuits_3 21 2015

You see?  I’m having a lot more success with my baked goods using the Gluten Free Cafe flour.  It’s such a same it’s only sold at Walmart.  And my nearest Walmart is over 20 miles away. <sigh>

Well, that’s my story for today.  Thanks for reading.  I would love to hear your comments about the gluten free lifestyle, or some issue in your dietary journey.

Ta-ta for now,



Let Your Passion Lead You to Passive Income

To continue the conversation, my latest book Making Dollars & Sense Work is a book that is geared to helping single moms and dads plus young adults get a firm handle on their finances.  This book gives the initial steps in setting up a monthly spending plan (aka: budget) as well as a step-by-step guide on how to understand and FIX your credit report.

This book also helps you get out of some sticky financial situations like the vicious cycle of PayDay Loan Hell, or judgments (where you have to appear in Civil Court to deal with old bills).

While the book helps give you that firm handle, it does not take you to the next level which is to find and bring in passive income.  Why?  Because one has to crawl (learn the basics) before one can walk, or run.

money in a nest

So, at this point in my life, I have been searching for passive income.  I did MLM’s.  All types of sales/product type companies. I’ve done Tupperware.  I can sell stuff (yeah, yeah; bad english).  But, those things were not creating passive income.  I had to work at these things.

I’ve decided to look into that word passive income.  To me, it means that I put work into a project upfront and there may be maintenance but it’s not stressful to do…to me.  Okay, so that definition is not exactly the true definition of “Passive” but it works for me.

I’m a writer.  I write books.  That’s not passive.  I have to market said books.  That is most definitely not passive! LOL.  But, I enjoy it tremendously!  I meet great people and now count as friends several people that I have met virtually.  Some of them are closer to me than people that I have met IRL (in real life).  So, for me, the entrepreneurial writer thing is a great way to go for me for passive income.

One of my other loves is jewelry.  I’ve always wanted to wear pretty things.  This could be because I’m a girl (Yeah, yeah, I’m being sterotypical but hey, this is my blog post; I can do that!).  It could also be because my mom loves jewelry and I took in the love by osmosis.  Who knows?  Either way, after years of the obvious staring me in the face I decided to use my Ebay account (of which I was a very early adopter; I joined in Nov 1999!!) as a seller account for the first time in the history of my account!

Guess what I sell?  Yep.  Jewelry!  Yes, it is a bit of work.  I have to acquire the jewelry.  Photograph each piece from several angles.  Post each piece and write about each one.  Work; so not passive, right?  But guess what?  I love jewelry!  So, it’s more like play to me.

And my Ebay store name?  RiRi’s Pearls ‘N Baubles Shoppe!  The RiRi is my daughter’s nickname.  I am striving to do my best to help her know that she can do anything she chooses to do.  You can check out my store here.

Champagne CZ in 18kt Rose Gold over Silver_in ring foam_Sz 6_3 14 2015

18-karat rose gold over silver champagne CZ Ring (Size 6)


This is one of the items in my store and it is one of my favorites!  It is a Champagne Cubic Zirconia Cocktail Ring (size 6) with lots of bling in 18-karat rose gold over silver.  It’s stunning!  See? I love this stuff!

Making Dollars & Sense Work: A Financial Primer for Single Moms & Dads Plus College Kids Too! has taught me that there are several steps in becoming a responsible stewart of the family’s coffers.  In addition to having positive cash flow every day and from paycheck-to-paycheck, one has to have several streams of income coming in to help with those unexpected expenses that pop up when you have a child, or children.

So, if you decide to read Making Dollars & Sense Work know that this book gives you step 1 but there are other steps beyond the ones offered in the book.  However, you will be more than ready for the next steps once you master what is in Making.


Love you guys tremendously for reading, commenting and following me on my various social media outlets!  If you don’t know my Twitter handle it is @NoteBkBlogairy.  I am on it very frequently (it’s my favorite social media platform!).

Let me know where your passions direct you when it comes to passive income!

Ta-ta for now,


The Aftermath of Publishing My Third Book

It’s very hard to believe that I have published three books already.  Yet, somehow I feel that there is so much more to learn! My latest book, Making Dollars & Sense Work, is the first and only book thus far that I have decided to make available as a softcover (read: real book).  That one tiny decision made me absolutely crazed!

I knew I needed a book formatter and…I didn’t know what else!  Yes, I was that thrown by one additional detail in my indie publishing journey.

I survived indie publishing tshirt pic

It was my very best friend and writing buddy, K.C. Wise, who alerted me to the fact that I need images/imagery incorporated into this nonfiction personal finance book.  This way, the reader eye will not become fatigued by the information &/or the density of words on the page.  My brain farted when she first told me this; but I pushed through the feelings of ambiguity and began researching to find an answer that I knew was out there.

[Did I mention that K.C. is an amazing nonfiction writer?  Her fiction kicks butt, too! Can’t wait to read her first published book!]

The solution was E.M. Tippetts Book Designs.  Emily and her team of graphic and book designers made the process easy!  They even called me — yes, on the phone! — and walked me through the steps and gave me insight into the process so I could be a collaborative partner in the process of making my theoretical book into a physical reality.

I am now anxiously awaiting my galley proof from the publisher to see my work in actual reality!  You have no idea how excited I am by all of this!!

Being an Indie author, I knew that the content itself is very important.  I knew that the words themselves were key and that the work had to be edited!  So, my faithful friend and editor/proofreader/book re-structurer KLM Editorial was on the case.  My beta readers were all very helpful after I got down the first and second drafts (thank you KC, Sharon, Andrew and Sue!).  Then, back to KLM the book went.

By adding the physical softcover book as an option, this is where 3 additional sets of eyes were employed to further perfect Making Dollars & Sense Work.  In total, this book has been viewed by 8 pairs of eyes plus the review system of my publisher (have no idea how many sets of eyes are there!).  The team that arose to make this book happen puts me in awe.  I did not set out to have this many people involved; it just happened.  This book just happened!

Love Indie Authors pic

Long story short, I started 2015 with a New Year’s resolution of beginning a novel generational women’s fiction novel for which I have a fully drafted outline from start to finish.  However, I felt such a resistance while writing it that I became conflicted.  I spoke with a trusted friend and they suggested that I pull back and write for myself.  I should write that thing that was important to me that would bubble out of me without hesitation.  My reaction?  I laughed.  I had just finished book 1 of a paranormal series (Fury From Hell) and I had two fully executed outlines to choose from  Writing what I wanted?  There was no time for that!

About a week later, I tried to write more for the generation women’s fic novel.  I gave up after only writing one page and began to doodle-write (free-write) on a blank MS Word page.  About 3 hours later I looked up and had about 5,000 words of what 2 months later became Making Dollars & Sense Work: A Financial Primer for Single Moms & Dads Plus College Kids Too!


So, you see, from its inception, this book has been a group project.  This is why I say this Indie journey I find myself on is ever evolving and I know that no matter how many books I publish there will always be more to learn.

To all of those who helped directly, and those who helped indirectly (thank you, Mom!) I send you blessings and heartfelt thanks to all you sacrificed to help me get this book out to those who will find it useful.

I would love your comments and thoughts on your experiences in your Indie journey.  How has it been for you?

If you get a chance, please follow me on Twitter (my favorite social media platform). I’m on Pinterest, too.  Still trying to figure that one out! LOL.  Oh! I have a new FB writer page but I am so in the dinosaur phase of learning FB I hope I direct you to the right one! 🙂  My new FB Writer page –

All the best,

Rochelle aka The NoteBook Blogairy