New Review Posted for Fury From Hell by Tome Tender

It was a normal Sunday afternoon.  My family and I were marathon-watching #SharkTank while I was tweeting my outrage at some of the business owners.  You know, normal.

I happened to notice a new email come in and I swiped over to check it out not realizing it would be such a game changer.

Dii of Tome Tender emailed me to let me know that she had posted a review of my book on Amazon, Shelfari, her blog Tome Tender, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and FB.

Now, if that’s not amazing enough her review blew me away!  She gave Fury From Hell 5 stars!

Without further ado (or gushing) please find Tome Tender’s review below.  You can also view it directly on the Tome Tender site.  Please follow Tome Tender on Twitter to receive great reviews on new books!

Tome Tender Book Review of Fury From Hell

Fury From Hell
Fury from Hell by Rochelle Campbell 

In a battle to save her soul, one hardened detective, a coven of wiccans and a new belief in things not seen will push you fully into the shadows on the dark side of the street, and finding that the suspense is well-worth the danger. Fury from Hell by Rochelle Campbell goes beyond edgy and dark as good vs evil collide head on and the lines become blurred, jagged and twisted in the living nightmare that has become Detective Jennifer Holden’s life. Jennifer is an atheist, because what God could allow the things she has experienced and witnessed? Perfect for the taking, a fury from Hell invades her body and feeds off the control he has over her. Abatu is no fantasy, he is the vilest of demons and what he makes Jennifer do without her knowledge will set off a crime spree that goes beyond heinous. Detective Holden and her team are assigned to stop this monster; unaware that this is no human and that one of the hunters just may also be the prey.

What is happening to Jennifer? Why is she having blackouts, why does she taste blood in her mouth? Meanwhile, Abatu sits back and prepares for his next meal, using Jennifer as his chef, waitress and clean up staff. His new host will not live forever and he must use her to his best advantage. Only the fear of going insane has Jennifer sharing her fears with a fellow officer and best friend, who, besides being full of sass, is a member of a powerful Wiccan group. Is the faith of the wiccans enough to aid Jennifer’s release from her personal Hell? Will their unwaveringly trust in a higher power be the wakeup call in Jennifer’s soul? Will it come in time?

Dark, demonic and completely intriguing, Rochelle Campbells’ Fury from Hell has it all and then some! Good vs Evil, the long arm of the law in action, a masterful mystery and a touch of the gift of faith. Rochelle Campbell doesn’t do pastel plots, she writes in deep, black strokes across a page of gritty sandpaper as she manages to etch her tale into her reader’s memories. Her world feels dark, desperate and oily, thanks to her vivid descriptions and ability to run the tension out at full throttle. Looking for an nonredeemable character to despise? Meet Abatu. The rest of the characters? They are unique in their personalities, their opinions and play off Jennifer’s hardened persona with ease. Grab your favorite talisman and join in on this trek through the dark, mysterious and seamy side of life that gives new meaning to the phrase, “the devil made me do it.”

I received this copy from Rochelle Campbell in exchange for my honest review.

Original Tome Tender book review can be read here.


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