Book Thoughts: Shh! Kiss Me Baby (Mary Jane Meets Millionaire Playboy) by M. LeMont

“Most of my business associates call me by my full name, Buddy Brown,” and without cracking a smile I said, “And the women I date call me, Buddy.”

This is how we are introduced to this book’s main character.  Buddy Brown is self-assured, confident, and most definitely over the top.  He has everything many people dream about having, or owning.  He even his own version of love.  He has a flamboyant manner causing people he meets to either love Buddy Brown — or hate him.  Either way, they respect him.

The long and the short of Shh! Kiss Me Baby is it is an urban fantastical love story with bling, Lear jets, travel, shopping sprees, sumptuous meals and steamy-hot love scenes.  Imagine an Atlanta housewife meeting a cleaned-up drop-dead gorgeous thug gone legal and you’ve got Shh! Kiss Me Baby!

Almost every exciting fantasy one can dream is mentioned in this book (and maybe a few you hadn’t dreamed of yet!).  If you love titillation and the lavishness of the rich and famous lifestyle you will love this book!

Did I mention that Buddy Brown is a dead ringer for Denzel Washington???

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