Game Day: The Gluten Free Way

I’m going to keep this really simple because it’s been a LOOOONG Sunday.

For the big Game Day I kept it simple since the hubby went to a party with the guys leaving me home with the 18-month old and the 15-year-old. So what do both age groups like? Chicken Wings and Mac’N Cheese! 🙂

I had a corn flour penne pasta in the cabinet along with a truly fabulous marinade called KenPo. For the Mac ‘N Cheese used the Betty Crocker recipe and subbed the flour with the Gluten Free Cafe all-purpose flour I’ve been raving about lately (it’s only available at Walmart).

Banana Bread made with Gluten Free Cafe all purpose flour with cranberries & walnuts.

Banana Bread made with Gluten Free Cafe all purpose flour with cranberries & walnuts.

The baked loaf...

The baked loaf…

The sliced loaf...

The sliced loaf…

I know I was supposed to wait until at least 10 – 15 minutes before slicing but oh!  The smell was simply divine!  My non-GF son said it smelled like Thanksgiving in the house.  The bread was light, moist and delicious!  I am thrilled to be the baker of this bread! (If you’ve been around this blog a while you will recall my Flapjack Birthday cake…)

The wings were of the frozen variety complete with saline solution added. <sigh>  But with the addition of this amazing KenPo dressing they turned out beautifully!  And tasty too.  This dressing/marinade is Asian-inspired and it is made with olive oil, sesame oil, rice vinegar, agave nectar, garlic chili paste and soy sauce — so flavorful with a punch!

Wings & a bowl of mac 'n cheese please -- the Gluten Free way!

Wings & a bowl of mac ‘n cheese please — the Gluten Free way!

We had a variety of ‘dirty’ chips, corn chips, salsa, Swedish Fish, Raspberry Iced Tea, and vanilla pudding (no one bothered with it).

So, if anyone says you can’t have a great fun meal without gluten I’m finally able to prove them wrong.  <Doing the Running Man>

P.S. – Leave me a comment if you’d like the recipe posted.

Ta-ta for now,



2 thoughts on “Game Day: The Gluten Free Way

  1. My mouth is literally watering! That bread looks delicious and those wings? Child, I’ma have to cook some of those this weekend (The only time I volunteer to cook in my household. I’m spoiled.)


    • LOL! Thanks Faith. I have finally come to love chicken wings in the last couple of years. I found recipes for Thai/Asian-inspired wings and went into the kitchen! Take a pic of your wings! I’d love to see them. Maybe I’ll make some more along with you! 🙂


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