The Fury From Hell’s Tome Tender Giveaway Winners are…

Dianne from Tome Tender has been an awesome supporter of my book FURY FROM HELL.  In addition to writing a review that any writer would drool over Dianne has been a great writer friend ensuring that I have ‘writing’ time. Thank you Dianne!!  Please follow Dianne on Twitter too for the most fun informative tweets about what next to read! @DiiBylo

Please visit Dianne’s great book review blog and find your next great read!

Okay!  The moment you’ve been waiting for!

The winner of the $25 Amazon gift card is…

Erin F.


The winner who will be able to add pins to the FURY FROM HELL Pinterest book board is…

Patrick S.


I want to thank all of the 687 other entrants to the FURY FROM HELL giveaway and hope that you will all purchase the book.  To help urge in you that direction, you can snag a copy of FFH for only 99 cents this Thursday, February 26th AND Friday, February, 27th, 2015!  Then, the price goes up over the weekend.  To get your copy of this ‘dark edgy’ thriller click here, or on the book’s image below.

If you prefer a print copy of FURY FROM HELL physical print books will become available by the end of March 2015.

Dark edgy thriller

Dark edgy thriller pitting good vs. evil!


#WriterWednesday Tip: A Strategic Partner – Your Book Editor

If you are any type of writer — Indie, or traditionally published — you know the importance of having your work properly edited by an experienced, caring and compassionate editor.

I’ll tell you a ‘horror’ story.  My very first book that I released called Opening Up was a labor of love.  I had worked on it for upwards of four years.  I tweaked and primped it and thought I was finished by the end of year four.  I sent it to my editor – KLM Editorial Services — and she ripped it apart…kindly, of course.

However, this is exactly why you have an editor to do just that — tell you when you need to cut, revise, or throw out completely.  Well, maybe that last bit is going overboard but you get the point.  I did revise Opening Up.  I did publish it and the reviews came back that readers loved a minor character that was introduced towards the middle of the book.  Readers wanted that minor character to be the focal point of the book!

This was not the job of the editor to ferret out.  That was the job of a supportive writer’s group which at that time I did not have.  Readers did comment that for an Indie book it did not have the grammatical, punctuation and other technical flaws one saw from a new independent author.  Kudos to KLM Editorial!

Needless to say, I pulled that book and have re-worked the story arc and have a fully executed outline ready to go.  But that, as they say, is another story!

Every Wednesday is #WriterWednesday on Twitter and I wanted to do something special for it.  Something we writers can appreciate.  I would like to share my editor, Karen, with you — KLM Editorial Services!

Here is a Q & A with Karen so you can get a sense of how she works and if she may be the perfect fit for you and your book.

How would you define success as an editor?

Personally, I feel I’m a success when someone will refer me to a possible client, because they are very satisfied with work I have done for them in the past. I also get satisfaction if any book I’ve worked on has been nominated for, or received, an award.  Although most of the effort is that of the author, I also had a hand in that success.

When someone gives you something to edit, what do you do?

I have always believed, and stressed to “my” authors, that their story is theirs – I’m only here to help them make it the very best possible story it can be.  I don’t always agree with content, but it’s not my place to do so.  Spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure, now – that’s a different thing entirely…
I know some people believe that you should be able to work with any author/editor, but sometimes personalities just don’t mesh.  When that happens, it’s to the author’s benefit to get a different editor, otherwise she/he runs the risk of getting a poorly edited story that may not do well in the market.
My definition of Freelance work:  An author has written a novel.  They wish to find an editor to polish that novel before a potential publisher sees it.  They have heard of me through “the grapevine” or through a publishing house or some other means (for example, my name is in many of the books I have edited, listed on the copyright page as editor).  They contract with me to edit their book, and pay me an agreed upon amount, in portions, to edit the work.  I have also done freelance work when a publishing house says “I have a novel.  It needs an editor.”  They give me a synopsis of this book, and ask, “Do you want to do this book?  If so, what will you charge, and what will you do for that money?”  They then negotiate the contract for me, and have the author contact me with the manuscript.
What I do —  SUBSTANTIVE EDITING  (an explanation:
I was trained by an acquisitions editor at Doubleday to do a total edit….from proofreading and copyediting to the Substantive Line Edit as a complete service.  That’s what you get from me.
I copy edit (grammar, punctuation and spelling) of the content of the manuscript. I check for continuity errors.  I pare all extraneous words out…and can point each of them out.  All the little IF, AND, BUT, THEN, THEY    etc.  I check for smooth flow, and help tighten the manuscript, WITH the author.  I make suggestions…  I question what the author “means” if something is unclear.  Do you mean “a”  or do you mean “b.”   I do try to encourage the author with their work.  If I see they have potential (in my opinion) I try to point that out.
I am NOT a book “doctor.”  I do NOT re-write the book.  I do not LIKE to give writing lessons to the author that truly writes dreadfully…giving writing lessons is not the job of an editor.
What I wish writers would do and not do before I see their
manuscript —
DO:  Spell and grammar check the entire work.  Cut as many extraneous words, and make the work flow before an editor sees it.  Write your work, and let it sit for a time (probably about a month) and then re-read it with a “fresh eye” to see what changes might be made — and make them.
NOT DO:  Expect the editor to write their novel for them.  They can take the editor’s questions about what is already written, and the editor’s comments of what the editor has read.  Using that information they craft the work; an editor does not.
Tell us about an example of a conflict you’ve experienced in an editing situation and how you’ve resolved it.
I was given a manuscript by a publisher with whom I had worked for a few years.  The author was a novice; this was his first book.  I did my complete edit, and added comments and suggestions for improvement.  Apparently the author took none of my suggestions, and made no changes or adjustments.
The publisher knew that nothing I suggested was used because of the previous quality of my work.  She apologized to me for the author’s attitude, which was quite kind of her.
A different client, who was also a first time author, hired me to work on his book.  What irked me was he changed and added chapters to the story after I had completed my edit, but did not allow me to go over the new material.  The new material was not as good as what we had worked on improving during my editing pass.  He added my name to the copyright page of the book as editor without my permission.  This one title I never refer to when I’m asked for my credentials since the novel was changed after I worked on it.
This author later wanted me to do subsequent books in this series, and I refused.  He was of the opinion that, “everyone has a price,” and he would pay it.  No amount of money would be enough for me to go through those headaches again.
What would the ideal editing job be for you? [Please say Indie authors! I’m an Indie author. :-))]
LOL!  Most of my clients are indie authors these days!  I was trained to edit almost anything.  I’ve edited titles from historical fiction, romance, science fiction, children’s books, historical articles and gay fiction.
Editing, in my opinion, is the same for the indie writer than for one that might be submitting to a publishing house.  You need to deliver a high quality product to the end-user: the reader.
What if an author, or organization, has several editorial candidates with similar qualifications.  Tell us some reasons why we should hire you?
I have decades of experience, and let my resume speak for itself.  I was trained by an acquisitions editor from Doubleday in the 1970’s-80’s.  I always am mindful that the manuscript is the work of the author.  I try to keep their “voice,” in all that I do.
Here is a selection of the books that I have edited.
Immortal State by Barry Nove
Nowhere to Go But Mars by Barry Nove
Crossroads of Sin by D.H. Aire
Time Out by D.H. Aire
Merchants and Mages by D.H. Aire,
Human Mage by D.H. Aire,
Highmage by D.H. Aire,
Well Armed Brides by D.H. Aire,  (release date: tentatively March 15, 2015)
Dare 2 Believe by D.H. Aire,  (release date: tentatively May 1, 2015)
Terran Catalyst* by D.H. Aire,  (*forthcoming)
Highmage’s Plight —  proofing of second printing.
Flights of Fantasy, Volume One, edited by Colin Neilson, featuring the stories of D.H. Aire and Barry Nove
The Ellis Island Experience: A Sampling of Stories and How You Can Research Your Own by Barry Nove
SECRETS (Short Story)
“Single Mamas Guide to Being the Best Mom Ever: Getting Your Financial Life on Track”
Works by K.L. SCHAEFER
The Caring-Shell
Once Upon A Cloud
Walls of Ancient Stone
Works by KARL FIVE
Orgasm Incorporated — books 1 and 2
Okay, last question.  What types of editorial services do you provide?
I DON’T format manuscripts for publication.  I do offer to suggest possible publishing sources such as Create Space and X-libris.
  • check for continuity errors
  • copy edit (grammar, punctuation and spelling) the content of the manuscript..
  • pare all extraneous words out…and can point each of them out.
  • check for smooth flow, and help tighten the manuscript, WITH the author.
  • make suggestions for improvements
  • question what the author “means” if something is unclear.
  • substantive editing

Karen, KLM Editorial Services

You can find out more about KLM Editorial Services by clicking these links:

Please note: Any formatting issues in this post are the sole responsibility of this author — not her editor!

New Review Posted for Fury From Hell by Tome Tender

It was a normal Sunday afternoon.  My family and I were marathon-watching #SharkTank while I was tweeting my outrage at some of the business owners.  You know, normal.

I happened to notice a new email come in and I swiped over to check it out not realizing it would be such a game changer.

Dii of Tome Tender emailed me to let me know that she had posted a review of my book on Amazon, Shelfari, her blog Tome Tender, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and FB.

Now, if that’s not amazing enough her review blew me away!  She gave Fury From Hell 5 stars!

Without further ado (or gushing) please find Tome Tender’s review below.  You can also view it directly on the Tome Tender site.  Please follow Tome Tender on Twitter to receive great reviews on new books!

Tome Tender Book Review of Fury From Hell

Fury From Hell
Fury from Hell by Rochelle Campbell 

In a battle to save her soul, one hardened detective, a coven of wiccans and a new belief in things not seen will push you fully into the shadows on the dark side of the street, and finding that the suspense is well-worth the danger. Fury from Hell by Rochelle Campbell goes beyond edgy and dark as good vs evil collide head on and the lines become blurred, jagged and twisted in the living nightmare that has become Detective Jennifer Holden’s life. Jennifer is an atheist, because what God could allow the things she has experienced and witnessed? Perfect for the taking, a fury from Hell invades her body and feeds off the control he has over her. Abatu is no fantasy, he is the vilest of demons and what he makes Jennifer do without her knowledge will set off a crime spree that goes beyond heinous. Detective Holden and her team are assigned to stop this monster; unaware that this is no human and that one of the hunters just may also be the prey.

What is happening to Jennifer? Why is she having blackouts, why does she taste blood in her mouth? Meanwhile, Abatu sits back and prepares for his next meal, using Jennifer as his chef, waitress and clean up staff. His new host will not live forever and he must use her to his best advantage. Only the fear of going insane has Jennifer sharing her fears with a fellow officer and best friend, who, besides being full of sass, is a member of a powerful Wiccan group. Is the faith of the wiccans enough to aid Jennifer’s release from her personal Hell? Will their unwaveringly trust in a higher power be the wakeup call in Jennifer’s soul? Will it come in time?

Dark, demonic and completely intriguing, Rochelle Campbells’ Fury from Hell has it all and then some! Good vs Evil, the long arm of the law in action, a masterful mystery and a touch of the gift of faith. Rochelle Campbell doesn’t do pastel plots, she writes in deep, black strokes across a page of gritty sandpaper as she manages to etch her tale into her reader’s memories. Her world feels dark, desperate and oily, thanks to her vivid descriptions and ability to run the tension out at full throttle. Looking for an nonredeemable character to despise? Meet Abatu. The rest of the characters? They are unique in their personalities, their opinions and play off Jennifer’s hardened persona with ease. Grab your favorite talisman and join in on this trek through the dark, mysterious and seamy side of life that gives new meaning to the phrase, “the devil made me do it.”

I received this copy from Rochelle Campbell in exchange for my honest review.

Original Tome Tender book review can be read here.

Book Thoughts: Shh! Kiss Me Baby (Mary Jane Meets Millionaire Playboy) by M. LeMont

“Most of my business associates call me by my full name, Buddy Brown,” and without cracking a smile I said, “And the women I date call me, Buddy.”

This is how we are introduced to this book’s main character.  Buddy Brown is self-assured, confident, and most definitely over the top.  He has everything many people dream about having, or owning.  He even his own version of love.  He has a flamboyant manner causing people he meets to either love Buddy Brown — or hate him.  Either way, they respect him.

The long and the short of Shh! Kiss Me Baby is it is an urban fantastical love story with bling, Lear jets, travel, shopping sprees, sumptuous meals and steamy-hot love scenes.  Imagine an Atlanta housewife meeting a cleaned-up drop-dead gorgeous thug gone legal and you’ve got Shh! Kiss Me Baby!

Almost every exciting fantasy one can dream is mentioned in this book (and maybe a few you hadn’t dreamed of yet!).  If you love titillation and the lavishness of the rich and famous lifestyle you will love this book!

Did I mention that Buddy Brown is a dead ringer for Denzel Washington???

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Game Day: The Gluten Free Way

I’m going to keep this really simple because it’s been a LOOOONG Sunday.

For the big Game Day I kept it simple since the hubby went to a party with the guys leaving me home with the 18-month old and the 15-year-old. So what do both age groups like? Chicken Wings and Mac’N Cheese! 🙂

I had a corn flour penne pasta in the cabinet along with a truly fabulous marinade called KenPo. For the Mac ‘N Cheese used the Betty Crocker recipe and subbed the flour with the Gluten Free Cafe all-purpose flour I’ve been raving about lately (it’s only available at Walmart).

Banana Bread made with Gluten Free Cafe all purpose flour with cranberries & walnuts.

Banana Bread made with Gluten Free Cafe all purpose flour with cranberries & walnuts.

The baked loaf...

The baked loaf…

The sliced loaf...

The sliced loaf…

I know I was supposed to wait until at least 10 – 15 minutes before slicing but oh!  The smell was simply divine!  My non-GF son said it smelled like Thanksgiving in the house.  The bread was light, moist and delicious!  I am thrilled to be the baker of this bread! (If you’ve been around this blog a while you will recall my Flapjack Birthday cake…)

The wings were of the frozen variety complete with saline solution added. <sigh>  But with the addition of this amazing KenPo dressing they turned out beautifully!  And tasty too.  This dressing/marinade is Asian-inspired and it is made with olive oil, sesame oil, rice vinegar, agave nectar, garlic chili paste and soy sauce — so flavorful with a punch!

Wings & a bowl of mac 'n cheese please -- the Gluten Free way!

Wings & a bowl of mac ‘n cheese please — the Gluten Free way!

We had a variety of ‘dirty’ chips, corn chips, salsa, Swedish Fish, Raspberry Iced Tea, and vanilla pudding (no one bothered with it).

So, if anyone says you can’t have a great fun meal without gluten I’m finally able to prove them wrong.  <Doing the Running Man>

P.S. – Leave me a comment if you’d like the recipe posted.

Ta-ta for now,