‘Tis the Season to Decorate with The Christmas Boutique!

From my earliest remembrances Christmas was the one holiday that I loved and treasured.  My grandmother was an awesome cook and made meals that my family still remembers to this day.  (Her Easter buns were legendary!)  Grandma loved the holidays too.  We began pulling out decorations in mid-November and cleaning them off and deciding what would go where.  Then, the day after Thanksgiving (now Black Friday) we would spend the day decorating the inside and outside of her beautiful house including the front yard.

Every window had lights, tinsel and “snow”.  Each doorway had fresh pine and pine cones.  There were holiday ornaments from years gone past as well as new ‘modern’ decorative elements that dotted the walls, the credenza, the china cabinet, the side table in the dining room.  And forget the dining room table!  It had a brand new (or, newly designed) holiday centerpiece each and every year.

While I can never hope to rival my Grandmother’s prowess with the copious holiday decorations I have begun to look around for different and unusual decorations that exemplify the holiday season for me and my family.  To that end, I came across The Christmas Boutique a lovely little gem of an online store based in the UK.

If you are seeking a more rustic and authentic look for your home for the holidays you can’t do better than The Christmas Boutique!  From holiday-colored stag heads to decorate your walls, Gingerbread hanging ornaments, an Advent Calendar complete with good-sized pockets for sweet holiday gifts and treats for each day, to eclectic cupcake tree decorations for a touch of holiday whimsy The Christmas Boutique has it all!

Ornaments on the Wall_Urban 33_Xmas 2014

I used the Gingerbread Christmas decorations for this sweet holiday mural for my wall between our bedrooms. I also used the Gold Multi-Layered Wooden tree decorations (the star & the tree ornaments). Finally, at the top is the Green Frosted Berry Heart Christmas Decoration.



Santa Sack_Urban 33_Xmas 2014

For a very rustic look, I tacked up the large Father Christmas Hessian Sack Jute Draw String Gift Bag. I love his kindly face and the peacefulness in his countenance!



24 Days_Urban 33_Xmas 2014

On the other side from the Father Christmas gift sack, I have the above Felt Advent Calendar hanging. My 15-month old daughter loves playing hide-n-seek/peek-a-book with it! Not exactly the right purpose but hey — she’s happy!  There are other Advent Calendars too that are more whimsical such as the Santa one!

I’m also looking at picking up the following items for additional holiday touches in my home…

Bavaria Bear Draught Excluder

Two-Tier White Christmas Display Stand

Gold Glitter Hanging Decoration

Snowman on Swing Decorations

Large Felt Christmas Gift Bag Sacks

Hanging Glitter Star Decorations (set of 3)

And then, of course there’s the tree itself that I have to decide upon.  Will I get a fresh one again this year?  Or, should I buy a big gorgeous permanent fir tree?  But I LOVE the smell of fresh pine in my home for the holidays! (And don’t you hate the fake smell of the pine spray they sell during the holidays?!?!@!)  I suppose there are candles that can use for the pine smell.

As a total aside, Bath and Body Works has a delicious candle that smells like fresh baked holiday cookies!  The candle is by White Barn and it’s called Butterscotch Toffee plus there are tons of other scrumptious scents for the holidays.  I’ve been burning the Butterscotch Toffee one for the last two weeks! LOL.

Either way, do yourself a favor and check out The Christmas Boutique!  There are tons of great items to make this the best most personalized Christmas holiday ever.

Ta-ta for now,


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