Book Thoughts: The Keeper of the Wind by Mark Shaw

The Keeper of the Wind is a wonderful magical realism story centering on the amazing adventure shared by three high school seniors.  After finding ancient artefacts while on their senior trip, Marcus, Olivia and Tim’s lives change irrevocably.  They must contend with disembodied voices, mysterious menacing fog, people who should not be taken at face value and re-thinking their entire worldview to incorporate a reality far different from anything they had ever imagined.


These three teens come from different ethnic and economic backgrounds making it even more difficult for some of them to revamp their ideology of how the world should operate.  Tim is Caucasian.  Marcus is African-American and Olivia is a Latina.  Their backgrounds  play heavily into the story’s plotting and structure which adds believability to the overall story which contains fantastical elements that will dazzle your mind’s eye.

The artefacts that each teen finds assists each of them to help one another on their journey while deepening their bonds of trust and connection.  Their adventures bring them two new friends — Professor Waters and Peter, a fledgling shaman.  While the teens are not sure of either man initially it becomes clear as the story unfolds that all five of their fates are intertwined.

The Keeper of the Wind weaves a compelling story.  Each of the main five characters face dangers that put each of their lives in jeopardy more than once!  The author, Mark Shaw, does an excellent job of providing great focal characters that readers can fall in love with.  I know I did!

4.5 Blogairy NoteBooks



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