Book Thoughts: A Fine Line By J.C. Brennan

A Fine Line: The Beginning by J.C. Brennan is a story that follows one very special family for several generations.  The family in question is affectionately named “the Crew”.  When the reader meets them, the members of the Crew do not know anything about their supernatural skills and abilities that defy even the most outrageous of imaginations.  The reader and the Crew find out together through page-turning nail-biting experiences.

Fine Line_Brennan_cov

As the book progress, the Crew, a hodge-podge group of people from different economic and ethnic backgrounds become a close knit family held together by one man, William Thomas Healthaway II.  Who’s William?  He’s a normal guy from a well-to-do Southern family.  We meet him during the Civil War and he’s on not on the Confederate side! This is our first nice shock when introduced to this book and its characters.

William learned early on from his father that one’s plantation should be run as an extended family no matter one’s color, or creed.  This is just one of the many positive sub-themes of A Fine Line.  In addition, this book touches on the wholesomeness and strength that a strong family shares with each other.  Another well-developed sub-theme is that if one accepts the stunning beauty of the Unknown, you must trust yourself and those around you.

To go into more depth about the story itself would be a definite spoiler.  Yet, I can say that if you enjoy American historical fiction coupled with magical realism this is the story for you!  It is a feel-good story with an uplifting story theme sure to please as we head towards the end of year holiday season.

Lastly, as mentioned in a previous review on Amazon, I give this story 4 stars due to punctuation and grammar.

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