Chili Rellenos Baked and Gluten Free!

As many of you know, I recently found out that I have Celiac Disease (I cannot eat wheat/gluten without feeling really ill).  So, since wheat/gluten was my main food group, the transition has been quite difficult for me.  A good friend I met on Twitter, Melissa Bess Reed, is a bit ahead of me on this gluten free path and has a great cookbook focused on tasty gluten free meals.  It’s called Silly Yak’s Favorite Recipes.




This cookbook contains recipes that the author grew up with and are classics in many homes across the country (and the world) such as:

  • Grammies Jambalaya (which I made & reviewed; read it about it here!)
  • Gluten Free (GF) Orange Chicken
  • GF French Onion Soup
  • Red Potato Salad
  • GF Macaroni Salad
  • Spinach Salad with Almonds & Cranberries
  • Coleslaw
  • GF Corn Dogs
  • GF Easy Cheesy Garlic Biscuits
  • GF Fish Tacos
  • GF Red Velvet Cake
  • Almond Bark
  • GF Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • and more!

There are so many awesome recipes to choose from that it makes it hard to decide which one to choose!  This past weekend I decided to make the GF Chili Relleno Bake recipe.  While this is not the traditional whole green chilies stuffed and deep fried, it is a delectable recipe.  This Chili Relleno recipe is more of a quiche with green chilies that you will not soon forget!

The ingredients are simple for this dish: whole green chilis, monterey jack and cheddar cheeses, eggs, milk, GF flour and seasonings.  Here are the pics of the steps of me making this recipe.

Chili Rellenos_chilies and cheese

Split the green chilies and layer with the mixed grated cheeses and put in a baking pan/dish.

Chili Rellenos_egg mix plus dry chilies

Egg mixture – 4 eggs, milk, GF flour, seasonings.

Chili Rellenos_put together ready to bake

Pour the egg mixture over the layered green chilies and cheese; sprinkle the remaining cheese on top.

Chili Rellenos_baked

The baked finished product!

Chili Rellenos_baked and sliced

A slice of perfection! Baked Chili Rellenos.

You’ve got to try this one!! I even shared it with a friend and she LOVED it!  It’s fluffy, flavorful with the nice vinegar-ey bite of the green chilies.  This dish can be topped with sour cream for an extra kick!  This is so good you’ll wanna ‘slap yo mama! 🙂

To get this, and the other great recipes, pick up your copy of Silly Yak’s Favorite Recipes.

If you want to say, “Hey!” to the author of this great cookbook, Melissa Bess Reed, you can tweet here at:


Ta-ta for now,




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