Ouija Mania: True or False? @NoteBkBlogairy #halloween

Because I love Halloween so much and had such a great time with it this year, I decided to add an extra element of fun by writing this post. A random conversation about Ouija Boards was the impetus for this research. I hope you enjoy it! [Don’t read it late at night, though!]

Fire Style Magazine

Given that I’m a busy man, the fantastic Rochelle has written us something fantastic up for the Halloween Weekend!

Remember Charlie in Firestarter? Jack from The Shining? Pinhead from Hellraiser? Poor Mike from 1408? What do all of these movies and characters have in common? They scared the crap out of us just like the Ouija board has been scaring people senseless since the 1800’s when the Fox sisters, spiritualists from New York, began popularizing “talking boards” (another name of Ouija boards).

Humans love to be scared. Americans are no exception. According to Nightmirrors [ http://nightmirrors.wordpress.com/2013/08/02/horror-movies-by-the-numbers/ ] blogger, Raymond, between 1995 and 2001 there was an average of 18 horror movies made each year. By 2002 to 2008, this number practically doubled to 35 scary movies per year. (Raymond’s article alludes to 9/11 being a big contributor to this spike.)

So, the new movie Ouija (released October 24, 2014) should…

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