Scary Hairy Halloween Freebie Blitz!


It’s finally here! All Hallows Day when we receive the loveable and ever so good for our waistlines the treat of all treats — BOOK CANDY!  Today anyone who leaves a comment gets a free copy of Fury From Hell, a paranormal thriller with dashes of horror that will make the short hairs on the back of your neck rise!  I warn you — don’t read just before bed! 🙂  [Or, so I’ve been told!]

If you don’t want to leave a comment you can pick up your copy from Amazon for only 99 cents!  There is a Kindle Countdown Deal starting today!  So, you can get it for 76% off the cover price ALL DAY today — HALLOWEEN!

Tomorrow, Sat., 11/1 the book will be $1.99.  And, on Sun., 11/2 Fury From Hell will be $2.99 and it goes back to the regular price of $3.99 on Monday, 11/3.

So, we’ve got you covered at all price points!  FREE for commenting today, or 99 cents on Amazon!  Great Trick-or-Treatin’, huh?!

I’m even sweet enough to give you a teeny piece of the book-candy to whet your reading sweet-tooth…

Excerpt from Fury From Hell…

The buzzing was bothering her. She sat up and looked around. She was in a bland beige room devoid of personality. There was the bed she was on, two plain night tables with lamps on each stand — both of them were off. There was a dresser with a bevel-edged mirror and a TV on a simple black stand. The curtains were the tan elegant floral pattern seen in low-budget motels and the carpet was threadbare in spots. The only chair in the room had a rip in the fabric where some of the stuffing was sticking out.

The buzzing was coming from the bathroom. Jennifer got up and went to investigate. She looked down and saw she was fully dressed in her gabardine pants and the sparkly top. Her feet were clad in the funky boots but they made not one sound on the worn carpet. She peered into the bathroom that was brightly lit and saw a vision she would not soon forget; a tall man, a little over six feet, with dark blonde hair and a solid build stood before her. He was shaving — the source of the buzzing — but he was shaving his skin off. It was coming off in narrow sheets of skin. He was slicing it as thin as good Prosciutto. Where his eyes should have been were empty sockets with blood seeping out. His fingers were almost perfectly clean against his sightless face but his movement belied what her brain knew to be the truth. Too horrified to scream, and too dumbfounded to move, Jennifer watched as the man turned towards her. He waved with a ghost of a smile playing around his lips.

“I’ll be right in. I just wanted to freshen up for you,” he said in a refined, modulated tone.

When he turned Jennifer could then see what she had missed before — his chest was torn asunder and his stomach cavity was just like his eye sockets…open, empty and oozing blood. With a full smile, the man turned back towards the mirror and began to shave skin off the other side of his face seemingly trying to make it even on both sides…

Jennifer woke up screaming clutching her face and stomach alternately remembering his cavernous eye sockets still vivid in her mind’s eye.


dead man

Have a Boo-Tastic Day!


Be sure to visit the other authors participating in this fun Trick-or-Treat book-candy giveaway so you can get you scary reading on!



28 thoughts on “Scary Hairy Halloween Freebie Blitz!

    • Hi Elsie! Thanks muchly! I love Halloween and all of the fun people have in creating great spooky festive facades in and around their homes. My family and I had a GREAT time last evening at a very organized Halloween walk here in Brooklyn. 🙂 Just emailed you!

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