Gearing up for #AllHallowsReads on Halloween!

As a recap, this blogger is participating in the madness and mayhem of giving away my scary book on Halloween for all who post a comment on my Halloween blog post which will post beginning at 7:00 am (Eastern) on October 31st.  Everyone who posts a comment will get a #FREE digital copy of Fury From Hell!


To complement the fun concurrently there will be a Kindle Countdown Deal running beginning, you guessed it!, 7:00 am (Eastern) when Fury From Hell will be 99 cents ALL DAY on Halloween!  So, for those who would prefer to simply snag a copy online this paranormal thriller can be had for a 76% discount on All Hallows Day.

Then, the pricing will go, as follows,

  • $1.99 on Sat, 11/1
  • $2.99 on Sun, 11/2 and
  • $3.99 on Monday, 11/3, its normal price.

You can read my original post about the Halloween giveaway here.

And, very important, I am part of a blog hop and over 20 of us are giving away free scary books on Halloween!  To find out which authors are giving up the reader book-candy follow this link.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment, or two. 🙂

Ta-ta for now,


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