Book Thoughts: The New Mrs. Collins by Quanie Miller

For me the beginning of this book began when I first saw the cover a little over a month ago.  The cover of Quanie Miller’s The New Mrs. Collins is visually stunning; it is a beauty to behold.  I kid you not.  Take a gander for yourself…

quanie cover_new mrs collins_Oct release

A woman with a mysterious mask on her face with a portion of her dress transforming into birds with the requisite eerie home in the background.  Gorgeous!

Then as you delve into the story it gets even better.  It is a book with diverse characters in a small (fictional) town in Louisiana where even in real life many people feel that things are not always what they seem.  In Ms. Miller’s book, things are most definitely not what they seem in regards to the newly married Mrs. Collins.

Leena should have been Johnny Collins’ wife.  She was engaged to him for over 7 years and we meet Leena on her wedding day.  She’s chasing her and Johnny’s son, Corie into the bathtub because he keeps getting dirty (as little boys are wont to do).  Leena is a bundle of nerves.  Her wedding is in two hours!  We feel her angst, her silly worries that are magnified by the huge event about to take place in less than 120 minutes.  We see a yellow envelope arrive and its put to the side as Leena gets ready for her walk down the aisle.

We’re at the church.  The whole town’s there but Johnny’s not.

We circle back and find out that the yellow envelope contains a letter from the other woman because Johnny is too much of a coward to call off the wedding himself.

THIS is how this story begins.  The New Mrs. Collins is a new woman in town who owns a racy lingerie shop and her name is Adira.

Leena is naturally enraged and suspects all types of foul play on Adira’s part to snatch Johnny from her.  Hence, Leena begins her own snooping and investigating.  As we all know, its sometimes better to let sleeping dogs lie, right?  Leena either never heard that phrase before, or the pain of losing her man so publicly made her deaf.  Leena digs and digs but she doesn’t believe what she finds out — neither will you!

If you want to read a page-turner that will keep you up past midnight tonight, or on Halloween, pick up The New Mrs. Collins today!

I absolutely loved this book.  Plus, it is right up my alley in my favorite genre — paranormal suspense!

[Oh, if you’d like to read my Author Drop-In Chat with Quanie Miller click here.]

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